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(December 09, 2017) America Invests In Real Estate

Steve fires back against New York Times Columnist, James Stewart, who in a recent CNBC Youtube video, opposed the new tax reform bill’s favorability towards real investors/developers. Steve wastes no time arguing for the millions of Americans who benefit from the real estate investor/developer incentives listed in both the current and proposed legislation. Proving the point further, a listener calls into the show to learn how to use the 1031 like-kind exchange.

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(December 08, 2017) Lifestyles Discovery & The Fundamentals of Buying Single Family Rental Property – Featuring LU Mentor Damon Maddox

Today, Del Walmsley and Single Family Mentor, Damon Maddox, talk about the single most effective comparative market analysis tool ever to hit the national single family investment market, Lifestyles Discovery.

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(December 07, 2017) Steve Discusses Tax Reform & Takes Questions From Listeners

To begin the show, Steve makes a distinction between self-employment and business ownership. Then, he comments as much as he can about the tax reform legislation yet to be finalized between The House and The Senate. Finally, we shift to our emailers and callers to discuss topics such as owner financing, eviction and depreciation.

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(December 07, 2017) Partnerships & Syndications

Join Lifestyles Unlimited CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, and Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, in a discussion designed to help you make sense of partnerships and syndications. As part of this discussion, listeners will get an idea of the streamlined partnership structure used by Lifestyles Unlimited members every day.

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(December 06, 2017) How You See The Problem Is The Problem

Del confronts the root of all failures on this episode of The Del Walmsley Radio Show, perspective. Covering fitness, family, finances, personality types and more, he argues your “base assumption” has everything to do with your results.

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(December 05, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Early Retirement For Professionals” – Featuring LU Member Tim

After three major hits from the stock market, 2 separate financial planners and a career in trial law with no end in sight, you would think that the words “early retirement” would not be in Tim’s vocabulary. But, with real estate, they very much are. See how the Lifestyles Unlimited model gets at the heart of the retirement crisis facing many high-income professionals.

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(December 04, 2017) An Effective System Is An Effective Business

Every entrepreneur, or investor for that matter, is tested by entropy of their business structure at one point or another. As Del conveys on this podcast, this is not a time to rethink your business as a whole, but instead your systems in place.

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(December 03, 2017) Your Sunday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

First, Steve shares his mantra for staying at the top of his game. Then, we spend the rest of the show addressing emailers and callers on topics such as: the new tax reform bill, the best way to sell raw land, the ideal single family rent home, flood homes as rental property, and IRAs/401ks.

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(December 02, 2017) Your Saturday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

Steve draws a line in the sand between stocks and real estate investing, then he recaps the three major questions to ask yourself this New Years. From here we cover: book keeping for beginner investors, IRA’s, the Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), flooring materials, and tax reform.

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(December 01, 2017) Lifestyles Discovery, The Retirement Savings Shortfall & U.S. Renting/Owning Price Differences – Featuring Program Creator Damon Janis

Today, Del brings Lifestyles Discovery Creator, Damon Janis, back on the show for some new valuable insights into Lifestyles Unlimited®’s premiere comparative market analysis tool, Lifestyles Discovery. The number crunching doesn’t stop there as Del turns his gaze upon fresh statistics for retirement savings in America and the percentage difference in price between owning and renting in the U.S.

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