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(October 01, 2014) Del Walmsley: Financial Values You Should Be Teaching Your Young

There’s nothing more Del Walmsley likes than an article filled with disingenuous information. Why? Because it gives him the satisfaction to prove the writer is wrong. And today, he does just that. Del analyzes such an article by picking 12 factual points, that to him don’t seem factual at all, and puts his own spin on it, using his extensive knowledge on the subject. Tune in to hear Del Walmsley, President & Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.®, speak the financial truth about strategies you should be teaching your children at a young age and the benefits that come from doing so.

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(September 30, 2014) Del Walmsley & John Boriack: Meet A 26 Year-Old Millionaire Who Made Millions While You Made Financial Plans

Here is the quintessential trail blazer of the real estate investor world. Go to any group event at Lifestyles Unlimited® and you will see that John Boriack is the youngest person in the room, but he is also one of the sharpest. After having recently won the Houston Apartment Association’s Real Estate Investor of The Year Award and raking in $7,000,000 on his last apartment deal, you could say that John’s story displays what so many hope to achieve, but what so few ever show up to get. But, only seconds into today’s show and you could figure out most of what we just told you. What may take some more listening to figure out, however, is that John is not some trust fund child who waited until 25 to spend his inheritance money on apartment complexes, or some upstart stock investor who’s ego trickled into real estate, he is an honest, humble individual who took the Lifestyles Unlimited® playbook and ran with it.

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(September 30, 2014) Del Walmsley & John Boriack: John Boriack’s Success Linked to His Upbringing

Today John Boriack, recent winner of the Houston Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year award, talks to us about his personal experience with real estate investing and how Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® changed his life after graduating high school. Instead of going off to college like most eighteen-year-olds, John decided to use that college money to start a business with his family and gain some real world experience. This led him to find Lifestyles Unlimited® and with their mentoring he began his career as an investor. Now, at the age of 26, John Boriack is a successful investor in multiple apartment complexes and has all the time in world to spend with his beautiful wife and child. Tune in to hear Del Walmsley ask John Boriack questions about his childhood and his success in real estate.

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(September 29, 2014) Del Walmsley: New Age Concepts For New Age Adults

Childhood is a beautiful thing. The heart explores what it wants to and the mind catches up as best as it can. One of the most important things you will likely learn in this time of life is how to have fun, but what you will also soon learn are the traditional methods with which to build your life – go to school, get a job, invest in stocks & set up an IRA and/or a 401k. Well, Del Walmsley, who is a multimillionaire in real estate investing & the Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited®, which is a company that helps thousands of people every day, did all of those things. Which one do you think got him where he is today? Not One. Hear Del tell all about his childhood and get the scoop for how your son or daughter can bring about new age results and become a new age adult.

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(September 29, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Correct Way To Teach Your Child About Money

For many people who listen to the LU radio show, the only thing more important than the financial success of the household is the success of their children. But, with so many college-educated sons and daughters coming back home instead of being thrust into their field of work, this compounds the problem of accruing a sustainable household income, and at the same time, it addresses a new problem entirely – how young adults will succeed in today’s economic climate. Well, if the word invest came to mind, you would be right, but if you read the same article as LU Founder & President, Del Walmsley, you would likely find nothing more than 8 pages that will get your kids to the wrong place faster. Today Del picks apart this investment guide for today’s youth and contrasts those points with some of his own. Who will win? We know who our money is on. Maybe it’s time you found out where you should place yours.

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(September 24, 2014) Del Walmsley: How Important Action Steps Start With You & Not From “Self-Help” Programs

At Lifestyles Unlimited®, our program starts with you and who you are as a person. In fact, our many kind & observant mentors work with you to assess the strengths you’ve always had, so that you can become the person you always dreamed you could be. In this process, nothing is lost, nothing is diluted and nothing is taken away from what makes you, you. Essentially, you have become part of a loving family that wants to see you reach your highest potential. Today’s show highlights the antithesis to our methodology, an article that proposes a guide to helping oneself in one of the most detrimental ways possible. What is it, you might ask? The topic only bears listening from the man who loves each current & prospective LU member enough to show how bad deals try to strike out the best in all of us – LU Founder & President, Del Walmsley.

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(September 22, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Difference Between Beating Yourself & Beating The Game

When it comes to living a successful life, there are going to be many points where things go right and where things go wrong. Therefor, a life should have almost as many financial losses as it does wins, at least that’s what many of the self-help gurus of today will likely tell you – “if you’re not as far along in your life as you want to be, it’s because you haven’t failed enough times” says Del Walmsley as he quotes one of the aforementioned group. Well, Del quickly retorts that when it comes to running a business, this could not be further from truth. As you will learn from today’s show, having a successful business, whether it’s in real estate investment or not, starts with having the proper mentality – “Never Lose Money.” This popular Delism is at the center of Lifestyles Unlimited®’s core principles, and therefor our students don’t justify financial losses, they appreciate relentless success. So, don’t beat yourself by justifying setbacks from the beginning. Take a listen to this show and learn how to beat the game and only the game.

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(September 18, 2014) Del Walmsley: Share Your Story with Del Walmsley

Today we have one avid listener helping out another who had previously shared his unfortunate story with Del Walmsley via email. Del discloses the contents of the helpful listeners’ email over the radio, which touches on the subject of making irrational decisions and the idea of attaining a formal education to satisfy someone other than yourself. Del then goes on to shares his thoughts on purchasing properties using credit cards and reveals how he once was able to do it himself. Lastly, Del Walmsley, president of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® invites you to share your story by calling in during the radio show or writing him via email.

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(September 17, 2014) Del Walmsley: Retiring With Your Life Ahead of You

Have you ever searched the words “early retirement” on the web and seen what comes up? Well, today that is exactly what Del Walmsley did and not only was it painstakingly hard to find a financial planner’s perspective on early retirement, their concept of early was a bit skewed in the wrong direction. However, today is your chance to hear about this topic – retiring with your life ahead of you – that has yet to exist in today’s mainstream society and to realize that it’s not an oxymoron, it’s a reality, and it’s happening at Lifestyles Unlimited® every day.

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(September 17, 2014) Del Walmsley: Retirement

Del Walmsley unveils the alarming truth about retirement using factual statistics and his own knowledge on the subject. According to the Census Bureau, the average person goes into retirement at the age of 62 and has an average of $43,000 to live off of for the rest of their lives. It is a pretty scary thought to think one day you might be part of that statistic; however, if you are proactive about it now and begin to find passive streams of income, like real estate investing, whose to say one day you won’t be able to retire before you reach the age of 62. Del compares the ideas and ideals behind a rich, retired individual to those ideas and ideals that permeate the middle class. Hopefully, Del’s discussion will give you an insight on what’s happening with people unable to retire due to their financial situations and wakes you up to the possibility that this could be you in the foreseeable future if you don’t take action now.

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