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(March 14, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Cutting The Corporate Cord” – Featuring LU Member Amy

Amy saw the signs from a young age that she had the passion to live a life of utmost financial control & financial independence. It was only later that she realized no common wealth generating tool could get her there. That’s when she did something radical and changed her life forever! Shake things up with this Tell Del!

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(March 13, 2017) Building A Pile of Money Vs. Building Streams of Income

Meet the McCoy’s, a family that accidentally derailed their savings plan too drastically in order to own a home. Now, they’ve found themselves as the central subjects of an article by Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company, as a case study for catching up to retirement. At 70 years of age, much of Northwestern’s retirement advice expressed on the McCoy’s behalf is at best naive, and at worst, ludicrous. Del, brings it back to reality.

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(March 10, 2017) Oil Prices & The Economy

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a pinch. Trust us, you’re still there and so is the economy. But, for everyone concerned about the state of the real estate market in the wake of dropping oil prices, Del Walmsley and John Ridgway will surely quell your fears by telling you how far the sky would truly have to fall before it touched the real estate investor. Enjoy some great back-and-forth between John and Del, Del’s analysis of various economic forecasts and even a vote by Del for another recession. Yes, there’s something for even a nihilist on this show, so jump right in and enjoy.

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(March 09, 2017) Taking Control of Retirement, Words From A Passive Income Panelist – Featuring LU Member Karen

Here, Del interviews one of our Passive Income Panelists and Preferred Investor Group Members, Karen, on the finer points of her and her husband’s passive investment development, which is firmly rooted in their desire to have more control in their retirement vehicle. Enjoy!

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(March 08, 2017) Introducing Grand Sponsor, AMP Lending & An Expo Walkthrough From LUI EVP, Lynn Murrow

Cutting edge, professional lenders are in many ways the linchpin of our real estate investing model. These individuals inform our financing, refinancing and overall portfolio strategies to push ourselves into new stratospheres of returns. Having won Vendor of The Year in 2015, AMP Lending carries with them a masterful array of tools to help members in qualifying for loans, in expertly financing their portfolios, and in staying abreast of changing lending guidelines. Here, Tony Leboeuf, Co-Founder & COO of AMP Lending, tells all. Next, Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, paints a surefire map through your Expo day, and shares a special promo in the process!

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(March 07, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Innovation In Rehabilitation” – Featuring LU Members Jerry & Sharon

The Lifestyles Unlimited real estate investment model was built to evolve, but it was also built for the investment in existing structures that fit the bill for single family or multifamily renting. It is with this model that real estate industry professionals, Jerry & Sharon, have filled out their portfolio with a post-hurricane property, geographic diversity and sheer innovative design, moving not just themselves and entire submarkets forward, but our entire program as well.

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(March 06, 2017) The Pickle Jars of Life – Keep The Minutia at Bay

Today, Del delves into an exercise of compartmentalization and life structuring. If you are a returning fan of the Del Walmsley Radio Show, this show drastically expands the Pickle Jar metaphor to account for a life of both evolving and growing needs. If you’re a new listener, this is your chance to better understand the minutia in your life and to overcome it!

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(March 03, 2017) The Black Swan Event Is Here

The type of growth experienced in the real estate market is an ever-pervading stimulus that is almost alive itself. Loan practices inform buying/renting power, which influences building activity and translates into widespread consumer spending, ultimately lifting entire cities from their humble beginnings. But, this in all its might is only what can be seen. Today, Del Walmsley has his eyes on what could not have possibly been predicted in a thousand years, and yet it is now here before us – the black swan event of real estate investing.

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(March 02, 2017) The Passive Life – Featuring LU Member Mike

This is the passive investor life like you would not believe. Imagine investing $80,000 into a multifamily project and getting 140% of your money back only to continue investing in the project with a 23% cash on cash return. Imagine further that even after a dip in the price of oil, you still make off with a 15% cash on cash return. Lastly, take into consideration that you did virtually nothing at all for those returns. Now, replicate that success by and large 18 more times. You are now just barely glimpsing the life of Mike and Paige.

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(March 01, 2017) Expo Insider & The Introduction of Grand Sponsor, PPG Paints

On this podcast, 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar Presenter, David Fisher, sits in for Del Walmsley to break down your roadmap through this year’s Wealth & Passive Income Expo after delving into the world of paint with one of our grand sponsors for this upcoming event, PPG Paints.

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