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(August 30, 2019) Harnessing Fear to Drive Success

As a Lifestyles Unlimited Mentor, Jillian Garland does many things, including helping people to navigate major life-changes, such as a sudden layoff, or to make up lost ground from a traditional retirement plan. But, there’s a lot of fear associated with major life changes. Today, Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, joins Jillian to harness that fear and neutralize it through the education we provide everyday.

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(August 29, 2019) Del Discusses Main Reasons for Financial Failure

Del breaks down the article “The 7 Reasons People Fail Financially” and lends his life experiences to each to help you realize their importance.

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(August 29, 2019) Finding the Money to Invest in Real Estate

The task of budgeting to save towards a real estate investment can seem daunting, but it is by no means impossible. Today, Al Gordon talks you through the path of least resistance in pulling together the funds to invest.

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(August 28, 2019) Insuring Single Family & Multifamily Investment Property

Today, we welcome Brent Coleman of CNC Insurance Brokerage Services, one of our sponsors for the upcoming Multifamily Masters Tour. Listen in as he details the investor specific services he provides for members of Lifestyles Unlimited. As an independent insurance brokerage, CNC represents you, the buyer, and not large insurers in your pursuit for the best coverage you can find.

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(August 28, 2019) Insurance for Real Estate Investors

Having spent 11 years as a vendor of the Lifestyles Unlimited Vendor Program, Brent Coleman of CNC Insurance is uniquely qualified in insuring any property for real estate investors. Follow along as Brent and Al Gordon discuss the insurance services most suited to your investing needs.

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(August 27, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “The Difference Between Retirement & Financial Freedom”

Cornell and Vivian met in a real estate investor group before the days of Lifestyles Unlimited. Then, by the time they married, Cornell already had two rental homes. So, investing in real estate was not foreign to this couple, but becoming financially free from it was. Learn how Lifestyles Unlimited changed Cornell and Vivian’s paradigm for what they thought was possible with real estate and see how far they’ve come from those first two homes!

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(August 26, 2019) Single Family Investing – How to Buy & Hold

Al Gordon speaks with Single Family Mentor, Rick Johnson, about the bread and butter of the Lifestyles Unlimited single family investment model: buying and holding effectively.

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(August 26, 2019) Real Estate Is Better Than the Stock Market

On todays show, Mike Harrison provides several examples detailing why real estate is better than the stock market at creating and building wealth. Not only is real estate safer than trusting the market he says, the returns are better, and it is predictable when done correctly.

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(August 25, 2019) How Real Estate Investing Benefits Your Lifestyle

On today’s show Andy Webb talks about some of the non-financial, beneficial “side-effects” you will experience when investing in rental real estate.

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(August 23, 2019) Crunch the Numbers to Find the Best Real Estate Deals

Al Gordon walks us through crunching the numbers for a successful real estate investment business.

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