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(August 17, 2018) Banker Retires Through Passive Real Estate Investing – Featuring LU Member & Ambassador, Jim

Here, we’ll learn how Lifestyles Unlimited Member and Ambassador, Jim, turned his 30 years of banking experience into one of his biggest assets for passive multifamily investing when he joined in 2009. This meant both embracing some of what he’d learned in the finance industry, and in other cases, changing himself through new education. In so doing, Jim fully realized his goal of sustaining himself entirely through passive streams of income.

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(August 16, 2018) 10 Steps To Navigate From Financial Struggle To Financial Freedom – Featuring LU Mentor, Charles Ho

Today, we bridge the gap from financial struggle to financial freedom with 10 steps systematically designed to take anyone from crushing debt/low income to the passive income/financial freedom experienced by Lifestyles Unlimited members.

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(August 15, 2018) Conventional Retirement Thinking Goes Off The Rails

First, we start with a snapshot of the millennial generation, one which is reportedly largely rejecting much of the retirement thinking of today. We explore the culture behind this shift. Here, Del cites multiple articles to exemplify the tired retirement ideas causing this to happen. One piece goes so far as to be titled, “How To Save For Retirement Without Going Broke.” The irony is not lost on Del. We finish with the positive; Del breaks down the Success article, “Five Ways to Play to Your Strengths.”

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(August 14, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “How This Couple Transformed Their Real Estate Investing With The Right Roadmap” – Featuring LU Members, Mike & Kristen

This story is about the natural process in which Mike came to own a portfolio of underperforming single family rentals on his own – a process that was easier to fall into than one might think – and one that was developed with the best intentions. This podcast gets to the heart of the counterintuitive nature of rental real estate, and why an education makes all the difference. Mike and Kristen have since turned things around with a Lifestyles Unlimited education. Learn about their transformation!

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(August 13, 2018) The Best National Real Estate Market Analysis of 2018

“The largest expansion in the country was…120 months…and we’re currently at…104 months,” says Del referencing Real Estate Consultant, Dr. Mark G. Dotzour. This only prompts one question; how long will this one last? Using analysis of the national multifamily market, and it’s key performance indicators (including how single family is doing comparatively), Del drives at the heart of this very question. This is a must-listen Del Walmsley Radio Show discussion.

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(August 12, 2018) Retirement Gets a Reality Check with Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow provides special commentary about an article that explains tips for retirement. Here she argues whether most of these conventional retirement ideas are even realistic in the first place.

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(August 12, 2018) 401ks, IRAs, & A More Effective Map For Retirement

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow masterfully leads a major discussion drawing into question two of the biggest pillars of traditional retirement in America: the 401k & IRA. Here, she systematically shows how these investment strategies have become out of step with the average person, and in other ways, completely out of control. “You have to begin with a ‘retirement-lifestyle plan’,” says Lynn opening the show, who later explains how real estate investing, and more importantly passive income, is often way more in keeping with our “retirement-lifestyle plan.”

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(August 12, 2018) What It Means To Be Financially Free, Now & In Your Future

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow explains how important it is to understand the difference between financial freedom and traditional retirement or having a well-paying job. Financial freedom, she continues, is about having a “lifestyle plan” that can support you throughout any length of retirement. Bringing this point closer to home, she highlights an article from the New York Times detailing alarming bankruptcy rates of Baby Boomers retiring today.

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(August 11, 2018) Financial Freedom- A Major Building Block For A Balanced Life

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow explains the importance of obtaining financial freedom in order to have a balanced life.

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(August 10, 2018) Educated Out of Success

Today, we’ll discuss how the U.S. educational system and our overall culture changed in the era of the Industrial Revolution to favor specialized skillsets over critical thinking, a paradigm shift that Del argues stifled the intuitive, resilient thinking necessary for individual large-scale financial success. Follow Del as he uses many examples, including his own life experiences, to drive this point home.

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