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Testimonial: David Veeder

Would you like to travel all over the world and explore all it has to offer? Well, for David Veeder that is his goal. Along with having enough cash flow to replace his yearly income, David plans on investing in more properties that will potentially allow him the freedom to travel where ever he wants! … read more

Testimonial: Natalie Russell

“Real Estate is an actual physical thing” and “everybody is involved in real estate at some point” said Natalie Russell. She had always been interested in real estate and after listening to the Lifestyles Real Estate Investment Radio Show she signed up for the introductory workshop! With the fantastic help of the Lifestyles mentors, Natalie, … read more

Testimonial: Terry Leflar

Are you working every day out of the week and tedious, long hours? For Terry Leflar, that was the case. Having been an avid listener of the Lifestyles Radio Show program for several years, Terry thought what a wonderful thing it would be if he could invest in real estate, but became hesitant and apprehensive … read more

Testimonial: Richard Beggs

Having gone through a job transition once before, Richard Beggs began to think about his current situation, future, and what would happen if he had to go through another job transition. He decided to take action and try something different with investing. Now, he has been a member with Lifestyles for two years and is … read more

Testimonial: Mit Scott

Being from Louisiana, Mit Scott didn’t know the Texas real estate markets very well. One morning, driving back from Louisiana, Mit Scott listened in on the Lifestyles Real Estate Investment Radio Show. It got his attention, but didn’t think much of it. Until one day, while looking at potential whole sale properties to buy, another … read more

Testimonial: Caroline & Matt Stolba

Matt Stolba heard the Lifestyles Radio Program for years, but it wasn’t until his wife, Caroline, had grown tired of the corporate life that they both gave real estate investment a chance. Now, 6 months later, they have two houses of their own and have goals to begin multi family investment. Check out how their … read more

Testimonial: Mark Escobedo

One of Mark Escobedo’s friends is a Lifestyles member and encouraged Mark to attend a Lifestyles class. On the same night of the class, Mark signed-up and became a Lifestyles member! Now he has been a member for 8 months and his goal is to own 20 properties or more in 5 years while still … read more

Testimonial: Brandon Yarbrough & Tracy Card

Brandon Yarbrough and Tracy Card went to the two day seminar a little skeptical about making another investment. But, then they found the deal that made sense to them. Now, Brandon and Tracy are happier than ever, and are on the road to financial freedom. Check out their story here!

Testimonial: Juan & Yamel Ramirez

Juan and Yamel Ramirez weren’t satisfied with the way their “money was sitting at the bank, collecting dust.” With a little research, they found out about Lifestyles Real Estate Investing as a way to diversify away from what every one else was investing in. Now they own three properties and plan on working toward having … read more

Testimonial: Mario Dipasquale

After seeing the writing on the wall in the financial market two years ago, Mario decided that he needed to start preparing himself for the turbulent times ahead. After his brother introduced him to a Case Study event, Mario knew that he found his opportunity to secure his own financial future. In the two years … read more