The Real Estate Investor Web Series Episode 2 – Brian and Shauwn Check Out Blue Lake


Brian and Shauwn let us follow along for week two of their real estate investor web series- the mini reality show that documents Lifestyle’s mentors acquiring rental real estate and building passive income streams. This week we return to Glendora which is now fully rehabbed and ready for tenants.

Then it’s off to Blue Lake which both investors agree fits the Lifestyles Model perfectly and is truly an exceptional deal. With minimal rehab necessary, Brian and Shauwn look forward to $29,00 in equity caputure and $320 monthly cash flow.

They decide to walk away from their final lead due to rehab costs that exceed their budget, but it’s no big deal- “another deal, another day,” says Brian Lee.


  1. Way to go Brian. Happy to see you making deals down there.

    Keep in touch and let me know when you come to LA.


  2. OH!! So these guys learned everything they know from Lifestyles Unlimited!!! Wow Del, you’re a great teacher!

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