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(August 19, 2019) Countdown to a Rental Home

Single Family rental homes are a simple way to create Passive streams of income, but there is a path that should be followed in order to achieve success in single family investing. Today, Mike Harrison breaks down that path into a simple-to-follow “countdown” to ownership.

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(August 18, 2019) Your Best Hedge Against the Next Recession

Is a recession coming? The bond yield curve inverted this past week and historically a yield curve inversion is a reliable signal of a coming economic slow-down or even recession. What can you do to prepare? Andy Webb talks about getting your cash ready, getting educated, and dives into a focused discussion on how to secure that next rental house, whether or not a slow down occurs.

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(August 17, 2019) Reading the Real Estate Market

Al Gordon takes a look at the predictions made by various pundits regarding the direction of the real estate market.

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(August 16, 2019) Living the Lifestyle

Al Gordon talks about his friends who have achieved their lifestyles using real estate investments.

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(August 15, 2019) Act Your Wage

Al Gordon discusses the pitfalls of living beyond your means and provides solutions to get you started as a real estate investor.

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(August 14, 2019) What’s Your 20 Year Retirement Plan?

According to USA.gov, retirees in the United States live an average of 20 years into retirement. That same article refers to needing 80% of your pre-retirement income to live comfortably for those years. So, Al Gordon has one question for you: what’s your plan to save for that retirement? He has the answer too.

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(August 14, 2019) Del Covers 10 Financial Commandments to Live by in Your 20s & 30s

Del lists and provides personal commentary on two articles which provide “10 financial commandments” to live by in your 20s and 30s. Don’t miss this as he measures these rules against the reality he lived, which was retiring at 34 years of age as a self-made multimillionaire.

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(August 13, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Making the Move to Real Estate Investing”

Hurricane Katrina forced a very difficult situation for Joe and Stephanie’s family. After helping his company recover from the fallout of the hurricane, Joe found himself without a job. A single-income family at the time, there was no question he needed to find new work, and fast. What he did question though was how a career, which had only ever consisted of steady raises and promotions, suddenly vanished. The search for new work defined the rest of Joe and Stephanie’s lives, but not because of landing a new job, but by making the move to real estate investing.

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(August 12, 2019) Interview with Single Family Mentor, Sorrell Warren

Al Gordon and Single Family Mentor, Sorrell Warren talk about one of the single most important assets for new and seasoned single family investors, a mentor who’s done what you want to do.

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(August 12, 2019) Single Family Rehab

It’s vitally important to have the right team on your side throughout the single family investment process, and primary to that team is your general contractor. A great GC will guide you through the process and take care of everything from paint color, to flooring choice, to upgrade level based on neighborhood comparables. With the right GC, the investor can focus on the math and the process, without getting bogged down in the minor details. Mike Harrison would know. He’s had this very experience with Finishing Touches Founder, Blake Johnson. Learn about the rehab process with their interview today.

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