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(July 18, 2019) The Financial Planning Industry Crumbles from Within

Today, Del dedicates most of the show to highlighting the rampant misconduct and malpractice plaguing the financial planning industry, most of which occurs with impunity.

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(July 17, 2019) The Common Fears Holding You Back from Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investing is a psychological process like anything else. But, unlike other things in your life like, for example, getting a job, there’s no social conditioning pushing you forward. There’s just you. Still, it’s our life and psychological fears shouldn’t bend us to their will. It should be the other way around. Today, we explore some of most common fears holding back new investors and what they can do to overcome them.

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(July 17, 2019) The Political Landscape Shaping Business & Real Estate Investing

Red or blue, conservative or liberal, it’s tough not to notice the mass exodus of residents from two of the most populous states in the country, New York and California. Specifically, the loss of Californians and businesses in California to Texas has thrown the gauntlet for groups on both sides of the debate, leading to such sayings as “don’t California my Texas.” But, Del takes a positive view of this migration. Listen in to figure out why.

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(July 16, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Begin with the End in Mind”

Kevin understood that he would probably be kicked out of his high-tech job around 55 or so. What he didn’t understand was how to replace his income to retire comfortably by that time. Then, a friend told him how they’d been taught by Lifestyles Unlimited to use single family homes to fund college tuition and more. Kevin and Laurie were soon hooked. Never had the road to retirement been so clear. “Begin with the end in mind” were the words he latched onto in the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar, and that became his creed.

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(July 15, 2019) Think like a Resident

There are more renters today than anytime in the last 50 years, according to the Pew Research Center. What does this tell you? People have more knowledge about what they want in a rental living situation and they know the right questions to get it. Even when they don’t, your ability to understand what they need carries weight. Today, we take off the landlord cap and put on the resident cap to better understand those needs.

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(July 15, 2019) The Health Benefits of Passive Income

Today, we cover how real estate investors are piling up cash flow to cover each of their bills and retire, a process we call “chunking.” But, more than that, Mike Harrison explains what this means for your life. It’s a health supplement for your well being he continues, and the benefits are numerous.

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(July 14, 2019) What Hard Money Loans Do for the Real Estate Investor

No tool better serves the single family real estate investor than the hard money loan. Why? Because, when using a vetted hard money lender, investors can close fast and typically with far less money out of pocket. But, that’s not all! Follow along as Andy Webb tells you everything you need to know about the hard money loan, as well as an example of how he himself used one.

(July 13, 2019) Real Estate Investing by the Numbers

Every house, whether a primary residence or a rental property, has its number (the right price to buy at). Yet, many who buy these properties develop emotional attachments or use blind negotiating tactics, like always underbidding the asking price, when purchasing. Shouldn’t there be a better way to do this? There is! Today, Lorie Bass discusses the time-tested equation Lifestyles Unlimited members use to find the right price to buy at and the right price to rent at.

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(July 02, 2019) Financial Freedom Myths

In advance of the Fourth of July, Al Gordon discusses freedom. If American colonists were willing to accept the idea that a monarchy was the right form of government, our country would be terribly different today. On today’s show, Al encourages you to follow in the footsteps of those brave colonists who wanted freedom. Breakaway from status quo retirement plans and the myths that keep you from achieving financial freedom through real estate investing.

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(July 01, 2019) The 1031 Exchange & What It Does For The Real Estate Investor

Al Gordon discusses how to defer paying capital gains taxes on an investment property using the 1031 Exchange.

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