Real People, Real Results

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Case Study: Scott V.

Scott came into Lifestyles Unlimited® membership with that 30,000 ft. view only developed from running your own business. Having just sold his company though, Scott was busy finding out what his next entrepreneurial venture would be. But, what he found would instead financially secure his future for the rest of his life. We tend to have that effect on people…

Case Study: Rupa K.

Meet Rupa, a former Information Technology Consulting Director who decided to make a go of it in real estate investing to infuse more fun into her life and more financial control!

Case Study: Lee C.

You will never guess how Lee found us. Also, check out the gift he gave himself for his 40th birthday! Not to mention…his first deal as a lead investor…just…wow!

Case Study: Bob & Jo-Anne R.

Bob & Jo-Anne’s story is an insight into retirement in the 21st century. Gone are the days of pensions and adequate annuities. The burden of retirement rests in our own hands, but as this testimonial will show you, that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone.

Case Study: Casey R.

Our members are taught to invest with their goals in mind. So, we challenge investors like Casey to think about where they are currently, what they want to do, and where they want to be financially. Why? This way, life doesn’t get to make those decisions for us.

Case Study: Curtis H.

Welcome to a world where the investing process itself is as fun as the money making. Curtis tells all about that and much more in this short video chronicling his rise from hands-on entrepreneur to a comparatively hands-off professional investor!

Case Study: Kene M.

Kene always knew there was a better way to invest in real estate, but some of those around him weren’t so certain. Even so, he clung to his belief in financial independence and is now all the better for doing so!

Case Study: Tina W.

Tina met with an unlikely circumstance that precipitated in her membership and an incredible change in her life! Dive right into her LU story here!

Case Study: Jonathan C.

Jonathan always wanted to get into real estate, but missed the opportunity when he was younger. Now, he’s gotten into the game as an investor! What’s followed has been an infinite return on one of his deals, peace of mind and an excellent tool he can pass down to his children.

Case Study: Shrenik K.

Our Founder/CEO, Del Walmsley would be proud of the way Shrenik ends the video and we are all certainly proud of how well he’s been doing with his single family investments! Check out his takeaways from membership so far!