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(May 13, 2019) The Stock Market Versus Residential Real Estate

You can “enjoy” the roller coaster ride of the stock market (over which you have no control) or you can invest in tangible assets like real estate where you have the ability to negotiate price, control the asset, and reposition the asset so that it makes money. Did you know that residential real estate investments make you money in five different ways? In contrast, the stock market only makes you money one way. With today’s market volatility, Al Gordon is here to tell you that you should seriously consider investing in real estate.

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(May 12, 2019) Stay-At-Home Mom Turned Real Estate Investor – Featuring LU Member, Tricia M.

No story breaks the conventional mold of society like this one. Tricia M., a stay-at-home mom of four with no college degree, did the unimaginable with real estate, and today she tells Host, Lorie Bass all about it! Don’t. Miss. This. Episode.

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(May 11, 2019) Pay Off Student Loans by Investing in Real Estate

Over 44 million people have student loan debt totaling $1.5 trillion! Student debt doesn’t have to delay your financial goals, though. Andy Webb, the host of today’s show, has a radical solution to the student debt problem. If you have student debt and you’re a homeowner with equity in your home, consider using a cash-out refinance loan to pull the equity out of your home as cash. Use that cash not to pay down your student loan debt as many might be tempted to do. Instead, buy single family rental houses and use the cash flow from the rental houses to pay down the student loan debt. When the student loan debt is gone, you ‘ll still have cash flow from the rental houses and you have multiple houses that are growing in equity.

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(May 10, 2019) The Do-It-Yourself Fallacy

“How do you get yourself into a situation where you don’t even know what you don’t know? Well, that’s every new thing you ever tackle in life,” says Del illustrating the importance of mentorship and education from people who do. On this show, Del Walmsley tackles the DIY life, bringing front and center the problems associated with this approach to success, namely that most end up nowhere near where they planned.

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(May 09, 2019) Who is in Control of Your Money?

Take a moment to seriously consider who is in control of your money. You may control the money in your checking and savings accounts, but let’s consider the money in your 401(k). You are not in control of your 401(k) money. It is subject to the volatility of the stock market. On today’s show, Al Gordon explains why investing in residential real estate gives you more control over your investment dollars than those dollars that are invested in a 401(k).

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(May 09, 2019) Use Real Estate to Join the Top 10% of U.S. Income Earners

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the threshold for the top 10% of U.S. income earners in 2017 was $118,400. You may have just mentally assessed how you might get to this number by trading more of your time or by making investments that really only earn money one way. According to Michael Soulek, both of these ideas miss the point of what you need to do to hit this level of income. Today, we explore the third option: finding investment vehicles like real estate that earn money multiple ways and that give you back more of the time in your life.

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(May 08, 2019) How to Save & Invest in Real Estate

No matter your income level, you can invest in residential real estate. On today’s show, Al Gordon shares 10-year plans for setting aside savings and buying rental houses or becoming a passive investor in multifamily deals. Whether your income is $50,000 or $150,000 it can be done! The Lifestyles Unlimited map will show you the way.

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(May 08, 2019) The Retirement Do-Over

One of the great things about an investment model that can retire you in five years or less is that it can help you if you need a retirement do-over. Today, Michael Soulek has a roadmap for those who’ve woken up to retirement plans that have gotten off track. Join in as he shows you how, with Lifestyles Unlimited tools, to purchase a single family rental home and start your do-over today.

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(May 07, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Buy The Rental Home First” – Featuring LU Members, Corey & Candice

Corey and Candice were engaged when they came across Lifestyles Unlimited, and as it turns out, they closed, rehabbed, leased, and refinanced their first single family rental property in the months leading up to their wedding… ahead of buying a primary residence for themselves. But, when you look at where they are now, just five years after joining, you might do the same.

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(May 06, 2019) Your Retirement Plans

What are your plans for retirement? Are you setting aside savings in an investment program like a 401(k), IRA, TSP, etc? Did you know that, after working 30-40 years, most people wish they had set aside more savings? Al Gordon is here to tell you that you don’t have to be like most people. You don’t have to depend on 401(k)s, IRAs, and pensions for your retirement. Real estate investments belong to an asset class that makes you money in five different ways so that you can replace your earned income with passive income and retire at an age and time of your choosing.

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