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(April 21, 2017) The Best Type of Business Money Can Buy – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Quite often we pit real estate investing against the working world on this show, but what about the world of business? Rarely do we take a pound-for-pound look at multifamily investing against virtually any other type of business in the world. Fortunately, Del Walmsley and our Houston Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, have this look at how multifamily investing stacks up!

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(April 20, 2017) Multifamily Without The Map – Featuring LU Mentor Brian Sifford

On this installment of the Del Walmsley Radio Show, we join Multifamily Mentor, Brian Sifford, and Del Walmsley in a no-stone-unturned investigation of Brian’s newest addition to his MF portfolio. In so doing, we shine a light on the cold hard truth that multifamily investing without the right map is anything but an investment.

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(April 18, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “A Journey Through Life, A Journey Through Retirement” – Featuring LU Member Larry

Larry reminds us in this Tell Del that each chapter in our lives is a chance to do something incredible – not to be the best – but to be at all. Here is someone who rose through the ranks of the packaging industry, built a business with his bear hands and sold it for a sum of money that would set him up for life. In and of itself, this already reads as an amazing story. But, that’s only where it begins. As with so many Tell Dels, we see the reason for real estate investment not in the grandeur of life, but in its journey. Prepare for a Tell Del you will never forget.

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(April 17, 2017) Success, Significance & Legacy – Featuring Honored Guest Tom Ziglar

You may not know this, but Lifestyles Unlimited® to a large degree was born from one solitary quote: “you can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” (Zig Ziglar) It is with this powerful sentiment that we begin today’s show examining the philosophy and principles of Zig Ziglar through his son Tom, CEO of Ziglar Inc. in order to better understand ourselves and our path to success, significance and legacy.

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(April 14, 2017) Retirement Is Not The End, It’s The Beginning!

So, Del sits down to rehash an article he read earlier today about the proper way to retire. In this article is a priority list to help individuals retire without boredom, which gives Del a good chuckle. In a surprising plot twist, Del admits that he actually did not hate the list that was written down. Nope, he liked it so much that he shares it right here on the show. So, get out that pen and paper, or that smart pad and stylus to live retirement like the new beginning it really is!

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(April 13, 2017) The Day The Preferred Investor Group Met Regulation D – Featuring Real Estate Syndication & Crowdfunding Attorney Gene Trowbridge

This show is about a match made in heaven. Let us explain. If you have an investment that you would like to place an offering on that contains investors and a syndicator (or lead investor), you are entering into a security, and therefor, securities law. So, simply put, we participate in securities A LOT. This leads us to Regulation D Securities, a streamlined type of security that accounted for 1.6 trillion dollars last year and is perfect for a group of sophisticated investors like (you guessed it) The Preferred Investor Group! This is the linchpin for national growth like you would not believe.

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(April 12, 2017) Lifestyles Discovery, The Retirement Savings Shortfall & U.S. Renting/Owning Price Differences – Featuring Program Creator Damon Janis

Today, Del brings Lifestyles Discovery Creator, Damon Janis, back on the show for some new valuable insights into Lifestyles Unlimited®’s premiere comparative market analysis tool, Lifestyles Discovery. The number crunching doesn’t stop there as Del turns his gaze upon fresh statistics for retirement savings in America and the percentage difference in price between owning and renting in the U.S.

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(April 11, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “From No Way to Know How” – Featuring LU Member Pat

Another mortgage was the last thing in the world Pat wanted to consider when she and her husband Randy began to look into other sources of income around 2007. Randy was all for real estate though, but getting Pat on board would require more than strong convincing, it would require education. Well, it was not long before our program showed Pat, and Randy for that matter, that a little more than the mortgage would be covered with our model of real estate investing, soon their entire lives would be too.

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(April 10, 2017) Putting More of A Life Back In Your Life

This show touches on John Galt, the main character of the book “Atlas Shrugged,” to reshape the traditional working world we’ve come to know and adhere to. Through this prism we will explore Del Walmsley’s life from a state of dependence to that of total interdependence.

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(April 07, 2017) The Power of Perspective

What would you do if you lost your job today? If another job wasn’t right around the corner, how long would your earnings last you? If they did last, what kind of lifestyle would you have? For many of the lucky few who find themselves employed, these questions go on largely unanswered because the jobs go on being kept. Maybe these assumptions are a little far fetched after all, but here is a fact that’s not: a 65 year old woman who just lost her job and is having the time of her life. All that was necessary was for her to take a new perspective of her life and the goals she pursues in it.

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