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(January 05, 2019) Coming Full Circle With Lifestyles Unlimited – Featuring LU Member, Jason

Jason is a long-time listener to the Lifestyles Unlimited podcasts whose first learning experience was member-interview shows like the one he’s participating in today! Learn how he came full circle from listener to member, having now fully explored Lifestyles Unlimited’s entire investment model. Leading this discussion is his friend and Host, Michael Soulek.

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(January 04, 2019) Follow Andrew To Success – Featuring Host, Michael Soulek

Wonder what Lifestyles Unlimited Founder/CEO, Del Walmsley, and Famous American Industrialist, Andrew Carnegie have in common? There’s more than meets the eye as to why Del Walmsley chose real estate as his vehicle for financial freedom! Host, Michael Soulek explains this and more on today’s Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show.

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(January 04, 2019) Goal Setting Gone Wrong, “Dead Equity” & The Top 10 Markets For Long-Term Investing

First, Del has a message for an amateur goal-setting guru. Then, he shifts to express the need for income-producing assets in your portfolio and why “dead equity” (a paid off home for example) does virtually nothing to benefit you. Lastly, Del explores an article listing the top 10 markets for long-term real estate investing, and why this is the case.

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(January 03, 2019) Truth, or Dare to Be Successful

As Host, Michael Soulek explains on this show, much of the truth behind today’s retirement vehicles is grim, so if you want to get better results out of the next five years of your life, you’ll have to dare to do something different than the last five. Every Lifestyles Unlimited member makes this choice to be successful. Now, Michael will walk you through how.

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(January 03, 2018) An Underdog Investor Story – Featuring LU Mentor, Kim McLean

One quick look at the conversational, carefree Kim McLean, now a proud owner of 5 multifamily apartment communities, and you might think that his story is one without hardship. But, this would be wrong, as you’ll find from his never-before-told underdog investor story.

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(January 02, 2019) Lifestyles Unlimited Investment Model Perfect For High-Tax Environment of California

Calling it the “paradise tax,” Lifestyles Unlimited Member and Ambassador, Steve is no stranger to the burdensome taxes of California. But, having invested in 9 apartments and four single family homes as a member, he’s also no stranger to how dramatically the Lifestyles Unlimited real estate model can help. This podcast is about one of our fastest growing member-groups in the country, in Southern California, and one of its most important ambassadors.

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(January 01, 2019) Chunking – A Simple Way To Build Wealth & Become Financially Free

If retirement is not defined by age, but instead by covering your bills, then the goal is not to retire when you turn 65. It’s to retire as soon as passive streams of income cover all of your bills. Executive Vice President and Radio Host, Lynn Murrow, shares more about this revolutionary process and how to break it down into bite-sized “chunks.”

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(December 31, 2018) The Investment Snowball – Featuring LU EVP, Lynn Murrow

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow provides listeners with a special introduction to the Lifestyles Unlimited model of investing, complete with steps for saving towards your first income-producing property (getting the investment snowball working for you)! Also, learn the five reasons we choose real estate over any other investment vehicle, and stay tuned to the end for Lynn’s top three tips for starting your real estate investing business.

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(December 31, 2018) Getting The “Big Rocks” Right

On this show, Del revisits an important analogy regarding how to plan your life effectively. As part of this, he examines the field of private practice dentistry and the process of protecting credit to drive his life-planning point home.

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(December 29, 2018) 3 Ways to Leverage Your Real Estate Investing- Featuring Lorie Fontenot

Single Family Mentor and Radio Host, Lorie Fontenot shares 3 ways leverage frees up your time and resources when investing in real estate.

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