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(September 19, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “From Engineer To Entrepreneur” – Featuring LU Member Chad

Two things spoke to Chad early on: building and dismantling things, and entrepreneurialism. But, who knew that tinkering with things and selling Cutco knives would one day translate splendidly into owning million dollar apartment complexes? He didn’t, and ironically, he might not have if not for the gut wrenching toll of one of the best engineering jobs he’s ever had and his courage to say no to it.

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(September 18, 2017) Lifestyles Unlimited – An Answer to Quiet Desperation

Today, Del reveals the scars of a work life which took everything he had to sustain, but gave next to nothing in return. Perhaps never before has he so precisely and so evocatively depicted the early days of his life on the air. In so doing, the building blocks of Lifestyles Unlimited® become more familiar and relatable than ever before. As if cut from the same cloth, our mission is every bit a part of the man behind it – Del Walmsley.

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(September 15, 2017) Pay Off The Mortgage or Retire – You Decide

On this show, Del Walmsley ties one hand behind his back before tackling Dave Ramsey’s 5-7 yr. plan to pay off the mortgage to prove that life amounts to more than just settling debt and paying your bills.

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(September 15, 2017) Recruiting Wholesalers To Your Real Estate Investing Team

Join us as Steve talks about one of the most productive groups involved in his real estate investing team – wholesalers. How do you find wholesalers to work with? Just how many effective deals can they bring your way? What’s different about earnest money in a wholesale deal? These are just a few of the areas we cover right here. As a bonus, Steve also explains his inspect-don’t-expect concept, the importance of representation in your first few rental real estate projects and budgeting for minor maintenance costs (even when fully rehabbing up front).

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(September 14, 2017) Being The Best Is Not For The Few, It’s For Those Who Pursue The Right Map To Get There

Join Del as he demystifies what it takes to be the best across many disciplines and avenues of life. Whether it’s NFL football teams, everyday men and women, people set to conquer world records, those who’ve left the corporate grind (or who’ve been left by it), coaches, parents; you name it… Being the best is not for the few, it’s for those who pursue the right map to get there.

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(September 14, 2017) The Real Estate Investing Game Changer: The Hard Money Loan – Featuring Special Guest Darel Daik

Steve teams up with CEO of Noble Mortgage & Investments, LLC, Darel Daik to talk about one of the best tools available to any real estate investor, the hard money loan. These two dive deep with incredible detail regarding: average out of pocket for today’s hard money loans, hard money deal examples, hard money loans for small apartments, out of pocket when refinancing out of the hard money loan into conventional, pre-qualification vs. pre-approval, and hard money loans for flood property.

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(September 13, 2017) Locating Profitable Deals

On this show, Steve explains how to locate profitable single family rental properties. Of particular interest here, Steve stresses the importance of getting many experienced listing agents and wholesalers on your team looking for deals, and that the process of recruiting agents and wholesalers is a numbers game. Also included in the show is a special script for recruiting dedicated listing agents, insight into the difference between seller’s agents and listing agents, and how Lifestyles Realty factors into the property locating process. This and more is just a click away!

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(September 13, 2017) The Members Behind The Multifamily Masters Tour – Featuring LU Member Supriya

Two things were very important to Supriya from a young age, owning real estate and getting an education. However, it was not until later that she realized that owning real estate could mean a great deal more than having a place that was hers, it offered a way to control financial outcomes in her life. The rest came with a little help from Lifestyles Unlimited and a family mantra to always dream big.

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(September 11, 2017) How It All Began & Where We Go From Here

This is the story of Lifestyles Unlimited like you’ve never heard it before. Each chapter is rich with background and incredible detail as Del recounts the compelling moments that led to our founding, our success and our plans for the future. Del shares his life’s story in honor of our 27th anniversary and to offer hope in light of the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

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(September 08, 2017) The Difference Between Experts & Expert Advice

Del’s rise from humble beginnings to that of an award winning real estate investor and a successful entrepreneur required many things, one of which was an ability to find the right answers from the right people. This show is about embracing actionable knowledge over titles and/or presumed expertise.

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