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(December 01, 2017) Lifestyles Discovery, The Retirement Savings Shortfall & U.S. Renting/Owning Price Differences – Featuring Program Creator Damon Janis

Today, Del brings Lifestyles Discovery Creator, Damon Janis, back on the show for some new valuable insights into Lifestyles Unlimited®’s premiere comparative market analysis tool, Lifestyles Discovery. The number crunching doesn’t stop there as Del turns his gaze upon fresh statistics for retirement savings in America and the percentage difference in price between owning and renting in the U.S.

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(November 30, 2017) Increase Your ROI at Will – Featuring LU Mentor Brian Sifford

Join CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, and Multifamily Mentor, Brian Sifford, as they unveil a specially designed list of multifamily business practices geared towards increasing ROI by spending time and money where it counts. These are time-tested practices of Lifestyles Unlimited members in the investment field today.

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(November 29, 2017) The Steps to Financial Freedom

Del walks us through the foundational steps of Tony Robbins’ “Success Cycle,” a diagram that says beliefs lead to desires, which lead to actions, and finally results, which tell us whether our belief system is working. This concept doubles perfectly as steps to financial freedom. Today, Del covers beliefs and desires.

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(November 28, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Late to The Party But Never Too Late to Succeed” – Featuring LU Member James

James traveled the globe, started his own business and worked across the spectrum of the IT field. Now, the time is nearing for him to “settle down,” which translates roughly to learning an entirely new way of life and making more money than he’s ever dreamed of.

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(November 27, 2017) Financial Freedom Is A Choice, But You Have To Choose It

Financial freedom is not a matter of a favorable stock portfolio or a genius financial planner. It’s not a new trend or a luxury of the few. It’s a choice, and as Del explains on this show, all investments of your time and money reflect your choice to be or not to be financially free.

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(November 24, 2017) The Wrong Destinations In Life & The Wrong Map To Get There

Is success with the wrong map truly success? Sometimes we drive ourselves so hard at a problem that we fail to take a step back to evaluate our plan to solve it. The result is a flawed destination procured from a flawed map, which produces a flawed outlook on life. It’s a vicious cycle which has one of Del’s listeners firmly in its grasp. Del’s job is to get him out while there’s still time.

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(November 23, 2017) The Power of Dissatisfaction & Why Del Is Thankful For Real Estate Investing

Del is thankful for everything come Thanksgiving, even the ability to be dissatisfied. So, with many going into their holidays feeling pressed to be happy about everything, Del has a fuller holiday message to deliver. Don’t repress or suppress natural dissatisfaction. If used correctly, this could be your most powerful tool for change this holiday season. Following this, Del lays out many reasons he is thankful for real estate investing.

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(November 22, 2017) The Convergence of Financial Empowerment, Financial Awareness & Financial Control

According to Del, a great deal of change can be implemented from numbers and what they mean to you. So often, the full understanding of our financial position falls by the wayside, dropping the veil over a better life. But, there is an investment out there, and a process to it, that can dramatically improve your life through empowerment, awareness and control.

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(November 21, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Challenge Accepted” – Featuring Honored Guest & Member Don

If you think the type of real estate investing success you hear about on The Del Walmsley Radio Show is only for those privileged enough to inherit the money to achieve it, then it’s time to think again. On this show, Del and Don take a stroll down 20 years of memory lane from when Don started with all the cards stacked against him to his full retirement. You will also hear about the Challenge program Don started at Lifestyles Unlimited® to help others in similar circumstances.

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(November 20, 2017) What To Do If The Holidays Hit Where It Hurts

Today, Del speaks directly to those who struggle through the holidays. He shows how his own life changed from a yearly holiday crisis even though he thought it never could. In so doing, Del shares the greatest gift he can before Thanksgiving, the map that got him here.

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