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(October 29, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: What Financial Planners Can’t Teach You and What Del Walmsley Can

Is your income enough to live off of every month? Have you been wanting to buy a new car for the past year but can’t seem to earn enough money to give yourself that luxury? Would you like to own a home someday, but know that at the rate your saving up money that will probably take longer than you imagine? Have you gone to see a financial planner and realize that they can’t help you fix your problems? Don’t worry you are not alone in this. These are common problems most middle class people are facing today. Something needs to change in order for you to better your financial situtation because if you don’t chances are you’ll be living off of nothing once you try to retire. Del is here to share with you the secret to what financial planners can’t figure out for you, so tune in now!

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(October 28, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with Gene Trowbridge: Real Estate Investment Syndications

Ever wondered how it’s possible for a group of investors to combine their capital in order to purchase a piece of real estate successfully? What legal actions does one need to take? Well, here to explain the usage of syndications and securities in real estate investing is Professional Real Estate Investor & Syndication Lawyer, Gene Trowbridge. Alongside Del Walmsley, Gene will elaborate on a variety of very important topics that an investor needs to know going into his/her syndication deals. Don’t miss the scoop of the day!

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(October 28, 2014) Del Walmsley & Gene Trowbridge: The Proper Usage of Real Estate Investment Syndications

When it comes down to bringing together a group of investors and their money to purchase lucrative real estate deals, there are a lot more important questions that must be answered than you might think. In fact, this show brought up so many in-depth answers to those questions that it becomes quite hard to sum up such a broadcast in so few words. However, we can say that syndications are one of the most important tools used in real estate investment today. For individuals with little to no money to invest, these structures can make all the difference. But, there are a myriad of ways that they can be applied to the field of real estate investment, and as such, there is a lot that can be learned about their various applications and of the legality surrounding them. Here to explain all of this and more is our honored guest, Real Estate Investor & Syndication Lawyer, Gene Trowbridge. This is an LU Podcast you won’t want to miss!

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(October 27, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Where You Live Translates Into The Lifestyle You Can Build

If you’re looking to build a lifestyle from real estate investment, well then you’re in luck. With a budget as low as 26 or even k, you can start the real estate investment business of your dreams. That being said, the properties you invest in are a product of your actual environment, not some arbitrary set of rules. This is one of the key reasons that you can benefit from this investment tool no matter what high or low market fluctuations you may face. But, this is also a key reason for setting up said business in a city where the political, societal & governmental factors can not only support, but reinforce the strength of your real estate investment career. Welcome to an LU podcast that will introduce you to yet another facet of the clockwork behind successful RE investing, and will in turn give you a guide to seeking out opportunities that were made to last for generations.

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(October 27, 2014) Del Walmsley & Robert Martinez: How A Moment Can Make Magnificent Change

For LU member, Robert Martinez, it all started with the realization that a major element of his sales career was out of his control. The very bread and butter of his job, his commissions, would be jostled with and tinkered with time and time again without his consent. So, just like that, his power had been lost. But, in another way entirely, soo much power had been gained – encapsulated in this realization was the ability to act on his new knowledge in order to craft a new, better life. Let this show be a guiding light for anyone searching for power within themselves in the serious moments they face each day and let it be known that they don’t define you, you define them.

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(October 24, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Robert Martinez Shares His Personal Lifestyles Unlimited® Experience

At this point, Robert Martinez is no stranger to the world of real estate investing. He’s been doing it, very successfully I might add, ever since he joined Lifestyles Unlimited® Inc. in 2007. One prosperous deal after the next, he’s been able to create for himself and his family a better life than he ever imagined possible happening with his old corporate job, which he left behind after seeing what Lifestyles Unlimited® was all about. Now, he’s one of the top investors Lifestyles Unlimited® has ever seen. He’s won countless of awards & recognition for himself and his management company, Rockstar. Not only that, but members from his staff have also received awards for their hard-work and dedication to their trade. To get an idea of who this veteran investor is and how he got started with Lifestyles Unlimited®, check this show out for the benefit of your financial future!

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(October 23, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Del Walmsley & John Ridgway Talk Multifamily

John Ridgway joins Del Walmsley on the radio today, all the way from New Orleans! Today, they will talk about how their brilliant marketing strategy to get one of their multifamily properties rented quickly got them in a little bit of a pickle with the law. The outcome however was exactly what they wanted. Tune in to hear this story!

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(October 22, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: There’s Nothing to Fear

Fear is a feeling all too common in everyone. It has been present in our lives since childhood. Sometimes experiencing fear can be healthy for us and other times it can be detrimental to our well-being. It affects us in many different ways that we are unconsciously unaware about. It has the power to stop us from achieving our goals and living a great life. Del is here to discuss those fears with you and to share how one brave caller overcame his.

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(October 22, 2014) Del Walmsley: Would You Act On Your Knowledge?

Welcome to a large chunk of the country that is truly between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, this group knows no better strategies than to leverage their money as best they can in 401k’s, IRA’s, the stock market, cd’s etc. But, in all of these situations, your money only has high growth and high risk, low growth and low risk, or sometimes, low growth and high risk. On the other hand, these individuals struggle with their unbridled fear of something they cannot define – the “unattainable” low-risk-high-growth sweet spot. So basically, the point Del Walmsley addresses for all of his listeners on today’s podcast is simply this; there are two things many of you likely don’t understand: the fear that holds you back from investing in real estate and how any group of people can have such an impeccable rate of success. So, let LU pose this question to you. If you could attain the answer to both of these questions, would you act on it?

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(October 21, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Del’s Three Rules to Investing in Real Estate Successfully

Check out Del Walmsley explain on the show today how his three rules to investing in real estate successfully came about in the course of 25 years! Del’s countless years of experience investing in real estate has helped him grow into a wiser investor. He’s been sharing that wisdom with not only his Lifestyles members and mentors, but with everyone around him. All that Del has learned over the years comes down to three simple yet effective rules, that anyone interested in investing should follow, if they want to become successful investors. At Lifestyles Unlimited®, everyone has heard Del share his three rules to investing at some point in time; but now is your opportunity as a listener to hear it straight from the man who came up with notorious rules. The one and only Del Walmsley, President and Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® You don’t want to miss this show folks!

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