Real People, Real Results

Scroll for videos telling the stories of our members - Single Family & Multifamily!

Case Study: Jim C.

Jim and his wife let us become the fuel for their passion. Now, just two rental homes into their membership, they are already taking trips around the world! Here’s to kicking off the work shoes whenever you choose guys!

Case Study: Jeff & Courtney G.

Jeff & Courtney care about charting one course through life and that involves having enough time to watch their children grow. Check out how their real estate investing track is helping this reality become realized!

Case Study: John B.

John would likely tell you that he stands on the shoulders of giants, but we would tell you that his rise is something to be commended as well. His investments have accrued millions in tax free revenue, he’s won investment awards at the local, state and national level, and he respects/admires absolutely everyone that makes all of it happen. With this video, you will get a sense of where our multi family investment track can take you with just a little bit of will power!

Case Study: Binit G.

The reason Binit came to our investment program is the very same reason we created it – to take life to the next level. Having dived into his first multifamily lead investment project, as well as passive investing, he’s now in a place where his earning and learning never stops! Click here and get to know this laid back trail blazer.

Case Study: Scott & Rebecca Y.

Skeptics to believers, Scott and Rebecca are now off to the races with their first wildly successful single family deal! What’s their favorite part of the program? Click the video to find out!

Case Study: Liz & Henry S.

Liz is a ball of joy who is moving her 6th single family real estate deal through the motions!!! Let her take you back to the very first one where it all began in order to show you what it all means to be a happy investor.

Case Study: Mark & Teri D.

Mark and Teri’s story of lead multi family investing shows a great combination of sticking to the system and of continued growth. With this video, get a glimpse of their road map through the program, their current deals, and where they’re headed next!

Case Study: Michael P.

Michael joined May of this year and he already has one rock star single family deal, a second in rehab, and a third under contract! His plan is to get three new single family properties every 6 months till multi family and the possibilities beyond!

Case Study: Joe & Brandi W.

Brandi took a lot of convincing and Joe was ready from the get go. But, soon they teamed up to pull the trigger on one of the best single family deals in today’s market!

Case Study: Sue & Dan K.

There is only one word to describe Sue & Dan’s entrance into and success in real estate investment: smooth.