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(August 24, 2016) Why Pet Projects Never Equate To An Adequate ROI

Some who invest in real estate see the benefits of leverage, letting someone else do the work, and not overworking their plan in order to achieve financial freedom, however at the same time, these same individuals trap themselves in pet projects that either take years to profit, never profit at all, or have negligible returns on their investment. As hard as it is to say, many times, the best thing to do here is to find a way out.

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(August 23, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Living The American Dream After Defending It” – Featuring LU Member Chris J.

Throughout his two tours in the Middle East, Chris began thinking a lot about his future – namely his plan upon returning home. Spurred from his reading of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, real estate would be his vehicle, but what would be his business model? That’s where we come in.

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(August 22, 2016) Breaking Up With Dave Ramsey – Featuring LU Member & Free Workshop Presenter Devin Elder

There have always been two sides of the conversation with retirement. One is to save, save, save, and the other is to invest. But, when looking from the outside in, it can be tough to judge the merit of each camp. So, on this podcast Del Walmsley decided to bring you someone who’s done both. Here to tell his story about going from $110,000 in debt to becoming an accomplished real estate investor is none other than Free Workshop Presenter, Devin Elder!

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(August 19, 2016) Real Estate Investment Syndications – Featuring Special Guest Gene Trowbridge

Ever wondered how it’s possible for a group of investors to combine their capital in order to purchase a piece of real estate successfully? What legal actions does one need to take? Well, here to explain the usage of syndications and securities in real estate investing is Professional Real Estate Investor & Syndication Lawyer, Gene Trowbridge. Alongside Del Walmsley, Gene will elaborate on a variety of very important topics that an investor needs to know going into his/her syndication deals.

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(August 18, 2016) Reflecting On Our First Lifestyles Unlimited On Location Event – Featuring LU Mentor JB “Data” Durham

JB Durham and Del Walmsley reflect on many of the stories and memories taken from the recent Think Realty Expo. Of central importance here was the chance to surround many of our California followers with like-minded investors to reinforce their goals of financial freedom. This then evolves into a discussion of the ability of Lifestyles Unlimited to help people around the country.

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(August 17, 2016) Building A Pile of Money vs. Building Streams of Income

Meet the McCoy’s, a family that accidentally derailed their savings plan too drastically in order to own a home. Now, they’ve found themselves as the central subjects of an article by Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company, as a case study for catching up to retirement. At 70 years of age, much of Northwestern’s retirement advice expressed on the McCoy’s behalf is at best naive, and at worst, ludicrous. Del, brings it back to reality.

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(August 16, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “The First Two Days of The Rest of Their Lives” – Featuring LU Members Marty K. & Ed W.

Marty moved all over the country on behalf of his corporate job and Ed worked hard hours in the HVAC industry/tech world. Every day was a battle with one downside or another. So, nobody has to guess why they tried to pick apart their first 2-day seminar at the seams. Where was the catch they both wondered as they sat next to each other…until they realized they had seen behind the curtain into a world of streamlined investing.

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(August 15, 2016) Bringing Financial Freedom To San Francisco

Del Walmsley has just returned from his trip to the Think Realty Expo and our first installment of Lifestyles Unlimited On Location! It was at both of these events that he championed the message of owning your own cash flowing real estate and breaking away from work-life dependence. However, in order for Del to present a great avenue for investing, he had to argue against the good ones… After all, that is the LU way. Please enjoy Del’s direct recap of bringing financial freedom to San Francisco!

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(August 12, 2016) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with Special Guest, John Boriack: Stories Speak Louder Than Words, But Only If You Speak Back

As stated in so many ways and through so many mediums, our members and their success stories are the lifeblood of our organization. We teach them to invest in real estate properly, and in turn, they teach us how to make our process better, how to make it faster and how to make it help even more people than we are today. How do they do this one might ask. They do this because we are teaching them to become pioneers. Turn to most of your family, your peers, your educators and chances are they could not tell you a fraction of what you would need to know to successfully invest in real estate, nor would they want to. So, in response to a whirlwind of feedback from our listeners to increasingly use these stories as an educational tool on our radio show, Del Walmsley has decided to bring you a new story of LU member success each week. But, this mix has a few more necessary ingredients: your burning questions, a sharp ear to hear the honest answers, and possibly the strength to become a pioneer yourself!

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(August 11, 2016) The Texas Real Estate Market – Featuring LU Mentor JB Durham

On this show, “Professor” JB “Data” Durham, as Del Walmsley has aptly nicknamed him, will be covering the entirety of the Texas real estate market including North Texas, Houston, Austin & San Antonio. Particularly interesting will be the July metrics for absorption in these key areas, as well as a whole myriad of other juicy bits of criteria. Get it while it’s hot!

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