Case Study: Cuong & Diana Li

Cuong & Diana Li (Small)

With few bumps down the road, Cuong and Diana where able to successfully rehab their 6th distressed single family property and turn their investment into positive cash flow! They where able to make it into a livable, clean environment for their tenants to call it their home. Cuong and Diana enjoy hunting properties that require a bit amount of rehab because they are not afraid of the challenge. Since they joined Lifestyles Unlimited and gained all the knowledge they needed for their first property, they have been profiting ever since. Take the first step and join Lifestyles Unlimited. We will guide you on your journey to financial freedom!

Case Study: Ed & Edna Thompson

Ed & Edna Thompson(Small)

With hopes of one day being self-supporting, Ed & Edna Thompson went through different real estate organizations before they found the one that fit them best, Lifestyles Unlimited. After joining, they new that Lifestyles Unlimited was the right fit for their future ambitions. Lifestyles Unlimited mentors are here to assist you with your investment properties and facilitate strategies that will achieve your financial freedom goals, just like that of Ed & Edna Thompson. Here at Lifestyles, we care about our members financial future and strive to provide a wealth of real estate investing information for eager starters like you. Come join us at one of our monthly Case Studies or Free Workshops, so that you can start living the life you always dreamed of having!

Case Study: Gina Thayer

Gina Thayer (small)

Working full-time in sales, Gina Thayer managed a huge rehab for her 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family property. Gina always had an interest in real estate investing, but she had some reservations and fears like most people do when they hear what Lifestyles Unlimited can teach and do for people. It almost sounds to … read more

Case Study: Joe and Stephanie Bryson

joe & stephanie (small)

After surviving hurricane Katrina, Louisiana natives, Joe and Stephanie Bryson, were faced with a tough, life-changing decision. Should they uproot themselves and move to Texas or stay in Louisiana and make the best out of their situation? Joe Bryson decided he wanted better for his family and himself after he was unexpectedly let go by his corporate job, so he packed his things and moved to Texas, along with his family, in search for financial stability. Being an avid listener to Lifestyles Unlimited Radio Show, Joe sought out Lifestyles Unlimited in Houston and took a chance at attaining financial freedom. Now, years later, Joe and Stephanie are now multi-family investors and are reaping the rewards for their brave decision to join Lifestyles Unlimited! Take a look at their story!

Case Study: Norman Burghardt

norman burghardt(small)

Lifestyles Unlimited member, Norman Burghardt, invested in a multi-family property that surprisingly became one of his best real estate investment deals! Norman’s father had previously introduced him to single family investing before he joined Lifestyles. Now, as a multi-family investor and after following Del Walmsley’s business model, Norman has been able to transformed his distressed properties into clean, functional homes for people. Watch his great story here!

2015 February Austin Case Study Invite

2015 February Austin Case Study Invite

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Case Study: Paul Diedrich

Paul Diedrich(small)

Paul Diedrich heard about Lifestyles Unlimited through a friend who knew Paul needed some financial stability after his divorce. Courageously, Paul attended his first Case Study and was able to see how a person’s life can be altered positively in a very short period of time. He found that just by investing in real estate properties, a person can attain the lifestyle they desire. So, he took a chance and joined Lifestyles Unlimited. Since then, Paul’s life has never been the same and he is now much closer to achieving financial freedom! So, check out this video, and maybe some day soon, you can be too!

Case Study: Brian Buhr

Video thumbnail for wistia video Case Study: Brian Buhr - Lifestyles Unlimited

Sometimes the beneficial aspects of investing in real estate do the talking themselves. But, it only works if there is someone there to listen. Meet Brian Buhr, a man who was originally geared up to invest in the stock market, at least that was the case until he found out what he would be missing … read more

Case Study: Mark & Teri Daronch

Video thumbnail for wistia video Case Study: Mark & Teri Daronch - Lifestyles Unlimited

What if the Lifestyles Unlimited Investment Model were to be put to the test like never before? What if a member’s property was hit by a hurricane or their real estate business was challenged by an economic downturn? Or, better yet, what if both of those traumatic experiences were to unfold on the same members? … read more

Case Study: Doug & Tanya Mitchell

Video thumbnail for wistia video Case Study: Doug & Tanya Mitchell - Lifestyles Unlimited

Picture walking into a house that contains only one greeting, a stifling pungent smell that permeates the entire household. But, that’s not all. Appliances are completely missing in some areas, carpets are stained to the point of ruin and the back fence won’t even stand to cover the state of disarray. Now picture making 600 … read more