(November 02, 2015) There’s More To Life Than Stuff

Del Walmsley’s put-the-big-rocks-in-first metaphor gets compared to a monologue by none other than George Clooney! Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen “Up In The Air!” Then, he comments on a social security loophole that has just been closed by the federal government.

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(October 30, 2015) Will Multi Family Stand The Test?

With more money flowing into the apartment industry than ever before, Del Walmsley is wondering whether any other investment vehicle can even hold a candle. Dive into research with Del as he makes it his quest to truly see if multi family’s best. Also, take a chance to hear a special offer for membership that expires soon!

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(October 29, 2015) The 30,000 Foot View of Rental Real Estate – Featuring LU Mentor JB “Dr. Data” Durham

On this show Del Walmsley sets up “Dr. Data Durham” with a curve ball that he hits straight out of the park. Del’s question: “what is driving the increase in price for investment real estate (nationally), and is it a solid incentive, or is it just hot air?”

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(October 28, 2015) Risk To Live & Live To Risk

Are you on the cusp of a great decision – a major turn in your life? If so, you are akin to the Founder & CEO of Lifestyles Unlimited®, Del Walmsley. Today, he discusses the challenge he faced to bid for his first class A apartments ever, and as it turns out, it was the best decision he never thought he would make.

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(October 27, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “If You Only Knew What The Future You Could Do” – Featuring LU Member Eric A.

It’s one thing to look your future right in the eyes, but another entirely for it to look right back at you. What’s the difference? Eric tells all in this inspiring Tell Del that culminates to a case study encounter that changed his life.

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(October 26, 2015) A Look At Lending & Rising Rents

Del Walmsley gauges the threat to our economy posed by the loosening of lending standards and he comments on the effect of rapidly rising rents in the marketplace. Then, he continues to answer more of your pressing questions.

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(October 23, 2015) *Replay* Habituation: Becoming Desensitized By Your Habits


Why is it that you do the things you currently do? The habits that you have slipped into may have a negative effect on your life and the worst part is that the effects are not seen immediately, but over time. Del Walmsley, your host, discusses the habits we share on this podcast in order to overcome them and to live the best lives we possibly can.

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(October 22, 2015) Finding Multi-Family Value Add Opportunities – Featuring LU Mentor Don Rowell

Across the spectrum of multi family complexes, opportunities to add value range from the blatantly obvious to the seemingly concealed. On today’s show, Del Walmsley brings on Multi Family Mentor, Don Rowell, to share his coaching for finding everything big or small to improve in A through D.

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(October 21, 2015) Pickle Jar – Part II

Having received wonderful feedback from his listeners earlier in the week, Del Walmsley turns to his pickle jar metaphor once again to soothe more woes and right more lives.

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(October 20, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Never Give Up” – Featuring LU Member Curtis H.

The miraculous thing about Tell Del stories is change. It is the change that occurs in someone’s life when they least expect it, and it is the change they must make in return when they’re least prepared. That said, Curtis’ story of endless adaptation is among the most riveting that we have ever had on the show, as he grapples with ever increasing adversity, and pulls from it ever increasing opportunity. This is a story of never giving up!

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