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Alpena, MI Del Walmsley WATZ 1450 AM 8-9am M-F
Atlanta, GA Del Walmsley WAFS 1190 AM 2-3pm M-F Listen
Austin, TX Del Walmsley KJCE 1370 AM (Talk Radio) 7-8pm
Tue, Thur & Fri
Baltimore, MD Del Walmsley WWRC 1260 AM 10p-11p M-F Listen
Boston, MA Del Walmsley WBIX 1260 AM 2-3 pm M-F Listen
Brainerd, MN Del Walmsley KVBR 1340 AM 9-10am M-F
Brookport, IL Del Walmsley WRIK 750 AM 9-10am M-F
Cairo, IL Del Walmsley WKRO 1490 AM 9-10am M-F
Charlottte Amalie, VI Del Walmsley WVWI 1000 AM 9-10am M-F
Chicago, IL Del Walmsley WCKG 1530 AM 3p-4p M-F Listen
Cleveland, OH Del Walmsley WHK 1420 AM 5a-6a M-F Listen
Colorado Springs, CO Del Walmsley KZNT 1460 AM 10p-11p M-F Listen
Columbus, OH Del Walmsley WTOH 98.9 FM 5a-6a M-F Listen
Detroit, MI Del Walmsley WDTK 1400 AM 5a-6a M-F Listen
DFW, TX Del Walmsley KEXB 620 AM (DFW/PLANO) 1-2pm M-F Listen
DFW, TX Del Walmsley KFXR 1190 AM (DFW) 7-8pm M-F Listen
Eugene, OR Del Walmsley KSCR 1320 AM 9-10am (PST) M-F Listen
Honolulu, HI Del Walmsley KGU 760 AM 8-9 am M-F Listen
Houston, TX Del Walmsley KTEK 1110-AM 1-2pm M-F Listen
Houston, TX Del Walmsley KSEV 700 AM (The Voice) 12-1pm M-W Listen
Jackson, TN Del Walmsley WDXI 1310 AM 8-9am M-F
Johnson City, TN Del Walmsley WGOC 1320 AM 8-9am M-F
Lubbock, TX Del Walmsley KFYO 790 AM 1-2pm M-F Listen
Miami, FL Del Walmsley WZAB 880 AM 2-3 PM M-F Listen
Minneapolis, MN Del Walmsley KYCR 1570 AM 1-2 PM M-F Listen
Midland/Odessa, TX Del Walmsley KWEL 1070 AM 11a-12p Sun Listen
Midland/Odessa, TX Del Walmsley KWEL 107.1 FM 11a-12p Sun Listen
Orlando, FL Del Walmsley WBZW 1520 AM 2-3 PM M-F Listen
Pittsburg, KS Del Walmsley KSEK 1340 AM 9-10am M-F
Palm Springs, CA Del Walmsley KPSF 1200 AM 11-12p PST M-F Listen
Pensecola, FL Del Walmsley WCOA 1370 AM 9-10 pm M-F Listen
Philadelphia, PA Del Walmsley WNTP 990 AM 5-6am EST M-F Listen
Phoenix, AZ Del Walmsley KFNN 1510 AM 2-3pm MST M-F Listen
Phoenix, AZ Del Walmsley KFNN 99.3 FM 2-3pm MST M-F Listen
Phoenix, AZ Del Walmsley KFNX 1100 AM 2-3pm MST M-F Listen
Sacramento, CA Del Walmsley KSAC 1055 AM 11-12pm M-F Listen
San Antonio, TX Del Walmsley KLUP 930 AM 9-10pm M-F Listen
San Bernardino, CA Del Walmsley KCAA 1050 AM 1-2pm M-F Listen
San Diego, CA Del Walmsley KCBQ 1170 AM 11p-12a M-F Listen
San Francisco, CA Del Walmsley KDOW 1220 AM 11-12pm M-F Listen
Seattle, WA Del Walmsley KKOL 1300 AM 11-12pm M-F Listen
Spokane, WA Del Walmsley KSBN 1230 AM 11-12pm M-F
Washington, D.C. Del Walmsley WWRC 1260 AM 10p-11p M-F Listen
Westchester, NY. Del Walmsley WFAS 1230 AM 4-5 pm M-F Listen
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(November 24, 2015) *Replay* Tell Del Tuesday “Never Give Up” – Featuring LU Member Curtis H.


The miraculous thing about Tell Del stories is change. It is the change that occurs in someone’s life when they least expect it, and it is the change they must make in return when they’re least prepared. That said, Curtis’ story of endless adaptation is among the most riveting that we have ever had on the show, as he grapples with ever increasing adversity, and pulls from it ever increasing opportunity. This is a story of never giving up!

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(November 23, 2015) Del’s Investigative Report on Conspiracy Theories

If you didn’t believe in conspiracy theories before, you may now. On this show, Del Walmsley digs deep to examine several occurrences/trends in our political & governmental history that come a little too close to home when considering this controversial topic. Will the line between theory and fact be crossed? You be the judge.

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(November 20, 2015) Q & A Day

Today, Del takes a break from educational monologuing to address the pressing questions from his listeners.

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(November 19, 2015) Evolving Retirement – Featuring LU Mentor Kim Mclean

As we’ve stated before, retirement (otherwise known as exceeding your bills at Lifestyles Unlimited) is not the end, but the beginning. That said, this opportunity in life has become a major point of evolution for our members. Here to examine this evolution is one of our most dedicated members, and now LU mentor, Kim Mclean.

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(November 18, 2015) 5 Ways To Make Money In REI & 7 Reasons To Get Into It!

On this show, Del Walmsley talks about struggling with the illogical at work and then he describes the five ways to make money in real estate investment. Finally, he breaks down 7 important reasons to get involved! Enjoy!

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(November 17, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Unconventional Wisdom Meets The Unconventional Path” – Featuring LU Member Kyla W.

If you spent your childhood growing up not just feeling, but knowing that your life had to be different, would you act on that knowledge? Kyla is making a life out of following the impulses at her core, and as a result, she has come away with quite the wealth of unconventional wisdom on how to lead a life that more closely resembles who she is.

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(November 16, 2015) Weighing In On Foreign Affairs & Politics

Amidst the turmoil in Paris and with the closing of the next Democratic debate, Del Walmsley weighs in on current affairs.

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(November 13, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “A Foot Out The Door & A Promise To Keep” – Featuring LU Member Yogesh P.

In this postponed Tell Del Tuesday podcast, Yogesh shows us all the power of strong character and an unshakable promise in a new world. Please join Del Walmsley in another inspiring journey towards Lifestyles Unlimited and real estate investing!

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(November 12, 2015) *Replay* The Black Swan Event Is Here


The type of growth experienced in the real estate market is an ever-pervading stimulus that is almost alive itself. Loan practices inform buying/renting power, which influences building activity and translates into widespread consumer spending, ultimately lifting entire cities from their humble beginnings. But, this in all its might is only what can be seen. Today, Del Walmsley has his eyes on what could not have possibly been predicted in a thousand years, and yet it is now here before us – The Black Swan Event of Real Estate Investing.

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(November 11, 2015) The Political Experiment

On this show, Del Walmsley reveals a key fact about his life regarding elections, making last night’s political debate a truly intriguing political experiment that could lead to a gripping first time experience for the world at large! All this and more is just a click away!

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