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(September 09, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Reluctant Millionare

“Why is such a high percentage of Lifestyles members becoming very successful even among and above millionaire status,” Del asks himself. One percent of Americans are millionaires in the U.S. and Del estimates around 20% of Lifestyle members started off as millionaires or became millionaires after joining Lifestyles Unlimited®. For a couple out in San Francisco, their investments have proved to be a success for them. However, they feel stuck and don’t know where to go from there. They have all the means necessary to increase their investments into something greater that can potentially duplicate their net-worth, but what they don’t have is the knowledge or the team to do so correctly. They need a team that will guide them through every step of the process, offer them the best counsel, and make available any piece of information they might need accessible 24/7. This couple has chosen Lifesyles Unlimited to be that team for them and to help them trade in their good life for a great life!
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(September 09, 2014) Del Walmsley: Issues Dealing With Real Estate

There are four topics Del Walmsley discusses in full detail about the issues of the real estate market. Del also loves advising and encouraging his listener to get over the fear and take the right steps to achieve the lifestyles they desire. For one of his listeners, Del does just that; he advises him to move out of his comfort zone and invest in multifamily which will provide a much higher rate of return than the one he his receiving from the condos he’s invested in. Furthermore, he touches on the consequences of making bad decisions with your IRAs, business related income taxes with IRAs, quantitative ezz, inflation, and asset acceleration. As Del predicted in the past two years during in his state of the economy address, flipping houses was going to be a lost art and wholesaling was going to be dead in the future. Del shares the material he gathered which verifies his predictions are not far-fetched.

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(September 08, 2014) Del Walmsley: “The Chink In The Armor Syndrome”

There are two different types of questions in life. There are those that seek further information for the purpose to build knowledge and those that seek to exploit what Del Walmsley calls the “chink in the armor.” In this show Del decides to discuss the latter questions and the role they play in his time spent as an LU educator, but furthermore, he decides to play ball. Yes, you guessed it, today Del is going to go where no Real Estate Investment Educator has ever gone before. He is going to answer every single negative question about RE investment that he can think of and give it the retort it never saw coming, proving quite confidently that LU armor wasn’t made to break.

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(September 08, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Art Form of Holding Back

Fresh from last weekend’s 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar, Del Walmsley paints a picture of how some individuals initially visualize their new path to success and the obstacles in it. Introducing the “what if” scenario and what it can do to someone who is working to change their life before they ever start. So, today’s interesting topic has more to do with the art form of how people hold themselves back rather than that of those who push themselves forward.

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(September 04, 2014) John Ridgway: Shares His Story Before Becoming an Investor

John Ridgway wholeheartedly shares the struggles he faced before becoming a real estate investor and finding Lifestyles Unlimited® with his listeners today: he talks about the many sleepless nights he had thinking about his corporate job and how he depended entirely on that income to provide for a family, knowing that no job is ever secure or guaranteed. He also enlightens his listeners by describing the many avenues available for an investor trying to refinance their single family properties in the real estate market like cash out refinance or blanket loans. Tune in to listen to John Ridgway elaborate on 1031 Exchanges, commercial loans, bank loans, amortization schedules, due diligence periods on multifamily properties, and the advantages between single family and multifamily financing.

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(September 03, 2014) Del Walmsley: Two Stories, Two Outcomes, One Important Decision

Today’s show focuses on two stories that start from the same place- tuning in to the Lifestyles Unlimited® Radio Show. But, one listener was not nearly as fortunate as the other. Apparently, what he feared the most was the loss of his financial security. But, after 7 years of merely listening to the show, this is still the one thing he can’t seem to find enough of. However, we at Lifestyles Unlimited® are not here to highlight what he lost, but rather to pinpoint what he could have gained. That being said, the message resides in these stories as a pair. So, give them both a listen and understand the impact of your decisions no matter where you are in life. After all, we can tell you where to start your path to financial success and we can even tell you where to go from there, but it comes down to you to take that essential first step.

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(September 03, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Power Of Perspective

On this show, Del encounters two entirely different circumstances for two equally capable listeners to the show. In one circumstance a gentleman and his mother make quick work of our single family investment model. In the other, an individual places more roadblocks in his way towards investing than he removes, ultimately putting off investing for seven years. Perspective is everything. To close the show, Del gives an important forecast for interest rates.

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(September 02, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Irony of Labor Day

During this show, Del contends with the idea of Labor Day and he analyzes a Forbes article entitled, “How Quickly Will You Reach Your First Million Dollars,” against the backdrop of his successful life and the success of members at Lifestyles Unlimited®.

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(September 02, 2014) Del Walmsley: The American Reality

Del Walmsley shares his perspective on what Labor Day really signifies. Then, he targets a Forbes article that is rich with misinformation about becoming a millionaire in today’s American society.

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(August 28, 2014) John Ridgway: Finding the Right Path That Will Lead You To Financial Freedom

The analogy John Ridgway uses to describe how the single family model works in Real Estate investing is that of crawfish: “you can get a full meal out of it, but it’s a little piece at a time and it takes a lot of work.” He explains how the economies of scales work with multi-family investing and which investment path would benefit you the most, whether you have more than $50,000 (multi family) or less than $50,000 (single family) saved up. He also shares with his listeners his 401K story of how this ineffective savings program was taking more out of his income than he would have liked and how he set out to find another path for his future retirement. Furthermore, John answers his callers questions about Real Estate investing: how VA loans are not available for multi family, multi family water heaters for units, and the benefit of doing your due diligence before purchasing your property.

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