(February 14, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Scaling Up” – Featuring LU Member Philip

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Philip and Ann are a couple that put everything into their traditional working lives. They poured themselves into their jobs in IT and Quality Assurance. At times, they saved as much as 42% of their income. They followed the path they were raised to follow. But, in all those years of effort, they would never move as fast as they have in just three short years of multifamily investing.


  1. Wes Cordeau says:

    I really enjoyed Phillips information.

  2. I rode to work and Phil was sharing his experience. I must admit that I had not followed/knew much about Del W.’s teaching/strategies. Hearing this radio show has opened my mind to think bigger. I look forward to learning more from Del and his mentees. Thanks, Del, Dave and Phil. There was mention of partners…does that mean bank financing is typically not desirable? And, how do you go about identifying partners? In the meantime, i’m going to look up a workshop, because as I type this I realize I have so many other burning questions.

    • LUI Web Team says:


      We’re so happy to hear this show served as such a great learning experience for you! Also, we appreciate you taking the time to write down some of your important questions for us. Allow us to email you at the email address you provided to get you connected with our Houston Director of Member Services, Bret Beitler. He can help you access the Free Workshop that would suit you best and will help you get some of your questions answered. But while we are chatting, we can give a little perspective on the questions you asked.

      Partnership investments (known as syndications) and bank financing are not mutually exclusive. Syndication funds are pooled from many investors to purchase larger multifamily deals, but in our case, we still use banks/lenders to finance at the best terms available. Your second question entails a much larger discussion, as we have full classes and a highly developed framework for identifying lead/passive investors suitable for your investing goals.

      We thank you for reaching out and will be in touch shortly with an email to get a dialogue going.

      LUI Web Team

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