(October 25, 2017) The 10 Things You Must Do To Be A Failure

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Have you been worrying whether or not you’re going to fail in life? Worry no more! Del Walmsley has a list of 10 things you can do to ensure failure. Why settle with Suze Orman’s playbook to work till your seventy when you can implode your life now with Del’s simple steps. Del’s message on this podcast? Failure is harder than you think, and success is a great deal easier.


  1. Questing Elf says:

    This was actually a funny show with a very realistic message. I’m glad the program summary captured this approach too.

    It reminded me of a Flintstones episode where Fred wants to start a new venture and Barney shoots down every idea. Fred at one point gets irritated and tells Barney to think success, to think positive. Barney’s reply was, “OK, we will positively fail!”

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