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(April 22, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with LU Member, Rupa K: “Tell Del Tuesday” – A Search For Fulfillment

For starters, you are not crazy and you are not witnessing evidence of the first double Tuesday event in human history. Del Walmsley’s weekly interview segment was simply bumped to Wednesday this week and now he is here to introduce you all to Rupa! Rupa is a Dallas member of ours whose exact words were “I never in a million years thought that I would be investing in real estate.” But, now she is…and she’s making a killing doing it! That said, her situation begs the question; then, how did you get involved? Well, it all has to do with her life’s search for fulfillment.

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(April 20, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: A Turn For The Worst For The 401k & A Review of The Top Housing Markets In 2015

With more than 15 trillion dollars in the defined contribution/benefit market, the 401k is becoming more and more of a target for private equity firms. As a result, higher investment risks and increased fees are on the horizon for this retirement account with an already loose foundation. Meanwhile, apartment demand is up in many markets across the U.S. in the opening months of 2015 and Del Walmsley is here to break down the top five for you one by one!

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(April 20, 2015) Del Walmsley: Does The Risk Outweigh The Reward?

Built into the framework of current 401k’s, 403b’s etc. are overindulgent fees and risky investments that do more to snag unassuming investors than to serve them. Conversely, real estate investing is more transparent than ever and it is easy to see your way to higher and higher returns with fewer setbacks. In fact, you can witness the strength of your investments in plain sight, and on this podcast, Del Walmsley has his eyes wide open, as he takes you on a tour through the top five booming housing markets of 2015. In so doing, Del poses a simple but important question to all listeners; does the risk outweigh the reward?

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(April 17, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Retirement Is A Lifestyle Choice

So many plans for retirement hinge on one or a few overall tactics. Maybe, someone pairs living below their means with a 401k. Maybe, they toy around with risky stock portfolios while diligently investing 20% of their monthly income in a Roth IRA. Maybe, every last dime is saved for a life to be lived way down the road. But, these techniques fail where another has succeeded; they are not a part of your life. At Lifestyles Unlimited®, we offer an educational retirement model that invites an open conversation of your finances, that encourages an equal blend of saving/spending, and that multiplies passive streams of wealth year after year. In short, retirement is not something planned, it is something lived.

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(April 16, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with Special Guest, John Ridgway: Wealth & The Game Plan To Go With It

For many, it may seem that attaining a large sum of money is the final step in an array of action steps. We would argue instead that while it is an important step, there are many more steps that follow from here. In reality, the life of the wealthy is a well-balanced diet of ideas, practices and perspectives that expand well beyond the financial gain itself. On this LU podcast, Del Walmsley and John Ridgway explain the game plan that should accompany anyone on the road to financial freedom.

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(April 15, 2015) Del Walmsley: Challenging Conventional Practices To Build Unconventional Wisdom

What worked for Robin Hood may not work for the entirety of an actual society. But, that is up to each of us to decide, as each of us pays for the privilege to work in the United States. It is because of this that Del Walmsley has decided to take up this topic on the LU radio show. Here he can fine tune his philosophy with the thoughts of a phenomenal listener base that cares more than most about where their hard-earned dollar goes.

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(April 15, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: National Stick-Your-Hand-In-My-Pocket Day

The deadline has finally arrived to pay the government for your hard work! But, don’t be entirely distraught, Del Walmsley actually made enough money from helping so many people turn their lives around this year that the IRS is going to take some of his money too! But seriously, putting all false enthusiasm aside, Del redefines this day of days, stages a peaceful protest and gives the government a piece of his mind all in the same podcast. Enjoy!

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(April 14, 2015) Del Walmsley with LU Member, Ira G: Putting One Accelerated Footstep In Front of Another

Instant gratification, overnight success, something for nothing…What all of these phrases imply is that success has nothing to do with the individual and everything to do with the circumstance. If there is anything Ira’s story tell’s us, it is that success has everything to do with the person. That said, to say that Ira did not find some sort of fast track upon joining Lifestyles Unlimited® would be quite misleading indeed – “Within two years, I learned what it would take ten years to learn…by going to work everyday.” (Ira G.)

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(April 14, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with LU Member, Ira G: “Tell Del Tuesday” – A Pause That Was Worth A Life of Success

Being a member of Lifestyles Unlimited® is all about searching through your deepest desires to find out if you have what it takes to move beyond everything that you have ever known. Sure, some members know more about real estate than others upon walking through our doors, but in the end the task remains the same – take the step or don’t. In Ira’s case, it is staggering to think that so many amazing accomplishments at one point hinged, quite literally, on the winds of change.

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(April 10, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Time Is Money

We don’t have to explain to you the preciousness of your moments on earth. This is why when hearing about an investment strategy that has the caveat of waiting 60 – 100 years to benefit, we don’t have to tell you that this investment gives you nothing. Just last night, Del Walmsley and two Lifestyles Unlimited® offices showed a packed seminar room full of people how several Lifestyles Unlimited® members are making more-than-sustainable investment returns right now, and we do this every. single. month. So, if you are in the business of making the investment of a lifetime instead of holding it for a lifetime, then we highly recommend this podcast.

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