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(September 05, 2019) Why You Should Be in Control of Your Retirement

Too many people hand over control of their investment strategies to financial planners, park their money in a mutual fund, or tout their 401(k)’s matching plan. All the while, a bigger question remains: what real action have they taken for their retirement? Al Gordon talks about how there are better results for those who take action in real estate investing and reclaim the responsibility of their retirement.

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(September 05, 2019) The Retirement Plan Nobody Else Will Tell You About

How does real estate investing stack up pound for pound against conventional retirement plans. Your financial planner won’t tell you, so Al Gordon will. Today, we cover the roadmap to retirement that nobody else will tell you about.

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(September 04, 2019) Multifamily Lending

Our Grand Sponsor for the Dallas Multifamily Masters Tour is the largest multifamily lender in the country. They’re also the largest small balance lender as well. Please welcome Jim Kirkpatrick of CBRE! Today, he and Del will talk about the finer points of loan structuring to match to any investment strategy. If you think you know all there is to know about multifamily lending, think again.

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(September 04, 2019) Multifamily Financing

Today, Al Gordon shares vital multifamily investment information that is not so readily available. In fact, it’s why many never even consider investing in apartments to be possible. It has to do with figuring out what the lending requirements even are for this type of investment and how to enter into a multifamily transaction in the first place. Al Gordon has you covered.

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(September 03, 2019) Why Real Estate Investing Is a Better Map to Financial Freedom

Ryan had greater returns in the last two years as an investor than the last 10 before that. See why he credits not only the vehicle of real estate investing, but also the Lifestyles Unlimited roadmap for using it, in attaining that success.

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(September 02, 2019) The History of Labor Day & the American Worker

Today, Mike Harrison reviews the history of Labor Day and dives into how the American worker works longer and harder today than their counterparts around the world. With less benefits, less vacation time, and longer work weeks, bleak retirement outcomes become particularly puzzling for this situation. This is front and center in Mike’s discussion.

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(September 02, 2019) Change Your Mindset This Labor Day

Many people are celebrating Labor Day today, but for successful real estate investors who have retired themselves, every day is Labor Day. Join Al Gordon for a glimpse into the “millionaire mindset” that has retired thousands of Lifestyles Unlimited members years ahead of schedule.

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(September 01, 2019) Equity Capture: One of the Five Ways Real Estate Makes Money

Andy Webb explains what equity capture is and explains how rehabbing houses is a good way to create this from of return from real estate investing.

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(August 31, 2019) Insurance for Real Estate Investors

Having spent 11 years as a vendor of the Lifestyles Unlimited Vendor Program, Brent Coleman of CNC Insurance is uniquely qualified in insuring any property for real estate investors. Follow along as Brent and Al Gordon discuss the insurance services most suited to your investing needs.

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(August 30, 2019) Wholesaling

Today, we cover wholesaling and how this differs from the Lifestyles Unlimited real estate investing model. Follow along as Al Gordon discusses an overview of this type of investing and what some of the major risks are.

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