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(February 05, 2018) What The Real Estate Market Says About Our Current Economic Expansion

Many factors are fueling the apartment industry like never before, which has huge implications for our current economic expansion and what it means to invest in real estate in this day and age. While many economists are looking backward to determine when this expansion will end, Del instead looks to what the rental market is saying right now for that answer.

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(February 04, 2018) Your Sunday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag – Featuring 2-Day Presenter David Fisher

Starting off the show, 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar Presenter, David Fisher, briefly discusses leaving a legacy with real estate investing and explains our investment model. Then, we hit the phones to touch on hard money lending, cash-out refinances, and to hear the story of a Lifestyles Unlimited member who’s invested across the state of Texas.

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(February 02, 2018) How You See The Problem Is The Problem

Del confronts the root of all failures on this episode of The Del Walmsley Radio Show, perspective. Covering fitness, family, finances, personality types and more, he argues your “base assumption” has everything to do with your results.

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(February 01, 2018) How Lifestyles Unlimited Mentoring Is Shaping Real Estate Investing – Featuring LU Mentor Scott Van Nostrand

Scott shares the impressive insights and analytical abilities he used to help so many members at the start of his mentorship role at Lifestyles Unlimited. Then, we get a glimpse how mentoring is changing his life as well. Scott and Del close with a discussion of the Detroit market, the Cincinnati market and Houston.

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(January 31, 2018) Your Wednesday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

To start us off, Del explains the thought process behind one of his popular Delisms: “you can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have everything.” Then, he explains the Lifestyles Unlimited methodology for using leverage in real estate investing. Finally, we finish up talking about The New York Teamsters Pension Fund, and managing real estate assets in a divorce.

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(January 30, 2018) Goal Setting & Achievement – Featuring Special Guest: Ziglar Inc. CEO, Tom Ziglar

Beyond just his explanations of how to begin moving towards goals of all sizes, CEO of Ziglar, Inc., Tom Ziglar, has a general outlook on life that will perfectly set you up for the goal setting perspective. Join us for a conversation between two titans of goal setting and achievement, Del Walmsley and Tom Ziglar.

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(January 30, 2018) The System of Goal Setting & Achievement – Featuring Special Guest: Ziglar Inc. CEO, Tom Ziglar

Here, we continue our conversation of goal setting and achievement with Tom Ziglar and CEO/Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Del Walmsley. Adding a new layer to this discussion is the concept of the system of goal setting and achievement. “A system doesn’t care about your past, and it doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not. So, when you learn a system that’s proven out, that works every time, and then you do the work, you get the results.” – Tom Ziglar

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(January 29, 2018) The Play-to-Win Mentality Continued…

Del continues coverage of the play-to-win mentality, stressing that getting off the “sidelines” should be much more than a decision to get in the game, but to win it as well. Many important Delisms form the foundation of this show. Enjoy!

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(January 29, 2018) The Play-to-Win Mentality

Drawing on the recent performance of Houston sports teams, and his own experience retiring himself and others from corporate America, Del drives home that “playing to win” in life and playing to keep from losing are two very different things. To cap things off, Del delivers impressive data from the ALN 3rd Quarter Multifamily Occupancy & Rent Review to take action on! Here, we find various staggering rental growth rates for individual markets and the nation as a whole!

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(January 28, 2018) Accelerate & Redefine Your Retirement – Featuring 2-Day Presenter David Fisher

2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar Presenter, David Fisher, starts this show by redefining retirement, denouncing traditional retirement accounts, and explaining our model of real estate investing. Next, he tells a bit of his story before heading to the phones to answer questions on the 401k, whether your first home should be a primary residence or a rental, return on equity, preparing for a tenant move out, calculating after repaired value in flooded neighborhoods, and LLC’s for single family investing.

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