(March 11, 2019) How Del Turned Four Houses into a Multimillion Dollar Multifamily Portfolio

Using leverage, Del bought four single family rental homes in a two-month period of time. His goal was to use the high cash-on-cash return from single family rentals to lift himself out of employment in the health club industry. The task proved almost too easy. So, he continued to follow what he now refers to as the “real estate investor roadmap” by investing in apartment communities. Join us for Del’s original tour through the “real estate investor roadmap.”

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(March 08, 2019) Del Contemplates the Portrait of the Millionaire

Responding to a listener request to analyze a concept mentioned in the classic Napoleon Hill book, “Think and Grow Rich,” and the landmark publication, “The Millionaire Next Door,” Del contemplates the concept of transmutation. This analysis provides a great insight into his beliefs about 401ks, higher education, pension plans, consumer spending and more.

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(March 07, 2019) Syndications Done Right

Chances are you’ve seen promotional videos for real estate syndicators: the flashy cars, the fancy suits, the over-the-top salesmanship. But, you may not realize that these syndicators charge fees, offer lower returns, and are less transparent, which translates to less protection for investors in these syndicators’ deals. Today, Del talks about the road he took to avoid such deals and create a better way. The results? Listen for yourself.

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(March 06, 2019) What Today’s Real Estate Market Is Telling Us

Del cleanly connects the dots between major trends in today’s real estate market and the Lifestyles Unlimited buy/hold model, describing a current climate that is generally better for steady yields than deep value gains. Join Del as he explores mortgage rates, a high-income earner renter population spike, and a decline in flipping and wholesaling.

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(March 05, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Passive Multifamily Real Estate Investing at Its Best” – Featuring LU Member, James

This podcast pits a lifetime of traditional saving and investment against four years of passive investing. The results will shock you.

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(March 04, 2019) The Common Denominators of Failure

In many shows, we cover tips and tricks for success. Today, we discuss 10 of the biggest road blocks that prevent success.

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(March 01, 2019) The Six Reasons Real Estate Outperforms Other Investments

Are you a current real estate investor with cash to spare? Why would you pursue other investment vehicles when you know that real estate provides superior returns? Del discusses the six reasons why your money will find no better investment vehicle than real estate.

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(February 28, 2019) Harnessing Fear to Drive Success

As a Lifestyles Unlimited Mentor, Jillian Garland does many things, including helping people to navigate major life-changes, such as a sudden layoff, or to make up lost ground from a traditional retirement plan. But, there’s a lot of fear associated with major life changes. Today, Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, joins Jillian to harness that fear and neutralize it through the education we provide everyday.

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(February 27, 2019) Five Daily Habits for the Real Estate Investor

Being a successful real estate investor is about more than just your investments. If you do it right, it’s about living a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Today, Del discusses five daily habits from Success.com to help you accomplish more whether you’re on the road to or have already achieved financial freedom. Finally, to finish the show, Del continues his coverage of financial planners and the winners and losers in U.S. net migration.

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(February 26, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Passive Income Exceeds W2 Income Six Fold” – Featuring LU Members, Larry & Lenora

Sit back and marvel as Larry and Lenora reveal a treasure trove of financial information about their returns from a portfolio spanning 25 multifamily properties. As Passive Investors, they never touched a piece of real estate, and yet they vastly improved upon the money they made as W2 earners. Here’s how they did it!

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