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(September 24, 2018) Your Monday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

By most accounts, we are in the longest bull-market run in history as we’ve aged well into our ninth year of sustained economic growth without a major stock-market decline. Del shares what this means for the buy-and-hold real estate investor. Then, we dig deep into today’s grab bag, focusing our attention on where equity growth is spiking for single family, key changes in buyer behavior for primary homes, and more!

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(September 21, 2018) An Underdog Investor Story – Featuring LU Mentor, Kim McLean

One quick look at the conversational, carefree Kim McLean, now a proud owner of 5 multifamily apartment communities, and you might think that his story is one without hardship. But, this would be wrong, as you’ll find from his never-before-told underdog investor story.

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(September 20, 2018) An Honest Talk About Retirement

Lifestyles Unlimited Vice President of Multifamily Mentoring, John Ridgway, and CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley team up to take an unfiltered look at retirement. Join them for a sobering look at traditional investment plans like the 401k and IRA, unforseen expenses that complicate a retirement strategy, and the difficulty of living off of one’s nest egg.

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(September 19, 2018) Del Walmsley Discusses The 17 Principles of “Think & Grow Rich,” By Napoleon Hill

It’s one of the most influential books Del has ever read. So much so, he read it at least 6 times. Listen closely as Del covers as many of these principles as he can in the span of the show to give you insights on his life goals and some of the most important philosophies behind Lifestyles Unlimited.

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(September 18, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Real Estate Succeeds After Other Retirement Vehicles Fail” – Featuring LU Member & Ambassador, Jim

Jim started working full-time at 18 years old with college paid for by his employer, a 401k, and practicing in his trade of automotive design. But, nothing could prepare Jim for the roller coaster ride that came next, nothing except something his dad taught him early on about rental property: “these are good money makers,” he said. Today, with the help of Lifestyles Unlimited, Jim is learning just how right his dad was.

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(September 17, 2018) Educated Out of Success

Today, we’ll discuss how the U.S. educational system and our overall culture changed in the era of the Industrial Revolution to favor specialized skillsets over critical thinking, a paradigm shift that Del argues stifled the intuitive, resilient thinking necessary for individual large-scale financial success. Follow Del as he uses many examples, including his own life experiences, to drive this point home.

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(September 16, 2018) 3 Tips for Tenant Screening

Proper tenant screening is an essential part of having a successful rental property. Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow shares three of the most important tips for screening your tenants.

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(September 16, 2018) Seven Mistakes to Avoid During Rehab

Your real estate investing project will live or die by the rehab process that you implement. Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow shares seven mistakes to avoid when planning your rehab. Craft part of your rehab checklist straight from this show.

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(September 16, 2018) 5 Success Strategies of Highly Successful Real Estate Investors

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow is a product of the Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investment Education and Mentoring Program. She rose through the company following membership later serving in the Vendor Program and as a Mentor. Today, she oversees all operations of Lifestyles Unlimited alongside CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley. Join us today and dive into the five core real estate investing strategies she’s gained from her time spent in these important roles, which are all staple practices of any Lifestyles Unlimited member.

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(September 14, 2018) How Ed Used Real Estate Investing To Honor A Family Tradition Stretching Back Hundreds of Years

Ed, a Lifestyles Unlimited Member and Ambassador, looks back 200 years before his time to a renowned ancestor whose prolific inventions shaped the world, and in turn, his own family centuries later. Because of this, Ed’s childhood household was one that coveted entrepreneurialism to the highest degree, leaving him with an unshakable calling of financial independence that would not be fully explored until his membership with Lifestyles Unlimited.

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