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(November 08, 2017) Investing Without Debt Is Just Another Job

Learn why debt is a real estate investor’s favorite tool for building wealth. Then, Steve takes a brief look at corporate dependence, weighs stocks against real estate, and covers how banks view your rental real estate.

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(November 06, 2017) Can Success Lead To Unhappiness? Del Speaks Plainly About Navigating Life Crises

Today, Del launches into a multifaceted conversation about realigning oneself amidst life crises by uncovering one of his own. Don’t miss this heart-to-heart opportunity to get to know the man behind the microphone, and in the process, yet another map to move forward.

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(November 05, 2017) Your Sunday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

Steve starts us off talking about good debt (income-producing debt) and its difference from bad debt (consumer debt from credit cards, student loans, etc.). Then, Steve covers where to invest in Texas and what price range for rental homes is best.

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(November 04, 2017) Your Saturday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

First, see how Steve’s outlook on retirement changed over his working years. Then, Steve answers questions about 1031 exchanges, self-directed IRAs, property tax protesting and the idea of selling real estate only when it helps you buy more real estate.

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(November 03, 2017) Give Yourself Permission To Succeed

We open with one of Steve’s concepts, “give yourself permission to succeed:” selecting the most effective vehicle for achieving financial freedom. Other topics include: why we don’t believe in diversification, why we don’t pay for real estate in full, and filing for eviction.

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(November 03, 2017) A Larger Life That Is Yours For The Taking

In books, magazines, movies, conversations, news outlets, and even our schools and homes, the path of the modern man or woman can be seen plain as day: go to school, get a job, invest in stocks, IRA’s & 401k’s, and retire at an age where work and a flourishing life are no longer an option. Well, on Today’s LU podcast, Del Walmsley is here to tell you what is an option – a different map, a different path and a larger life that is yours for the taking.

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(November 02, 2017) Desire & Belief – Fuel For The Real Estate Investment Vehicle

As Steve highlights on this show, separate from what the deals tell us in the numbers, it’s what we tell ourselves (most especially in the form of desire and belief) that most affects our real estate investing success. Bringing the show to a close, two listeners call in perfectly echoing Steve’s points claiming a special type of desire that pushed them forward.

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(November 02, 2017) The Bayou City – World Series Champs & Exciting Multifamily News!

Concessions are disappearing, jobs are pouring in, post hurricane surge to apartment living could last up to 12 months at least, and our near term future a few years out looks very bright. There’s a lot on the table to discuss today about the Bayou City, including how Houston’s market cycles are fueling this investment climate, and Multifamily Mentor, Scott Van Nostrand is here with Del Walmsley to discuss it all.

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(November 01, 2017) How Lifestyles Unlimited Mentoring Is Shaping Real Estate Investing – Featuring LU Mentor Scott Van Nostrand

Scott is around the 60-day mark in his mentoring role here at Lifestyles Unlimited, and already he has guided three new lead/independent rental owner deals to close and he’s helped establish three new passive investments for our Houston members. Scott shares the impressive insights and analytical abilities he uses to make these gains happen. Then, we get a glimpse of the man himself and how mentoring is changing his picture too. Scott and Del close with a discussion of the Detroit market, the Cincinnati market and Houston.

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(November 01, 2017) Tenant Relations – With Special Coverage On Squatters

Steve’s focus for the first half of this show is tenant relations, specifically at the single family level. Of interest here are tenant retention techniques and the use of repair deductibles in your leases. Next, we get into proper screening protocols and red flags relating to serial squatters. Enjoy!

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