The Real Estate Investor Web Series ~ Brian and Shauwn Close Glendora with No Money Down


Introducing The Real Estate Investor Web Series, an internet-based reality show that follows Lifestyles Unlimited mentors as they acquire rental real estate to create wealth and passive income streams.

The first episode follows Central Texas mentors Brian Lee and Shauwn Digman as they strategize, close, and begin rehab on a deal in San Antonio.

This deal captures almost $20k in equity, over $300 a month in cashflow, and required no money out of pocket for Brian and Shauwn.

Follow along and stay tuned for the next episode!


  1. David Fisher (PIG) San Antonio says:

    These guys are what it is all about. Taking action !

    So many people just sit and wait for things to happen.

    Shauwn and Brian are getting it done !

    Very motivating for everyone to follow their lead

  2. I love it!!! It’s great to watch you two have success!! Very inspiring!

  3. Keep up the great work Brian and Shauwn! Glad you guys are in San Antonio for when I’m get ready to act!

  4. Wow… not sure what kind of loan private lender has, but I’ve been trying to work with hard money lenders and max they can loan is 70% ARV…. But after factoring their fee and closing cost I can’t seem to see enough equity in the deal to do a rehab (which seems to avg. around $!5K).

  5. garycowen says:

    Anything like this in Greenville N.C.?

  6. Michael M Lee says:

    After rehab the cost of your house is about 51K and it is leased for 750 the return on a cash deal be only 17.65%. I usually do better deal than this. I brought 2 homes with cash last year, one at Galesburg Dr., Houston. The cost is 50K after rehab and I leased it for 1095 with section 8. It is built in 2004 and the return is 26.28%. The other one is in Missouri City and the cost after rehab is 58K. I also leased it for 1095. It is built in 1984 and the return is 22.61%. The estimate Capital capture, if I can sell it according to the CMA, is over 40K. The reason I mentioned this, is because I can not find this kind deal this year yet. So it must be due to your promotion of real estate investment and got a lot more buyers and they do not know what is real good deal and ruin the good deal.

  7. $1K in closing cost with a private lender? WOW!!!! Who is it? They’ll have my business forever.

    The ones I’ve talked to on the DFW vendor list; their closing costs are from $3K to $7K.

  8. David Fisher (PIG) San Antonio says:

    The reason this is so awesome is they did it with 0 dollars of their own money.

    There are many ways to do deals.

    Anytime you have 0 out of pocket is amazing.

    Go try that in the stock market. Can I have 500 shares of your stock and just collect the up side and oh and by the way I don’t want to pay for it?

    Just let that sink in. It’s awesome.

  9. Michael -
    Thanks first for visiting our website and watching the video. Congratulations on your two investment properties.
    We had no money out of pocket, so our return is infinite. This was privately funded, where our investor earns a higher return on their capital than they would with traditional methods, but our cash on cash is infinite.
    There is more competition in the market, which i think is great. More people are taking control of their finances and making changes for their families.
    I do feel though here recently with the tax credits available our competion has been home owners. Families can purchase homes in need of some repair and receive the credit to improve the home. When that ends in April, there will possibly more oppurtunities. Just a idea.

    Thanks Again, and good luck

  10. That’s a good deal. I’m anxious to see the after video and hear about the next one …or 10. Nice work guys.

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