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(January 10, 2018) A Real Estate Investor Analysis of Tax Reform

Del clears up much of the misleading analysis of commercial/rental real estate in the latest tax reform bill. As part of this coverage, he surveys those hardest hit, such as states with high state/local tax burdens and expensive real estate, and personal home owners. To guide this discussion, Del closely examines an article focusing on 2018 national real estate predictions by New York Listing Broker, Louise Phillips Forbes.

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(January 09, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Why A Real Estate Investing Education Makes All The Difference” – Featuring LU Members Luai & Oula

Both volatility in the server industry (Luai’s field at the time) and a significant drop in neighborhood home prices got Luai and Oula thinking “what if” about real estate investing. So, they invested in two local homes on their own. But, something was missing. They joined Lifestyles Unlimited to learn more, and in the process, replaced two-thirds of Luai’s income.

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(January 08, 2018) Shaking Off The Middle Class Mindset

If for no other purpose, today’s show exists to deliver one message. If all you see in life are debts to be eliminated, your job, and “safe,” conventional opportunities, than you’ll spend it never knowing the life that could have been.

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(January 05, 2018) Getting The “Big Rocks” Right

On this show, Del revisits an important analogy regarding how to plan your life effectively. As part of this, he examines the field of private practice dentistry and the process of protecting credit to drive his life-planning point home.

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(January 04, 2018) A Banner Year For Central Texas Members – Featuring LU Multifamily Mentor Kim McLean

Hats are off for our Central Texas team with 20 multifamily properties closed by CTX members in the year of 2017. To recap this tremendous year is one of our CTX Multifamily Mentors, Kim McLean, CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, and four of those 20 multifamily member/owners from this banner year in Lifestyles Unlimited investing.

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(January 03, 2018) The 401k & IRA Reality

Del Walmsley and David Fisher discuss the ineffectiveness of conventional retirement plans and the swiftness of obtaining financial freedom through real estate investing.

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(January 02, 2018) The Play-to-Win Mentality

Drawing on the recent performance of Houston sports teams, and his own experience retiring himself and others from corporate America, Del drives home that “playing to win” in life and playing to keep from losing are two very different things. To cap things off, Del delivers impressive data from the ALN 3rd Quarter Multifamily Occupancy & Rent Review to take action on! Here, we find various staggering rental growth rates for individual markets and the nation as a whole!

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(January 01, 2018) Habituation – Becoming Desensitized By Your Habits

Why is it that you do the things you currently do? The habits that you have slipped into may have a negative effect on your life and the worst part is that the effects are not seen immediately, but over time. Del Walmsley, your host, discusses the habits we share on this podcast in order to overcome them and to live the best lives we possibly can.

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(December 29, 2017) Market Movement & The Individual

Del’s analysis is spot on as he hones in on the dynamic, and sometimes perplexing, relationship between cap rates and interest rates by shedding more light on the ingredient most industry writers/analysts underrepresent, the individual. In so doing, he shows how those investing in deals should not do so based on general outlooks or a gut feeling, but with the picture current data represents.

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(December 27, 2017) A Victory For Real Estate Investors Written In Tax Reform – Featuring VP of Multifamily Operations John Ridgway

Get your long awaited Lifestyles Unlimited analysis of the tax reform bill which was recently signed into law. Here, John “Johnny Lama” Ridgway and Del Walmsley discuss the key items of the bill which will massively shape the landscape of real estate investing for years to come.

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