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(September 23, 2016) The Pickle Jar of Life

In order to accomplish a lot in life, you’ve got to do a lot to get there, and that means making the most of your time. Introducing the Pickle Jar of Life – one lasting metaphor Del Walmsley has used to do more, to be more and to create more for others!

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(September 22, 2016) The Importance of Self-Education – Featuring Houston Member Services Director Bret Beitler

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” (Jim Rohn) “Who you are in 5 years is a direct result of the people you meet and the books you read.” (popular saying) Many incredible quotes and insights make up this show, which is aimed at putting the most powerful piece into play for the real estate investment game – yourself.

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(September 21, 2016) The Common Denominators of Self-Made Millionaires

Aiming to become a millionaire is really about aiming for the things that make you a millionaire, not being a millionaire itself. For this reason, everyone and their mother has a tip for how to get there. Del cuts out the noise.

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(September 20, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Georgia Bound” – Featuring LU Members Tricia & Chris

Tricia finished a beginner’s investor education to buy two single family rent homes, and she wanted more. She joined Lifestyles Unlimited to expand her single family portfolio, and she wanted more. She skipped passive multifamily investing, went right into independent rental ownership in a completely new market, doubled the size of her first MF deal with the purchase of her second, helped to establish a group of investors in Georgia, and still, she wants more. Because of her, and members like her, Lifestyles Unlimited is Georgia bound.

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(September 19, 2016) The Leverage Points of Life – Featuring Single Family Mentor Phil Hawkes

Special Host & Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, and National Single Family Mentor, Phil Hawkes, sit down to talk about the many different ways to use leverage in your life to overcome social norms and break into new standards of living!

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(September 16, 2016) The Del Walmsley Book Club

Del reveals 5 of the most groundbreaking books of his lifetime, each shedding more light on his principles, and those of his company, than the last. This is your chance to join Del’s unofficial book club!

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(September 15, 2016) Driving Your Multifamily Investment Vehicle – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Put your thinking caps on and strap yourselves in because Del and Curtis are about to dig deep into and around the topic of multifamily operations! Just to name a few heavy hitting points of coverage, Curtis quarterbacks discussions on self-management vs. 3rd party management, the importance of your networking, apartment lifespans and his asset buying strategy.

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(September 14, 2016) The Investor Game Plan

If you look at your investment portfolio as if you were the owner of an NFL football team, you might make some changes to your strategy. How well is your coach/mentor/advisor leading your team (portfolio)? How much offense (income producing assets) do you have in your portfolio? Investment is about much more than just covering yourself financially (defense). Lastly, you have to have a special teams that can make big plays for you when the time comes (CPA’s, professional lenders, mortgage brokers, etc.). Your game plan is everything.

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(September 13, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “The Power of The Investor Network” – Featuring LU Member Tina C.

The Lifestyles Unlimited educational process is one that evolves in stages. At each stage, members learn more, become more comfortable, and then do more with that combination of knowledge and comfortability. However, there are levels of growth that require access to an active network of investors. Tina masterfully captures this concept on this week’s Tell Del.

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(September 10, 2016) The Don’ts For Retiring In Today’s Market

Steve covers many ineffective ways for reaching retirement. In so doing, he highlights the need for financial independence.

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