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Why I Joined Lifestyles Unlimited®

    1. I have been doing the same career for 25 years.
      Don’t get me wrong. I love my job and I am good at what I do.
      However, it’s time to learn something new.
      Real estate has always held a scary fascination.
    2. Generating income one hour at a time is getting old.
      It accumulates sooooooo slowly.
      It is time to switch and add more passive sources of income.
      Real Estate offers passive income.
    3. It is good to find activities where both spouses can be involved.
      Being real estate investors together will add strength to our union.
      Both of us will need to learn and grow.
      This may sound odd but investing in real estate can add a new level of
      depth to our marriage.
    4. Becoming an “investor” means going to the next level.
      I either concede and die here, an okay place.
      Or, I leap in faith to the next level.
      Going to the next level is what we were called to do.
      I am on a mission to be fully alive all the days of my life.
      Let it be said of me, “When called, I answered!”
    5. Every child is challenged to go further than his or her parents.
      However, fear and ignorance is set to work against each of us.
      Lifestyles Unlimited® offers resources and support.
      Those are the very tools designed to silence fear and ignorance.
      So, the only person hindering me is me. Today, I chose growth.
    6. This topic has always been one of intrigue.
      One frequently hears…..“You can make money in real estate!”
      It sounds easy. However, real estate is like a sparkling diamond.
      It has hundreds of facets that create the sparkle.
      Lifestyles Unlimited® makes investing in real estate simpler.
      They teach a step-by-step plan.
      And, they teach the plan over and over until you get it.
    7. I do not do well with a self-taught, learn at home, alone program.
      I need a mentor. I need a teacher and support team.
      I want education, excitement and community.
      Lifestyles Unlimited® offers all of that.
    8. I’ve spent my whole life reading Think-Positive, Goal-setting, Self-help books.
      But, to what end? I can think about growing rich all day.
      However, what if there is no defined way to channel all that energy?
      Real estate investing is a pathway to unleashing all that positive energy.
  1. I am good at being repetitive. I can follow a pattern.
    Lifestyles Unlimited® has templates and speakers all using the same map.
    They allow me to learn and grow at my own pace.
    The leaders are there to coach and train you on the Lifestyles maps and templates.
  2. I love these two ideas presented by Lifestyles Unlimited®.
    You must “use leverage” and “increase velocity” to accumulate wealth.
    In the past I have not been willing to leverage money for my own gain.
    I had the belief money could only grow at a slow rate. (or, slow velocity)
    My old belief, “I am going to slowly save my way to wealth.” (At my current rate I’ll need another 100 years.)
    My new belief, “I will “use leverage” and “increase the velocity” of my wealth building.
  3. I sacrificed for 20 years to earn and save some money.
    I decided to use some of those funds as “seed money investment.”
    So, I joined Lifestyles Unlimited®.
    Here is what I told myself:
    Money spent on education is never wasted.
    College is an investment and a way of equipping oneself.
    In business you will need to make some “seed money investments.”
    I am excited to see what this seed money produces.
  4. This may sound funny but Lifestyles Unlimited® is a community of givers.
    In this community, being a greedy, selfish taker is discouraged.
    The leadership at Lifestyles seems genuine, positive and motivated.
    They encourage that same attitude in the membership.
    The motto repeated is, “We cooperate. We do not compete.”
    Why you ask? “So that all may succeed.”
  5. I know a lot of struggling, middle class workers.
    I do not know many wealthy investors.
    As you jump into wealth and investing and as you change your definition from “worker” to “investor”, it helps to have a mentor.
    It also helps to have a supportive community all sharing the same mission.
    Lifestyles Unlimited® offers just such a place.

I recently experienced two days of Lifestyles Unlimited® leadership influence.
Our workshop leader (David) was ethical, knowledgeable, a loving husband and a caring father.
And, yet he was a little crazy. I mean that in a healthy, alive sort-of-way.
Being a healthy, free spirit and successful investor makes life exciting.

So, I joined.

-Stephen, Lifestyles Unlimited® PIG Member

I have done “deals” because of Lifestyles.

In other words, Lifestyles — and particularly Del Wamsley — gave me the courage to jump into the real estate rental market. I will be forever grateful for the hand-holding along the way — graciously answering ALL of my questions without making me feel foolish — and for the encouragement to “Get started NOW!” I did get started, and so now can say thank you not only to Del and Lifestyles, but to all my renters who are paying all my mortgages and are providing for my retirement! Thank you!

– Ted and Debbie Isensee, Lifestyles Member


I just closed my first deal.

All the information and contacts I used to accomplish this were all through Lifestyles Unlimited®. Becoming a real-estate investor takes a lot of work and determination, and Lifestyles provides all the support I needed to get there. I’m very grateful to Del… and all the mentors that provided me the information and encouragement to persevere and help me reach my goals. I’m on my way to changing my life and my family’s life… and I have Lifestyles to thank for it.

– Jim DeFrayne, Lifestyles Member

My husband & I invested in a multi-family deal.

The first year we received approximately 30% return, and the second year we received about 20% return without any work on our part. We love it and want to invest in some more apartments.

– Judy Johnson, Lifestyles Member

I used the techniques taught in Lifestyles.

I borrowed equity out of my modest home and use it as a down payment for another house. Then I rented my modest house for 2 times the monthly mortgage payment. While rented, I showed the house to prospective purchasers and the tenant was getting concerned–he only had a 6 month lease. So, the tenant bought the house at 5 times my purchase price and split the profits between myself and my wife. So, I now have lots of cash and a bigger better house!!! Thank you lifestyles!! Right now I am looking to buy another property, with lots of down payment money in a great economy–motivated sellers with less buyers. I refinanced my second house at 5.9% ( I should have waited for now to get 5.5%). Anyway, can’t wait to do the next deal.

– Kevin Kahn, Lifestyles Member


My partner Kevin and I are PIG members.

It has just been a little over a year since we went to the 2 day workshop that changed our way of thinking. The investment to become a PIG member was well worth it and we intend on continuing as Pig members for life! We now have 4 S/F rental homes in the Humble area along with our own two homes (6 properties total) Our cash flow with just these 4 properties is over 1100.00 a month. Our goal this year is to purchase 3-4 more to increase our cash flow to over 2000.00 a month (just with our rental houses) Then since the rates have been dropping on loans we intend to refinance the properties and pull out our equity to invest in an apartment deal. We anticipate within 2-3 years to be able to “retire” from our jobs and enjoy life even more then since we joined Lifestyles. We have now worked with three great mentors, Bryant, Bruce and Judith. They have guided us with infinite wisdom in the real estate world, and always guide us in the right direction. Lifestyles is a way of life that we hope everyone will try!!

– Susan Defoe, Lifestyles Member

Even with a mentor you have to involve yourself.

You can’t depend on someone else to get things done for you. You can however, ask as many questions as you need to during the process.

– Michael Counterman, Lifestyles Member

I took Del’s class and did a deal on a HUD the next month.

I got the bid and found out it was 210 square feet smaller than they’re appraiser had stated. After speaking with a couple of mentor at Lifestyles I was convinced to and succeded in getting my earnest money back which is rare with HUD. It came up for bid again and thought about bidding lower. However, a much better deal came about and I jumped all over it. Bought a patio home for $116K and put about 5k in it and have now rented for $1400 5 weeks after closing.

– Andy Webster, Lifestyles Member


Thank you Lifestyles.

Although I have not yet made a deal, I would like to say that Lifestyles has changed my life through it’s education alone. If I were to never invest in real estate (which I will) the tuition for joining would still be the best money I ever spent. The reading list is life altering far beyond my imagination. The positive attitudes at Lifestyles emanate throughout the building and across the airwaves. My gratitude is extended to everyone at/with lifestyles for sharing,encouraging and their overall support in an endevor to change the way I look at and live my life.

– Brandon Gaunce, Lifestyles Member

Before Lifestyles, things were bad.

In 1983 I purchased 2 acres of commercial ground with freeway frontage and built an Automotive repair business. From day one it was a difficult business. In 1985 I borrowed $100,000 and built 2,700 ft of storage buildings. The following year I repeated the process. Fast forward nineteen years, I have been fighting the banks and financing for 21 years. The most they ever allowed was small restricted growth. I had my business appraised for $2,300,000 with $350,000 in debt but they would only loan and additional $400,000. A few years ago I joined Lifestyles, partly because I saw the light you were teaching. Partly I wanted to learn how the big money was financed. I contacted one of your vendors “BMC Capital”. They had my business appraised for $5,000,000 with $750,000 in debt. That is a DTE ratio of 15%. They loaned me $1,500,000. This had jazzed me, so I did it again the very next year. Worth it? For me it was!

– Robert Pontius, Lifestyles Member

Since joining Lifestyles, I’ve done two deals.

I got into two multifamily partnerships and will be getting into a third soon. By applying Lifestyles principles and training, I have enabled my family to achieve its goal of spending a year in Ireland. The financial freedom that I have achieved has allowed me to better serve my family, enabled me to cultivate friendships and business relationships, and given me the time to improve my physical fitness.

Lifestyles Unlimited® has welcomed me into a wonderful group of like-minded people who are all working toward improving their lives. I have learned as much from my fellow members as I have from the educators and mentors of Lifestyles. The most important thing that I have learned is that, although it is possible to succeed on one’s own, it’s a lot more fun and effective to share success with others.

– Steve Tennison, Lifestyles Member


My name is Jesse Rodriguez and I recently joined Lifestyles.

Prior to joining I studied Real Estate Investing for over a year and after reading a number of books and participating in a internet forum on the subject , I still did not have the confidence to purchase any rentals. After the two day class, I felt I had all the information I needed to “pull the trigger” as they like to say. The best part for me is knowing that if I have any questions or need any advice, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call one of the mentors (believe me I have them on speed dial)…and now I am happy to say that I have purchased my very first property. Thanks to my main mentor Jeff Smith and the rest of the gang at LUINC for holding my hand through it.

I am excited to go forward this year with Lifestyles by my side, I am confident that I will be very successful. Thank You Del and everyone at Lifestyles Unlimited®!

– Jesse Rodruiguez, Lifestyles Member