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(October 18, 2017) Good Offense Makes You An Investor, Good Defense Makes You A Successful One

Real estate investing is not just about solving an income problem (offense), it’s about addressing a sustainability one (defense). The destructive powers of living beyond your means, uninsured liability, and speculative investing are among the defensive areas that Del takes head on for this podcast. Prepare your defense with Del today.

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(October 17, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Expanding The Strategy & Expanding The Reach” – Featuring LU Member Jerry

Jerry and his wife Sharon spent years in the commercial real estate industry before taking that first fearful step into multifamily apartments of their own. Here, Jerry talks about how this decision changed their lives forever. These days, they own apartments across the state of Texas and were among the first to expand their geographical reach across multiple cities. Join us as Del and Jerry discuss geographic diversification, vetting far away submarkets, Jerry and Sharon’s expanding investment strategy, their portfolio, and Lifestyles Unlimited as a national contender.

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(October 16, 2017) How to Solve Problems When The Problems Are The Solutions

As with every 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar, the name of the game for addressing the problems with retirement is to confront the middle class solutions we’ve been fed all our lives. Del reminisces about another successful 2-Day experience to drive this point home. Then, he digs deep to show how the strengthening U.S. dollar will affect the real estate market.

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(October 14, 2017) Broken Retirement Vehicles

Today, Steve covers the many overestimated retirement vehicles that exist today, such as: the 401k, the IRA and Social Security. Following this, he takes to the phones to discuss the 1031 exchange and to help a listener make some important decisions for her owner-financed condominiums.

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(October 13, 2017) No Goal Is Too Big

Steve talks about his transformation from an overworked employee of the health club industry to a multi-millionaire investor and entrepreneur using the power of fatherhood and unshakable goals.

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(October 13, 2017) The 5 Step Plan For Radical, Disruptive Change

It’s time to start thinking big. But, how big? It’s time to make serious changes. But, to what degree? Today is the day to disrupt absolutely everything! But, why!? All of these questions are important if you are truly going to disrupt the cycle of normal incremental change with something radical. Without them, you will never truly have an effect on the status quo. Today, Del Walmsley delivers a 5-step plan born from the paradigm shifts of his life to get you there.

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(October 12, 2017) Family & Real Estate Investing – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

To start the show, we welcome a brand new member of the Haines family into the world! Yes, Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines has now become a father! Here, we’ll share in this joyous moment for Curtis and explore the implications parenting and family life have for real estate investing at its highest levels. Join us as Curtis navigates the next interdependent steps in a portfolio spanning over 7,000 units and contemplates the legacy he’ll leave for his newborn child.

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(October 12, 2017) What Makes A Good Real Estate Deal

Steve lays down some great pointers for what makes a good real estate investment, explaining that it has as much to do with you as it does the investment property itself. Then, we head to the phone lines to discuss the barriers of getting into real estate investing, cash out refinances vs. 1031 exchanges to get into multifamily, and the problem with speculative real estate investing.

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(October 11, 2017) Continuing Education Continues The Roadmap

Steve uses a listener’s call from a previous show to spur a discussion about the importance of making time for continuing education. In that call, what began as a search for knowledge in real estate investing ended as an argument about a lack of time to do so. Then, Steve encourages multiple single family investors to advance their portfolios to multifamily as well, again implying that advancement through continuing education is the whole idea behind the Lifestyles Unlimited road map.

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(October 11, 2017) Shaking Off The Middle Class Mindset

Del holds back not one iota on this podcast using anecdotes, his philosophy and economic realities to ignite your vision of undaunted success, your only tool to rise through the socioeconomic ranks. If for no other purpose, today’s show exists to deliver one message. If all you see in life are debts to be eliminated, your job, and “safe,” conventional opportunities, than you’ll spend it never knowing the life that could have been.

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