Presenting the Houston Lifestyles Unlimited 2014 Achievement Award Winners!

lui award winners

What is one word to describe these individuals, couples and families who have broken through the norms of society to do something great? We would say bravery. Joe and Stephanie Bryson, John and Katelin Boriack, Tommy and Sheila Taylor, Sharon Fortmeyer-Selan, Steve and Vicki Englehardt, and Juan and Yamel Ramirez no longer stand just as … read more

Case Study: Elizabeth & Walter Bruce

The Bruces (Small)

Welcome to the fast track to investing. Two weeks after Elizabeth & Walter Bruce had signed up as Lifestyles Unlimited Members, they were already into their first single family deal. But, even more impressive than the time it took to close on this property, were the insane perks that came along with it! This first chapter to the Bruce’s investment career is a must-see experience, as it later led to the purchase of 5 more homes, which combine to earn them $3,300 of tax free cash flow a month!

Case Study: Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper’s story starts with an honest question; how is a 401k going to bring in the money needed to successfully retire? However, this question would not be his undoing, but the key to a new life with new goals. Freshly released from our two day Financial Freedom Seminar, Ben says that he aggressively went out and looked for his first two real estate deals. This is your chance to learn about those deals and how the Lifestyles Unlimited business model allowed him to beat the median household income in virtually no time at all.

Case Study: Robby Marsh

Robby Marsh (Normal)

In many cases in life, we look to the matriarchal and/or patriarchal torch bearers that came before us, so that we can make more informed decisions in our lives today. For Robby Marsh that man is his grandfather. Without telling too much of Robby’s story, his grandfather survived one of the single most adverse calamities ever to hit this country and he did so, in part, through real estate investment. After adopting some of the tenets of his grandfather, and by adding a few of his own, Robby is not only surviving in this economy, he’s thriving in it.

Case Study: Mariam Borges

Mariam Borges (Normal)

Mariam Borges is a motivated member of Lifestyles Unlimited to say the least. Having first begun her relationship with Lifestyles Unlimited as an out-of-state Telecommunications Contractor, she had a lot of ground to cover to build her life in Real Estate Investment. But, she had two very important things: a positive attitude and a realization that in order to get the job done right, she would first need the right education. Flash forward to today; Mariam is a seasoned “graduate” of the LU Program with a little more than a diploma to show for her studies…

Case Study: David Wimsatt

David Wimsatt

As a pilot, David Wimsatt takes to the skies about every other week, which is a job that doesn’t leave a lot of room for multi tasking. So, doing the job of being the number one Dad to his two daughters sometimes takes a backseat to his travel laden occupation. But, as fate would have it, his rescue would come in the form of a Lifestyles Unlimited radio broadcast. Having heard all he needed to hear, the next step would be to walk through the front door of Lifestyles Unlimited and that’s just what he did. Now, he has two single family houses under his belt that bring him a substantial monthly cash flow and is likely ready to pursue more. So, with a solid plan in place, David can sit back, let us do some of the steering and he can soar to clearer skies ahead.

Case Study: Kylie Schiscka

Kylie Schischka

Kylie Schischka’s story started in the audience of a Lifestyles Unlimited Case Study just one year ago. But, it was much sooner than that when Kylie realized that despite her interest in Veterinary Surgery, what she truly enjoyed was working for herself. But, unlike her work as a Veterinarian, she did not have access to an institution to educate herself in the ways of creating a new successful business venture, or did she? Low and behold, a brief gym visit would set her on the path that would change her life forever. Now, she owns two multi family apartment complexes of her own and she still attends our monthly case studies, except this time, she’s no longer watching our presentations, she’s leading them.

April 2015 DFW Case Study Invitation

April 2015 DFW Case Study Invitation

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Case Study: Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook

For Daniel Cook, one concept hit home harder than anything else: many people who are looking to retire are simply planning for their time to run out before their money. This was simply not a good enough plan for Daniel, who had always taken an interest in real estate investment. So, with a quick word to a friend and Lifestyles Unlimited member, a quick online viewing of our 2 hour workshop, and the decision to walk through our front door, Daniel had started a path towards an entirely different future. Now, Daniel is cash flowing $320 a month and he has learned a trade that can give him something corporate America can’t- a chance to live life the right way from start to finish.

April 2015 CTX Case Study Invitation

April 2015 CTX Case Study Invitation

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