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(July 05, 2018) Welcoming Our Newest National Multifamily Mentor, Kevin Chalmers

As we welcome Kevin to the team, we’ll go full circle with his story. Kevin spent his childhood with rental real estate, though his family were not owners or investors. “From single family rentals, to apartment complexes, to trailer parks, you name it. I’ve probably lived in, and moved in and out of more places than I can remember,” he says. Since that time, Kevin has gone on to do many things, including coming back to his roots, only this time as an owner of 16 apartment communities at 3,000 units.

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(July 04, 2018) Stocks vs. Real Estate, What Is It To Be Wealthy, Interest Rates & What Jobs Tell Us About Rental Markets

Fresh from Market Watch, an article claims “Seven Reasons Stocks Are Better Than Real Estate.” Del has a field day. As if no better topic could be served up after that, Del quotes Author & Life Coach, Tony Robbins as saying “being wealthy is a feeling.” Del has another field day. More interest rate hikes are on the horizon, but rest easy, Del has a plan for you. Wrapping up the show, we cover an article detailing the fastest growing employment markets.

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(July 03, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “How Members Take Our Program To New Heights” – Featuring LU Member, Robert

Robert holds a special place in the Lifestyles Unlimited family as being one of, if not the first member to purchase a class A apartment complex. Both this investment (including the knowledge that stemmed from it) and his award-winning Rockstar Capital Management team are just a few of the centerpieces to a portfolio worth $235M.

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(July 02, 2018) The Best National Real Estate Market Analysis of 2018

“The largest expansion in the country was…120 months…and we’re currently at…104 months,” says Del referencing Chief Economist & Director of Research at The Texas A&M University Research Center, Dr. Mark G. Dotzour. This only prompts one question; how long will this one last? Using analysis of the national multifamily market, and it’s key performance indicators (including how single family is doing comparatively), Del drives at the heart of this very question. This is a must-listen Del Walmsley Radio Show discussion.

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(June 28, 2018) Why A Paradigm Shift Is Necessary For Your Real Estate Investing – Featuring LU Mentor, Charles Ho

Whether it was emigrating from Taiwan to become an American citizen or reinventing himself after losing a six-figure job, Charles learned the value of adapting his entire way of life to reach new levels of success, which set him up perfectly for life as a real estate investor.

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(June 27, 2018) How The Educated Real Estate Investor Navigates A Recession – Featuring LU Member, Jerry

Lifestyles Unlimited CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, & Member, Investor, & Real Estate Industry Professional, Jerry define and explore the scenario of an inverted yield curve as short term and long term interest rates move closer together. Necessary in any discussion of the inverted yield curve (put simply, short term interest rates surpassing long term interest rates) is the possibility of a recession. It’s here where the bigger discussion begins: how real estate investors navigate and even succeed in a recession.

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(June 26, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “From One Duplex To Financial Freedom” – Featuring LU Member, Gary

To understand how profound it is that Gary and Boyung have ended up in exactly the financial position they planned to be in 10 years prior, you’ll have to put yourself in their shoes, and there’s no better place to do that than here!

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(June 25, 2018) Give Up Your Ego & Find Yourself A Mentor

He learned it while reaching his physical peak for competitive body building and power lifting, and he learned it at his darkest hour fighting cancer while pursuing the complex hobby of model trains; “I do not believe you can fail your way to success.” In these pursuits and more, Del instead sees to power of successful mentors to change lives, and not failure for its own sake.

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(June 22, 2018) Lifestyles Discovery, The Retirement Savings Shortfall & U.S. Renting/Owning Price Differences – Featuring Program Creator Damon Janis

Today, Del brings Lifestyles Discovery Creator, Damon Janis, is back on the show for some new valuable insights into Lifestyles Unlimited®’s premiere comparative market analysis tool, Lifestyles Discovery. The number crunching doesn’t stop there as Del turns his gaze upon fresh statistics for retirement savings in America and the percentage difference in price between owning and renting in the U.S.

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(June 21, 2018) An Underdog Investor Story – Featuring LU Mentor, Kim McLean

One quick look at the conversational, carefree Kim McLean, now a proud owner of 5 multifamily apartment communities, and you might think that his story is one without hardship. But, this would be wrong, as you’ll find from his never-before-told underdog investor story.

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