(June 27, 2018) How The Educated Real Estate Investor Navigates A Recession – Featuring LU Member, Jerry

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Lifestyles Unlimited CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, & Member, Investor, & Real Estate Industry Professional, Jerry define and explore the scenario of an inverted yield curve as short term and long term interest rates move closer together. Necessary in any discussion of the inverted yield curve (put simply, short term interest rates surpassing long term interest rates) is the possibility of a recession. It’s here where the bigger discussion begins: how real estate investors navigate and even succeed in a recession.


  1. Leo & Peggi Morgan says:

    June 27th, 2018 is excellent. I like the way Del operates. Runs his apartment holdings the way he should, also he does not over leverage himself which builds a protective barrier around him so that he survives the worst of times.

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