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(January 21, 2015) Del Walmsley: Addressing The Elephant & The Donkey In The Room

A political platform is built on promises – promises to political committees, promises to the constituency, promises to lobbyists, promises to fellow politicians and the list goes on and on… But, to think that you yourself ever truly enter into this equation would be foolish. In last night’s State of The Union Address, many promises were made, but the truth never surfaced – no matter what is promised politically, you are responsible for yourself. Here at Lifestyles Unlimited®, we break free from ulterior promises with passive streams of income, and in so doing, we invest in self-sustaining individual mobility, so that the only promises we listen to and follow through with, are the ones we make for our fellow investors and for ourselves. We are people helping people.

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(January 20, 2015) Del Walmsley: Warning Signs For Stock Investors In The New Year

Even the most successful stock investors can lose a mountain of money in one year, and even the most conservative can lose their earnings in one unexpected market crash. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you invested in one of the essentials of life and saved yourself all the hassle? By investing in something far older than companies and their profits, (or there lack of) such as shelter and the land that comes with it, we are ensuring our success in the up and especially in the down market. On this LU podcast, Del Walmsley shares many articles that forecast trouble for the stock market in 2015, but these forecasts do not provide anything new in our minds, as we’ve seen the writing on the wall for a long, long time.

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(January 20, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: The Writing On The Wall Street

When it comes to investing, numbers will always speak louder than words. For starters, according to Del Walmsley,  5 articles written in the last 3 or 4 days are all forecasting grim times to come in the stock market. Not big enough? Mark Spitznagel, who is known for his hugely profitable bet on the  stock market crash of 2008, believes that “it’s only a matter of time before the stock market plunges 50% or more.” Looking for more? The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center, which is known for its prediction of the 29′ crash, is estimating a 65% chance of a global recession this year that would negatively affect the U.S. market. The business of where you put your money is yours and yours alone. That being said, it’s not always about what you invest in that counts, but also what you pull out and when. Del is here on this podcast to tell you that (when investing correctly) real estate investors never approach these situations with bated breath and neither should you.

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(January 19, 2015) Del Walmsley: The Power of Poor Decision Making

Life does not have it out for you. There is no target painted on your back. You are the sole driver of success or failure in your life and to believe anything else would be to give up control of the most important tool you have – the power of decision making. Life is a series of forks in the road, as we see it, because (let’s face it) we spend all of our time standing at one with an LU sign that says “turn here!” But, we weren’t always here. Had it not been for the pursuit of the right “turns” and the right type of thinking, we would have never made it to where we are today. Understand the power of poor decisions with this LU podcast and you’ll understand how to take your life from bad to good, and from good to great!

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(January 16, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: An Analysis of The Oil Industry Layoffs – Don’t Let Your Job Dictate Your Future

“The Gravy Train Has Derailed For Oil Workers Laid Off In Slump” reads the headline, as Del Walmsley begins his analysis of the 5 page article of focus on this podcast. But, what you might assume would be an article filled with an objective breakdown of the oil layoff situation as a whole, is really just the hashing out of countless stories that are the oldest in the book – the loss of a job, the lack of a plan without it and the void of desperation that follows. For many people, the job stops without a care in the world of your plan to succeed with it. This is the show for those who look to preempt devastating job loss with a life that is infinitely cushioned from it.

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(January 15, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with Special Guest, John Ridgway: The Debut of The Annual Multi Family Road Trip & A Look At The Case Studies For The LU EXPO!

Unfortunately, all of the seats for the LU Annual Multi Family Road Trip have been reserved. But, this is a listen that you will surely appreciate regardless. On this podcast, John Ridgway shares his insights into this first-of-its-kind bus tour. Also, as the coordinator of multiple case studies at the upcoming LU EXPO, John prefaces your educational experience to come by touching on some of the key take-away points from each presentation. Finally, John discusses many of the familial nuances of investing in real estate.

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(January 14, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The 2015 Lifestyles Unlimited® Wealth & Passive Income EXPO

The supremely interesting thing about the LU EXPO is that CEO and Founder, Del Walmsley, is as much an attendee to this event as he is the host. In fact, while you’re there, tug his ear with an REI question of your own and he’ll likely respond with a pamphlet’s worth of information. But, other than seeing your face at this event, it is of utmost importance to him to share with you a privileged look into the biggest real estate investing event of the year. Why? As always, your success is in life is tremendously important, but so is your map for getting there.

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(January 14, 2015) Del Walmsley: Rolling Out The Red Carpet For The 2015 Lifestyles Unlimited® Wealth & Passive Income EXPO

Looking from the outside in, one might think that the LU Wealth & Passive Income EXPO is simply a gigantic venue where we amp up our business like never before. The interesting thing is that you would actually be right. The truth is we are promoting our business because our business is, and always has been, LU member success! So, tell us this, is it bad that we throw them the biggest educational networking bash ever!? Here’s the kicker too. It’s not just for us and our friends, but for you and yours as well. Listen in as Del tells all about what’s in store for you come January 31st!

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(January 13, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: It’s Not About The System, It’s About The People Who Use It

The very day when Lifestyles Unlimited® stops helping people, is the very day when we cease to be relevant in the investing field. But, with a versatile business model that works for a wide variety of people, it’s hard to tell when or even if that day will ever come. If you think about it, we have to continuously give ourselves one of the harshest evaluations one could possibly imagine, and that is to determine whether absolutely anyone who walks through our doors can build a better life in 5 years or less. In this way, we avoid praising a broken system that disappoints far fewer people than it helps . Be sure to hear Del Walmsey’s argument for the people right here in this episode of The Del Walmsley Radio Show.

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(January 13, 2015) Del Walmsley: Challenge Accepted… Gladly

In the opening moments of this show, Del Walmsley mentions that he has been drawn into a debate. After stating what the email is about, it is all of a sudden very clear that there can be no backing down from this invitation. We would never have believed it to be so, but yes, someone actually personally challenges Del’s opinion of the IRA and the 401k right here on this LU podcast. This is a can of worms you won’t want to miss!

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