National Apartment Association Owner Of The Year 2011

Lifestyles Unlimited, the nationally renowned Education and Mentor Group for Real Estate Investing, congratulates member Ira Gross.

Ira has been selected the 2011 National Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year, 101-500 units category. Mr. Gross joins a fine group of elite owner-operators from Lifestyles Unlimited who have received this coveted award.

Ira is a member in good standing with Lifestyles for more than six years. During that time, he has successfully purchased with his partners two apartment complexes, one in Stafford, TX and the other in southwest Houston. The first property, 175 units, which was submitted for this award, has had total returns of more than 150% to the partners. Mr. Gross had no prior experience in the apartment business and joined Lifestyles Unlimited for mentoring and guidance from founder Del Walmsley and VP of Acquisition, Broker, David Fantin. Ira also receives support from other members who are owner-operators.

In 2009, Ira was awarded the Houston Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year.


  1. Brian Carter says:

    Congratulations Ira! Seeing that you had no prior experience with apartments when you joined LUInc and after being part of Del’s first live webinar on “How to make $1 Million in 2 years” is really inspiring and gives me hope.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Jody Carrillo says:

    Great job Ira!! We are all so proud of you!

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