(October 09, 2014) Del Walmsley & John Ridgway: Lifestyles Unlimited® Going Global

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Del Walmsley started Lifestyles Unlimited® with the hopes and goals of fulfilling the abundance mentality – “if you help enough people help themselves, you will in turn be able to help yourself.” Well, now that Lifestyles Unlimited® begins to spread its education across the globe, we must continue to cash in on our biggest investment ever – our investment in you. Now more than ever, people anywhere can begin taking their action steps toward a lifestyle flush with opportunity. Ever had a tough time reaching your average service provider on the phone from down the street? How about having them receive your skype from Singapore to answer a few questions? Our very own International RE Investment Counselor & Multi Family Consultant, John Ridgway, did just that and he continues to seek out even more meaningful interactions with our other international members. Take a listen to today’s podcast to get a glimpse of our new & improved road map because “where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

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