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(March 13, 2019) The Happiness Curve

On today’s show, Del reflects on his life and discusses a concept on which most psychologists agree: that life satisfaction follows a U-shaped curve. In other words, we’re happy when we are young, miserable during mid-life, and happy again once we approach our 60s. Research shows that this U-shaped curve holds true across nations, cultures, and income levels. But Del challenges this concept and asks, “Can you really be happy in old age if you are not financially secure?” Listen in and let Del know your thoughts.

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(March 12, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Banker Retires with Passive Real Estate Investing” – Featuring LU Member & Ambassador, Jim

Here, we’ll learn how Lifestyles Unlimited Member and Ambassador, Jim, turned his 30 years of banking experience into one of his biggest assets for passive multifamily investing. This meant utilizing some of what he’d learned in the finance industry and embracing new education from his mentors at Lifestyles Unlimited. In so doing, Jim fully realized his goal of sustaining himself entirely through passive streams of income.

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(March 11, 2019) How Del Turned Four Houses into a Multimillion Dollar Multifamily Portfolio

Using leverage, Del bought four single family rental homes in a two-month period of time. His goal was to use the high cash-on-cash return from single family rentals to lift himself out of employment in the health club industry. The task proved almost too easy. So, he continued to follow what he now refers to as the “real estate investor roadmap” by investing in apartment communities. Join us for Del’s original tour through the “real estate investor roadmap.”

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(March 10, 2019) What Sets Lifestyles Unlimited Apart

Today, we talk about two major concepts of the Lifestyles Unlimited investment model: the five ways real estate makes you money and the natural progression of the real estate investor.

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(March 09, 2019) The National Climate for Real Estate Investing

Take a tour with Michael Soulek as we look at healthy regions and cities for real estate investing from coast to coast. But even beyond local markets, low mortgage rates and skyrocketing real estate values are key indicators that investing in real estate still makes sense. Learn about this and more!

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(March 08, 2019) Del Contemplates the Portrait of the Millionaire

Responding to a listener request to analyze a concept mentioned in the classic Napoleon Hill book, “Think and Grow Rich,” and the landmark publication, “The Millionaire Next Door,” Del contemplates the concept of transmutation. This analysis provides a great insight into his beliefs about 401ks, higher education, pension plans, consumer spending and more.

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(March 08, 2019) Rehabbing Investment Real Estate & Working with Contractors

Did you know a major source for large equity gains is a good working relationship with your contractor? How do unit turns between tenants affect interior design choices? These are just a few of the areas covered in an expansive discussion with Michael Soulek to help you get your investment real estate project rehabbed right the first time, and with the right team.

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(March 07, 2019) Syndications Done Right

Chances are you’ve seen promotional videos for real estate syndicators: the flashy cars, the fancy suits, the over-the-top salesmanship. But, you may not realize that these syndicators charge fees, offer lower returns, and are less transparent, which translates to less protection for investors in these syndicators’ deals. Today, Del talks about the road he took to avoid such deals and create a better way. The results? Listen for yourself.

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(March 07, 2019) Beat Wall Street Masterminds with Real Estate

Did you know that Warren Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, was beat out by an index fund and an exchange-traded fund (ETF) over a 10-year period? Today, Michael Soulek chips away at some of the most sacrosanct names on Wall Street. But, before you give yourself a pat on the back for being invested in mutual funds, know that our members are repositioning out of the stock market to retire in three to five years in real estate. Learn more.

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(March 06, 2019) What Today’s Real Estate Market Is Telling Us

Del cleanly connects the dots between major trends in today’s real estate market and the Lifestyles Unlimited buy/hold model, describing a current climate that is generally better for steady yields than deep value gains. Join Del as he explores mortgage rates, a high-income earner renter population spike, and a decline in flipping and wholesaling.

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