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(July 17, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Early Retirement For Professionals” – Featuring LU Member, Tim

After three major hits from the stock market, 2 separate financial planners and a career in trial law with no end in sight, you would think that the words “early retirement” would not be in Tim’s vocabulary. But, with real estate, they very much are. See how the Lifestyles Unlimited model gets at the heart of the retirement crisis facing many high-income professionals.

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(July 16, 2018) Eliminating Financial Dependence & Prioritizing Your Life For Success

You get what you focus on in life. Del Walmsley leads us from dependence to independence, to interdependence, and financial freedom in less than an hour.

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(July 13, 2018) Goal Setting Gone Wrong, “Dead Equity” & The Top 10 Markets For Long-Term Investing

First, Del has a message for an amateur goal-setting guru. Then, he shifts to express the need for income-producing assets in your portfolio and why “dead equity” (a paid off home for example) does virtually nothing to benefit you. Lastly, Del explores an article listing the top 10 markets for long-term real estate investing, and why this is the case.

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(July 12, 2018) Retirement Plans That Go From Bad To Worse & How Lifestyles Unlimited Is Sweeping The Nation

Del discusses two retirement-focused articles to convey the crisis of current financial thinking, a call-to-action to real estate as the logical investment vehicle. Then, we bring on Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow to discuss her role and her experience in taking Lifestyles Unlimited to the national level – a process that has largely grown organically from a dedicated membership base for the new members coming behind them, and that continues to this day.

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(July 12, 2018) What Sets Us Apart In Real Estate Investment Education & Mentoring – Featuring Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow

After a brief talk about our national scope, Lynn and Del get serious about what sets us apart. We’ll discuss such things as the hallmarks of underdeveloped real estate investment education programs, and the importance of our White Paper (rules/suggested best practices), which when followed correctly, produces a “symbiotic relationship” between passive investors and leads. Finally, we’ll explain the reason why the White Paper was established in the first place, to avoid a culture of outlandish/onerous clauses in private placement memorandums – contracts for syndications – some of which you’ll have to hear to believe.

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(July 11, 2018) Some of The Best Investment Scam Artists That Ever Lived & The Winners/Losers of Current Net Migration Activity

Del puts the worst of the worst on display today as he reminds us of the litany of investment scam artists that have plagued this country going back to the 80s. Then, we focus on net migration across the United States, especially as it pertains to Trump tax reform, to keep you informed of the changing national real estate market landscape. Finally, Del finishes with stories of incredible member success.

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(July 10, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “How Members Take Our Program To New Heights” – Featuring LU Member, Robert

Robert holds a special place in the Lifestyles Unlimited family as being one of, if not the first member to purchase a class A apartment complex. Both this investment (including the knowledge that stemmed from it) and his award-winning Rockstar Capital Management team are just a few of the centerpieces to a portfolio worth $235M.

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(July 09, 2018) How Del Walmsley Achieved Financial Freedom

This is the story of how Del Walmsley picked up the pieces after working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 12 years only to lose almost everything he’d earned on Black Monday. Down, but not out, this became his turning point to pursue and achieve financial freedom. Today, he shares that story with you.

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(July 06, 2018) Why Any Given Person Can Miss The Map To Financial Freedom

As Del explains on this podcast, the striking thing is not that a room full of people can miss the map to financial freedom, it’s the many different ways they can do so. Join us as we explore what very likely is at the heart of today’s financial literacy problem: an overabundance of mediocre retirement ideas. Then, stay tuned as Del hits the mail bag to address radio show questions and a very powerful listener story.

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(July 05, 2018) Welcoming Our Newest National Multifamily Mentor, Kevin Chalmers

As we welcome Kevin to the team, we’ll go full circle with his story. Kevin spent his childhood with rental real estate, though his family were not owners or investors. “From single family rentals, to apartment complexes, to trailer parks, you name it. I’ve probably lived in, and moved in and out of more places than I can remember,” he says. Since that time, Kevin has gone on to do many things, including coming back to his roots, only this time as an owner of 16 apartment communities at 3,000 units.

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