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(July 21, 2017) The Pickle Jars of Life – Keep The Minutia at Bay

Today, Del delves into an exercise of compartmentalization and life structuring. If you are a returning fan of the Del Walmsley Radio Show, this show drastically expands the Pickle Jar metaphor to account for a life of both evolving and growing needs. If you’re a new listener, this is your chance to better understand the minutia in your life and to overcome it!

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(July 20, 2017) Mentoring After The 2-Day & How Different People Approach Retirement – Featuring LU Mentor Charles Ho

Del and Multifamily Mentor, Charles Ho, talk about the steps we take in mentoring following the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar and they explore how different cultures, races and socioeconomic groups approach retirement.

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(July 19, 2017) Retirement Told From Two Perspectives

Del starts the show by listing the next stops for our Lifestyles Unlimited On Location National Tour, the best opportunity to get involved with Lifestyles Unlimited this year! Then, he walks us through two equally moving stories of retirement, each sharing a completely different viewpoint of this life goal. Finally, Del has happy news for a 27 year-old looking to invest and sheds some light on senior living rental real estate.

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(July 18, 2017) Navigating The Detroit Downturn With Real Estate – Featuring LU Members Greg & Nicole

Greg and Nicole lived in the heart of Detroit working for the auto industry through the early 2000s, which saw a massive reduction in workforce in that time, and the worst was yet to come. Their jobs hung in the balance, their city was on the decline and they would have to evolve to secure their future. Real estate became their silver lining, and now as Detroit picks up speed, it could be the home of their investment legacy.

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(July 17, 2017) 7 Tips For Taking Effective Action Steps

Where one person starts their push towards financial freedom, another can be hampered by dozens of unanswerable questions. Here are 7 tips to help you sort through irrational fears and find higher financial footholds. Taken directly from Del Walmsley’s experiences, these tips will reshape your perspective for what is possible in your life.

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(July 16, 2017) A Types & B Types In Real Estate Investing

Today, Steve leads a discussion on type A and type B personalities. In so doing, he characterizes both personality types, studies two emails that highlight the two opposite ends of the A/B spectrum, and even credits this knowledge to the fundamental working relationship he shares with Del Walmsley. Lastly, Steve guides a listener away from building his own rental real estate property, advises an emailer that it’s time for her to graduate to multifamily investing, and talks about how to save up for this type of investing.

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(July 15, 2017) Your Saturday Investor Grab Bag

Join Steve Davis as he clarifies our single family investment model, begins guiding a retiree towards qualifying for loans despite having no earned income, and gives a caller the bigger picture on his 10-home portfolio. All this and more at the click of a button!

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(July 14, 2017) The 4 Top Real Estate Investor Considerations, Minding Single Family Construction Standards & Protecting Your ROI

Per a listener’s request, Steve lists the four most important points of consideration for any real estate investor. Then, a caller prompts a discussion of construction standards in single family real estate. Next, Steve covers rehab, insurance, property taxes and tenant screening in the context of protecting your return on investment. Finally, Steve walks a caller through an incredible amount of options for his first steps into multifamily.

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(July 14, 2017) Lifestyles Discovery, The Retirement Savings Shortfall & U.S. Renting/Owning Price Differences – Featuring Program Creator Damon Janis

Today, Del brings Lifestyles Discovery Creator, Damon Janis, back on the show for some new valuable insights into Lifestyles Unlimited®’s premiere comparative market analysis tool, Lifestyles Discovery. The number crunching doesn’t stop there as Del turns his gaze upon fresh statistics for retirement savings in America and the percentage difference in price between owning and renting in the U.S.

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(July 13, 2017) Your Thursday Investor Grab Bag

On this show, Steve drives home the importance of sticking to our road map for real estate investing, he breaks down why we invest in the $100k – $150k range for single family rent homes and he makes an insightful point about staying on top of your reading.

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