(January 08, 2018) Shaking Off The Middle Class Mindset

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If for no other purpose, today’s show exists to deliver one message. If all you see in life are debts to be eliminated, your job, and “safe,” conventional opportunities, than you’ll spend it never knowing the life that could have been.

    – Original Air Date: April 2017 –


  1. Gilbert Gonzalez says:

    Visualize two horizontal line. On top is the upper class. Between the lines is the middle class. Below the lines is the lower class. Politicians talk about wanting to help the middle class. Some people even pride themselves as being middle class. They are just one event (medical, job loss, divorce etc) from dropping to the lower class. Dexter Yeager described the middle class as nothing more than the Cream of the Crap. The goal should be to move to the upper class. Thanks.

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