Real People, Real Results

Terry and Susan joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2008 determined that multifamily investing was their ticket out of the corporate world. 

Now, it’s as if they’d been investing in apartments all along. 

They’ve purchased nine apartment complexes as leads, they’re key principles in eight more, they’re happily retired, and they live in their dream home in the Hill Country. 

From here, there are any number of incredible accomplishments we could explore for this lovely couple’s 10 years of investing. For this Case Study however, we’ll showcase what once had the worst police call-out record in all of Bryan, TX – a property now with an award to its name and a 145% return after three years of ownership.  

Rui wanted something to supplement his income and protect him from a potential job loss. What he got was 13 single family homes and four multifamily investments that catapulted him out of corporate America.

His presentation deal was nothing short of astronomical, and as Rui says, it’s all because of simply following the Lifestyles Unlimited roadmap.

This 38-unit independent-rental-owner project was expected to return 9% as a yield play, but it ended up producing a 60% cash-on-cash return.

Greater still, Rui completed a cash-out refinance for a 65% return 15 months into ownership. Would you believe it too, this was his first multifamily investment.

Allow us to start this off by telling you that CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley LOVES to dance, so much so that he even received formal training in a couple different styles.

Well, it just so happens that his former country western dance instructor told her daughter this was the place to be for real estate investing. So, we got to show them some steps as well!

Fast forward, and Cale and Kyla are invested in six single family homes with $2,500 in monthly cash flow!

Seriously though, if you get the chance, ask Del about his dancing. It will blow you away how much he knows!