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(February 28, 2017) Running A Business From The Comfort of Your Lifestyle – Featuring LU Mentor JB Durham

When Del Walmsley began work in the real estate investing field over 26 years ago, he actually had to show up to his properties now and again to oversee functionality, to make management decisions and to handle other pertinent matters. Now, all of that has changed. He measures the performance and ongoing operations of his real estate deals from the comfort of his own home, from a vacation destination across the globe or wherever he may be at the time. All of this comes with leveraging new technologies available to the RE investor. Here to discuss this tech topic with Del is our National Multifamily Mentor, JB “Data” Durham.

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(February 27, 2017) Breaking Up With Dave Ramsey – Featuring LU Free Workshop Presenter Devin Elder

There have always been two sides of the conversation with retirement. One is to save, save, save, and the other is to invest. But, when looking from the outside in, it can be tough to judge the merit of each camp. So, on this podcast Del Walmsley decided to bring you someone who’s done both. Here to tell his story about going from $110,000 in debt to becoming an accomplished real estate investor is none other than Free Workshop Presenter, Devin Elder!

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(February 24, 2017) The Convergence of Financial Empowerment Financial Awareness & Financial Control

According to Del, a great deal of change can be implemented from numbers and what they mean to you. So often, the full understanding of our financial position falls by the wayside, dropping the veil over a better life. But, there is an investment out there, and a process to it, that can dramatically improve your life through empowerment, awareness and control.

(February 23, 2017) The Best Type of Business Money Can Buy – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Quite often we pit real estate investing against the working world on this show, but what about the world of business? Rarely do we take a pound-for-pound look at multifamily investing against virtually any other type of business in the world. Fortunately, Del Walmsley and our Houston Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, have this look at how multifamily investing stacks up!

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(February 22, 2017) Pay Off The Mortgage or Retire – You Decide

On this show, Del Walmsley ties one hand behind his back before tackling Dave Ramsey’s 5-7 yr. plan to pay off the mortgage to prove that life amounts to more than just settling debt and paying your bills.

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(February 21, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Digging Into The LU Playbook” – Featuring LU Member Scott

Scott has spread just about every bedrock Lifestyles Unlimited investment concept across his six multifamily properties. He’s used yield plays and value plays to benefit from up markets and down. He’s invested in massive projects for holding and smaller projects for 1031 exchanges. His ownership style becomes more macro by the day. He’s branching into new parts of the country and into new types of apartment communities. Simply put, this is someone who took our investment playbook and ran with it.

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(February 20, 2017) A 2017 Expo Passive Income Panelist Shares His Story – Featuring LU Member John

One of the most financially conservative petroleum engineers in the Lone Star State meets his match with the most streamlined real estate investment group in the country. The result? Checks in the mail. See how John went from a cautious observer of the goings-on at Lifestyles Unlimited to one of our featured Passive Income Panelists at this year’s Wealth & Passive Income Expo.

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(February 17, 2017) The Maturity Continuum

Today, we look back at an older Del Walmsley Radio Show to understand one of the foundational concepts of our organization – the Maturity Continuum – which is a spectrum of three professional stages characterized by varying levels of income control and financial independence. Looking for a way out of the rat race? Your map and your vehicle has arrived.

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(February 16, 2017) The Generational Wealth Tipping Point – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

We all know that wealth building is a series of steps. That much is easy to grasp. But, what is more counterintuitive is the idea that there is a threshold at which your wealth builds upon itself. It snowballs into the constant deployment of net worth into income-producing assets, the decline in savings, the establishment of the “family office,” and an array of best practices and tenets to inform/guide future generations. Del and Curtis’ conversation today is as much electrifying as it is groundbreaking!

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(February 15, 2017) Moving To The Rhythm of Life, One “Dance Step” At A Time

When you take your first look at Del Walmsley, dancing likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet for a time, this was one of his larger interests in life. So, why should you care about this seemingly odd fact about Del? It lends a perfect perspective of the learning process here at Lifestyles Unlimited and in life overall.

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