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(April 11, 2018) Your Wednesday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

First, Del delivers a powerful story about an NBA hopeful who finally got his shot on the Lakers, as a wake-up call to his listeners. Next, we take a look at why multifamily apartments outperform any other form of real estate investment. Then, Del takes you through the top 10 real estate markets in the country, and why that’s theorized to be the case. Lastly, we cover one of the biggest sleep deprivers in America: the J.O.B.

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(April 10, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Following In Dad’s Footsteps” – Featuring LU Member Brian

Shortly after graduating from college and securing his profession in medical sales, Brian’s father set Brian on a path that later saved him from a 30% sales force layoff at his company that happened overnight. Join this Tell Del to learn how Lifestyles Unlimited helped guide their family mission.

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(April 09, 2018) You Can Have Anything You Want In Life But You Can’t Have Everything

In the fight of his life against cancer, Del turned to the joy of train-making. He threw himself head first into this world, and before he knew it, he was overloaded with tracks, trains, landscapes and more. Making sense of this new hobby became a building block of his life and Lifestyles Unlimited; you can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have everything.

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(April 06, 2018) The Wrong Destinations In Life & The Wrong Map To Get There

Is success with the wrong map truly success? Sometimes we drive ourselves so hard at a problem that we fail to take a step back to evaluate our plan to solve it. The result is a flawed destination procured from a flawed map, which produces a flawed outlook on life. It’s a vicious cycle which has one of Del’s listeners firmly in its grasp. Del’s job is to get him out while there’s still time.

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(April 05, 2018) An Underdog Investor Story – Featuring LU Multifamily Mentor Kim McLean

One quick look at the conversational, carefree Kim McLean, now a proud owner of 5 multifamily apartment communities, and you might think that his story is one without hardship. But, this would be wrong, as you’ll find from his never-before-told underdog investor story.

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(April 04, 2018) Goal Setting Gone Wrong, “Dead Equity” & The Top 10 Markets For Long-Term Investing

First, Del has a message for an amateur goal-setting guru. Then, he shifts to express the need for income-producing assets in your portfolio and why “dead equity” (a paid off home for example) does virtually nothing to benefit you. Lastly, Del explores an article listing the top 10 markets for long-term real estate investing, and why this is the case.

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(April 03, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “When Trading Time For Money Is No Longer Enough” – Featuring LU Member Chris

It’s times like the one Chris and his wife, Mardi found themselves in that speak to the purpose of passive income – to help people in times of need.

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(April 02, 2018) Introducing The Grand Sponsors of The 2018 Wealth & Passive Income Expo

Join Del as he introduces our two grand sponsors of this year’s Expo, AMP Lending and PPG Paints. Learn from AMP’s Chief Production Officer/Mortgage Originator, Rich Nunez, about their vast product portfolio for hard money and conventional lending. Then, see how PPG is transforming the way real estate investors paint their properties from National Accounts Business Development Manager, Deborah Eickenhorst. And don’t miss their breakout sessions at the big event! Get tickets @ WealthandPassiveIncomeExpo.com.

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(March 30, 2018) The Members Behind The Multifamily Masters Tour – Featuring LU Member Kylie

The thing that struck Kylie most during the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar was the exponential growth possible with multifamily investing. She took that to heart with a portfolio grown from a joint acquisition of a 7 unit and 42 unit, to four 100+ unit apartment communities (one of which is a national award winner), and finally a $40M+ 552 unit property. So, how did Kylie go from being an emergency veterinarian in Australia to a national award winning real estate investor in America? All that is a click away!

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(March 29, 2018) Welcoming Our Newest Multifamily Mentor, Lee Carrol

Lee joined in the earlier days of Lifestyles Unlimited, and in that time he’s seen the organization transform into the national real estate investing hub that it is today. His story is unlike many due to the way that he became a full-time investor, and what’s more, becoming a mentor was one of the last things he could have imagined. Yet, here he sits, happy as ever, looking back at just under 1,000 units of investment, and looking ahead to Houston multifamily mentorship.

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