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(June 22, 2017) Saying Goodbye To Corporate America!

On this show, three separate callers have found themselves untethered from corporate America and they aren’t going back. So, it’s sayonara to the job life and that means hello Steve Davis! Steve helps each person through their next crucial steps. On top of that, Steve also touches on 401k’s and shares some insights into multifamily investing for another caller who plans to be financially free one day as well.

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(June 22, 2017) The Best Type of Business Money Can Buy

Quite often we pit real estate investing against the working world on this show, but what about the world of business? Rarely do we take a pound-for-pound look at multifamily investing against virtually any other type of business in the world. Fortunately, Del Walmsley and our Houston Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, have this look at how multifamily investing stacks up!

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(June 21, 2017) Get A Glimpse of Your Map To Retirement

Steve invites all of his listeners to use an effective technique on this show to look 20 + years into their financial future. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg as we explore how culture, ego, emotions and our retirement tools themselves steer us much more than we steer them to reach our financial goals.

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(June 21, 2017) The Pickle Jar of Life

In order to accomplish a lot in life, you’ve got to do a lot to get there, and that means making the most of your time. Introducing the Pickle Jar of Life – one lasting metaphor Del Walmsley has used to do more, to be more and to create more for others!

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(June 20, 2017) Tell Del Tuesday “Breaking Out of The Scarcity Mentality” Featuring LU Member Lane

When it comes time to get a job done, virtually no matter what it is, the person to call is Lt. Colonel, Lane B. Having just returned from deployment with his Air Force Reserve unit, one can understand the incredible importance of such resourcefulness. However, the road to success does not get shorter when the world rests on your shoulders alone, it only gets longer. This Tell Del chronicles the inner struggle of this active pilot as he navigates some of the toughest skies he’s ever seen – learning to work with others.

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(June 19, 2017) Actual Retirement Vs. Paying Into The Retirement Industry

The total retirement assets of the U.S. citizenry is in the trillions. This means that at the same time you’re looking for the best retirement option out there, the industry itself, in all its governmental systems, 401k’s, IRA’s, financial advisory firms, etc., is looking at you. You’re the meal ticket. “We should be saving more,” the industry says…naturally. Del has a different message entirely.

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(June 18, 2017) Invest With The End In Mind

On this show, a 97 year-old looks back on his choice to use real estate to help him retire, a high net worth investor contemplates making the move from mutual funds to real estate, and an emailer asks what should be done with his two inherited single family properties. Pushing further into the topic of investing with the end in mind, Steve coaches a caller on credit building, covers the “snowball” approach to saving for your first single family investment deal, and designates the ideal single family property to invest in. Many more tips and principles accompany this weekend segment!

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(June 17, 2017) This Is Why We Do What We Do

Steve sets the stage with an anecdote of a man who is so moved by our passive income retirement model, he begins to shake and later comes to one of the grandest conclusions of his life. Then, in step with this opening theme, one epiphany occurs after another as Steve drives at the heart of every caller question he encounters.

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(June 16, 2016) The Power of Perspective

What would you do if you lost your job today? If another job wasn’t right around the corner, how long would your earnings last you? If they did last, what kind of lifestyle would you have? For many of the lucky few who find themselves employed, these questions go on largely unanswered because the jobs go on being kept. Maybe these assumptions are a little far fetched after all, but here is a fact that’s not: a 65 year old woman who just lost her job and is having the time of her life. All that was necessary was for her to take a new perspective of her life and the goals she pursues in it.

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(June 16, 2017) Covering The Counterintuitive In Real Estate Investing

Did you know that it’s harder to get a single family loan than a multifamily one? Are you aware that you can get around cash-only-investor listings with financing if you’re properly prepared? Even if owner financing guarantees a 12% rate of return, you should still pass. Wonder why? A market crash affects real estate investors positively. In just under 40 minutes, Steve Davis will reveal a world of real estate investing hidden in plain sight.

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