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(July 13, 2017) How A Mom Became A Millionaire With Real Estate In Under Three Years – Featuring LU Member Tricia

What you will hear in this podcast is how a mother of four went from two single family rent homes without an investment road map to investing across state lines in four homes and one apartment complex, a feat that thrusted her into a league of women increasingly becoming millionaires with real estate. Special host, David Fisher, joins her in the telling of her groundbreaking story.

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(July 12, 2017) Retired By One Transaction – Featuring Special Host David Fisher & LU Member Brian

Upon graduating college, Brian’s father impressed upon him the importance of putting his money into real estate instead of chasing girls and drinking beer. The humor was not lost on Brian, but neither was the idea. Having spent countless childhood hours watching his father work with lease contracts, interface with tenants and build the business, the question was not why invest in real estate; it was why not? Little did they both know that this path would lead Brian to an investment deal so promising, he would never have to work again.

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(July 12, 2017) Safeguard Your Credit & Hard Money Loans

“Guess what is 80% of real estate investing…your credit,” says Steve to start his first topic of the day. Of particular interest here is a credit/income history problem some self-employed individuals run into when they decide to invest in real estate. Then, after getting a young college student a stellar summer reading list for real estate investing, Steve tackles why we use the hard money loan; why hard money loans are not necessary for multifamily; and with the help of his mentor Del Walmsley, protects a listener who’s about to get stuck in a hard money loan.

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(July 11, 2017) An Effective System Is An Effective Business

Del Walmsley is an owner of 11 different businesses, which may not surprise the investors, entrepreneurs and colleagues he has come to meet over the years. But, what may surprise them is his dedication of an entire radio show to addressing their decline. Now, let us reassure any LU members who may be doing a double take at this very moment. Business is a booming! Still, there is never a moment where an entrepreneur, or an investor for that matter, is not tested by the entropy of their business structure. As Del implies on this podcast, this is not a time to rethink your business as a whole, but instead your systems in place.

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(July 10, 2017) The 5-Step Plan For Radical Disruptive Change

It’s time to start thinking big. But, how big? It’s time to make serious changes. But, to what degree? Today is the day to disrupt absolutely everything! But, why!? All of these questions are important if you are truly going to disrupt the cycle of normal incremental change with something radical. Without them, you will never truly have an effect on the status quo. Today, Del Walmsley delivers a 5-step plan born from the paradigm shifts of his life to get you there.

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(July 09, 2017) The Lifestyles Unlimited Single Family Business Model

Today, Steve covers the finer points of “Best Product, Best Price,” our business model for investing in real estate. Specifically, he focuses on single family investments and the correct way to rehab them. Throughout the show, listeners call in for advice on rental properties and primary residences alike. Lastly, a listener works up the courage to call in about a tenant who routinely misses pay day on the first.

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(July 07, 2017) Learning From The Successful & Why 401ks & IRAs Are Epic Fails For America

Among other things, Steve breaks down a piece of his past to frame up why success is imperative for any mentor of yours to have, whether they’re family, friends, peers…whoever. If they don’t have success in what you’re talking about, they don’t have your map to get there. Then, Steve engages in a live email conversation with a listener trying to convince his wife of the failures of 401ks and IRAs. Lastly, Steve talks with a teacher who’s trying find something better than his Teaching Retirement System of Texas pension plan.

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(July 07, 2017) Actual Retirement Vs. Paying Into The Retirement Industry

The total retirement assets of the U.S. citizenry is in the trillions. This means that at the same time you’re looking for the best retirement option out there, the industry itself, in all its governmental systems, 401k’s, IRA’s, financial advisory firms, etc., is looking at you. You’re the meal ticket. “We should be saving more,” the industry says…naturally. Del has a different message entirely.

(July 06, 2017) Always Ask Your Real Estate Investing Question

“There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to real estate investing,” stresses Steve as he begins today’s show covering a crucial email question to save a listener from an unnecessary investment step. There is “underlying information,” he goes on to say, that you just may not know. Using this as the heart of his show, he goes on to cover questions on background checks, the power of leverage, handling inessential tenant requests to visit the property and getting started with our program.

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(July 06, 2017) Benchmarking To Build Your Real Estate Investments – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Del Walmsley and Houston Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, talk about different ways to benchmark real estate investments to grow wealth, and more importantly, net-worth more effectively. Additionally, they talk about their personal motivations for staying sharp in investing and in investment education/mentorship. In the process, they also touch on the harsh realities of retirement today, using a balance sheet to grow financially, and guiding your family to operate as a home office.

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