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(September 12, 2019) Choosing & Financing the Best Real Estate Investments

Two of the most misunderstood areas of real estate investing – what defines a good real estate investment and how to finance real estate deals – are covered today in full detail by Al Gordon.

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(September 12, 2019) Del’s Three Rules of Investing

Get ready for Del to challenge your most basic concepts of investing. Today, he shares the three core rules that defined his real estate investing career and that guide thousands of Lifestyles Unlimited members to retirement in 2 to 5 years.

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(September 11, 2019) Investing Wisely Is Choosing Wisely

If life is all about the balance of the many decisions that got you where you are today, it can just as easily be about the decision to invest in real estate to get you where you want to go tomorrow. Today, Del delivers a powerful message to those deciding away their lives with conventional wisdom. Don’t miss it.

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(September 11, 2019) Not All Debt Is the Same

There is good debt and bad debt, yet not all Americans are familiar with this difference. But, it is a particularly important distinction to know about, especially for new real estate investors. Al Gordon explains why.

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(September 10, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “The Island Life”

As Josh D. says, his plan to move to an island and live by the beach was “pie in the sky.” Totally unrelated, Josh started investing in real estate, never thinking it would be more than a “hobby.” As it turns out, it was his family’s ticket to the island life.

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(September 09, 2019) Interview with Single Family Mentor, Evelina Romland

Owning single family real estate is not difficult, and nor should it be. Learn from Single Family Mentor, Evelina Romland, who owns real estate herself and is teaching Lifestyles Unlimited members how to follow in her footsteps.

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(September 09, 2019) Principles of Wealth Building to Teach Your Children

Host, Mike Harrison experienced two key events in his wealth building plan growing up, which later led to important principles he still follows today. But, it wasn’t until 40 that he had this epiphany. Now, he believes his children should have a head start knowing upfront what took him decades to understand.

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(September 08, 2019) Confronting Bias in Investing

Andy Webb gets into your head and discusses some of the cognitive biases that can affect your thinking. Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced investor, you want to be aware of the effect these various biases can have on your thinking and decision making.

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(September 06, 2019) The “Investor Roadmap” for Real Estate Investing

There are many wrong ways to invest in real estate. It won’t take you long to find someone who’s got a sour story from the experience. But, at Lifestyles Unlimited, you’d be hard pressed to find a member who failed. This is because of what we like to call the “investor roadmap.” Today, Al Gordon explains the importance of a roadmap in real estate investing and emphasizes how the wrong one devastates those who would otherwise be successful.

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(September 06, 2019) How You See the Problem Is the Problem

Del confronts the root of all failures on this episode of The Del Walmsley Radio Show, perspective. Covering fitness, family, finances, personality types and more, he argues your “base assumption” has everything to do with your results.

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