Real People, Real Results

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Case Study: Adrian

The exciting thing to watch for in Adrian’s story is the change from what he originally intended for Lifestyles Unlimited® to help him with to what he’s pursuing now. It’s a magical thing seeing this type of change come alive, and it’s a big reason why we do what we do!

Case Study: Ken

Ken’s journey to real estate investment is nothing short of incredible. From across the globe, he took a small amount of actionable information and made it into a brighter future for himself and many others at Lifestyles Unlimited®. This is a must-see!

Case Study: Steve & Vicki

Steve and Vicki are a wonderful couple who took a run on their own at real estate investing a while back, but it didn’t take. Fortunately, Lifestyles Unlimited® offered them an avenue to reopen their old idea. Now, even their daughter Amanda is involved, and this family is firing on all cylinders!

Case Study: Joe & Stephanie

Joe and Stephanie’s story is one of courage, perseverance and prosperity. Let their growth be your learning experience with this video!

Case Study: Dale

Dale shows how easily he got started with the program after attending our Free Introductory Workshop with a solid start of two single family homes!

Case Study: Prashanth & Vandana

Prashanth and Vandana have that special spark of excitement for their investing that you can’t help but to take part in. Their Lifestyles Unlimited® story begins with two single family homes (with a third on the way) right in the heart of a booming Dallas Fort Worth.

Case Study: Jerry T.

Check out Jerry and his wife Sharon’s metamorphosis from real estate industry professionals to apartment owners!

Case Study: Daniel C.

Daniel’s story highlights an important aspect of membership at Lifestyles Unlimited® – there are amazing opportunities constantly floating around our network of investors that are gifts that keep on giving to member, after member, after member… Also stay tuned till the end of the video for Daniel’s grand finale!

Case Study: Phillip B.

Phillip set his sights on real estate early on and has had entrepreneurial interests since childhood. But, we had no idea that he would put these life interests to the test like he did…and succeed! Phillip is one of the many members at Lifestyles Unlimited® who takes their real estate investing to an exciting, competitive level.

Case Study: Scott V.

Scott came into Lifestyles Unlimited® membership with that 30,000 ft. view only developed from running your own business. Having just sold his company though, Scott was busy finding out what his next entrepreneurial venture would be. But, what he found would instead financially secure his future for the rest of his life. We tend to have that effect on people…