(June 25, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Skeptical to Successful Real Estate Investors – Gary and Trish M from Austin, TX”

Gary and Trish were looking for alternate income streams but were skeptical of Lifestyles Unlimited until one of their friends retired early due to his real estate investments. Gary and Trish attended the 2-Day Workshop and knew immediately that they would pursue multifamily investments. They became passive investors in one multifamily deal and lead investors for three other multifamily deals. In total, they now own 761 units!

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(June 24, 2019) The Cost of the Pursuit of W2 Income

Mike Harrison breaks down the true cost of the pursuit of W2 income, including the time and energy spent on job searches and then job advancement. People work so hard to gain W2 income and yet won’t lift a finger to gain passive income. Mike explains why developing streams of passive income is a no brainer, especially when compared to W2 income.

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(June 21, 2019) Why Any Given Person Can Miss the Map to Financial Freedom

As Del explains on this podcast, the striking thing is not that a room full of people can miss the map to financial freedom, it’s the many different ways they can do so. Join us as we explore what very likely is at the heart of today’s financial literacy problem: an overabundance of mediocre retirement ideas. Then, stay tuned as Del hits the mail bag to address radio show questions and a very powerful listener story.

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(June 20, 2019) You Asked, Del Answers

Del answers various questions from listeners on today’s show. Topics include bad credit, outvesting vs. investing, the best product/best price model, financial planners, single family vs. multifamily investing, and being financially balanced.

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(June 19, 2019) Does Early Retirement Have a Dark Side?

Del explores an article entitled “The Dark Side of Early Retirement”, which highlights everything that can go wrong if you retire early. You’ll want to hear Del (the poster boy for early retirement) shred the idea that it is bad to retire before the age mandated by social security.

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(June 18, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday – “Let Your Money Work for You”

A retirement solution isn’t going to “fall into your laps.” This is what Lily B. heard during our 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar… and it stuck with her. She had serious concerns her working years could reach into her 80s if she was not proactive. But, nevertheless, it’s a big leap going from a 20 to 30 year retirement time frame to three to four years. Learn how Lily used the Lifestyles Unlimited program to get her money working for her.

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(June 17, 2019) The Rules of Money Have Changed – What Are You Doing About It?

Millions of people are on the wrong path. They’ll never achieve financial freedom during retirement. On today’s show, Mike Harrison explains how the rules of money have changed and how you can get on the right path to financial freedom. It involves following Lifestyles Unlimited’s map.

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(June 14, 2019) The Play-to-Win Mentality

Del drives home that “playing to win” in life and playing to keep from losing are two very different things. Also, to cap things off at the end of the show, Del delivers impressive data from the ALN 3rd Quarter Multifamily Occupancy & Rent Review to take action on! Here, we find various staggering rental growth rates for individual markets and the nation as a whole!

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(June 13, 2019) The Wrong Set Of Ideas Will Give You the Wrong Results

A “real estate investor” whose net worth is roughly zero dollars (meaning he has no debt but no significant savings either) and who owns one rental house that he lives in the basement of is offering free “expert” advice on a real estate training blog? Does that person sound like a successful real estate investor to you? Would you take their advice and follow their methods? On today’s show, Del battles the idea that people who know nothing about real estate can teach other people how to invest in real estate successfully.

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(June 12, 2019) Financial Freedom for America

Today, we hear success stories of Lifestyles Unlimited members around the country with special insights provided by National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham, and CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley.

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