(October 13, 2014) Del Walmsley: Weighing In On College From All Sides

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This LU podcast focuses on the power of a college degree. Now, bear in mind this is not an analysis of whether or not college provides students with the knowledge to succeed in today’s workforce, but whether that degree carries enough weight to allow the entrance to it. In reading these articles, which focus on education, Del Walmsley hopes to highlight that a college degree does not guarantee success as much as it once had. With record numbers of college educated men and women returning home and starting minimum wage jobs, the situation begs for an alternative – a way to find financial success and useful education without the sacrifice of either. So, whether your interests are in veering away from the college scene entirely or you believe college is still a necessity, but only if you can retain the proper financial stability post education, then this is the perfect show for you!

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