Ian Hancock Wins 2010 HAA Apartment Owner of the Year Award

It is with great pride and honor to announce that Houston Lifestyles PIG member Ian Hancock has won the 2010 Apartment Owner of the Year from the Houston Apartment Association.

Ian had some great competition as other nominees included Lifestyles members Ira Gross and BG Patel.

Ian continues to grow his portfolio; more importantly he also gives back by helping other Lifestyles members. Ian is a great asset to our members and his partners.

Lifestyles members have won this coveted HAA Apartment Owner of the Year Award for five years running, they are:

HAA Apartment Owner of the Year

Founder Del Walmsley 2006
Trey Stone 2007
Emery Jakab 2008
Ira Gross 2009
Ian Hancock 2010

Lifestyles members also have won the NAA (National Apartment Association of the Year Award) three of the last four years:

Founder Del Walmsley 2007
Trey Stone 2008
Scott and Deb Tenney 2010

Congrats to everyone!!!! Who’s on your team?


  1. Way to go Ian and all the Lifestyles winners.

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