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(June 13, 2019) The Wrong Set Of Ideas Will Give You the Wrong Results

A “real estate investor” whose net worth is roughly zero dollars (meaning he has no debt but no significant savings either) and who owns one rental house that he lives in the basement of is offering free “expert” advice on a real estate training blog? Does that person sound like a successful real estate investor to you? Would you take their advice and follow their methods? On today’s show, Del battles the idea that people who know nothing about real estate can teach other people how to invest in real estate successfully.

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(June 12, 2019) The Single Family House Hunt – An Interview with a Lifestyles Realty Agent

Al Gordon interviews Lifestyles Realty Agent, Casey, who describes the process of finding investment properties for real estate investors.

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(June 12, 2019) Financial Freedom for America

Today, we hear success stories of Lifestyles Unlimited members around the country with special insights provided by National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham, and CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley.

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(June 11, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday – “Successful Petroleum Engineer Diversifies Investment Portfolio with Real Estate”

Del interviews John P. from Dallas, TX, a petroleum engineer who bought seven houses all cash before joining Lifestyles Unlimited. That is how fiscally conservative John was! Listen to the full interview to hear how John’s returns took off after joining Lifestyles Unlimited.

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(June 10, 2019) You’ve Inherited a House – Now What?

Determining what to do with an inherited house can present emotional and financial issues. Al Gordon discusses these issues and explains why you need to understand your options, assess the financial consequences, and seek expert assistance navigating the tax and legal requirements.

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(June 10, 2019) 10 Things Real Estate Investors Do Differently

Mike Harrison discusses ten ways real estate investors buck conventional wisdom to achieve financial freedom.

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(June 09, 2019) Fear Setting

Dale Carnegie famously said that fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. Overcoming fear isn’t easy, though. On today’s show, Andy Webb discusses Fear Setting, a powerful tool for overcoming fear developed by Tim Ferriss. Listen as Andy walks you through a Fear Setting exercise and provides examples of Fear Setting in relation to real estate investing.

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(June 08, 2019) Success Requires Commitment

You can be prepared for whatever life throws your way if you build passive streams of income from real estate investments. But, what do you need to succeed as a real estate investor? It takes effort, time, education, and most importantly, commitment. And Webb explains why your goal is just a daydream without commitment.

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(June 07, 2019) Don’t Pay Cash for Real Estate Investment Properties

Al Gordon dissects an article that promotes buying investment properties with cash. He explains why financing a property’s purchase offers numerous advantages over paying cash.

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(June 07, 2019) Why Any Given Person Can Miss the Map to Financial Freedom

As Del explains on this podcast, the striking thing is not that a room full of people can miss the map to financial freedom, it’s the many different ways they can do so. Join us as we explore what very likely is at the heart of today’s financial literacy problem: an overabundance of mediocre retirement ideas. Then, stay tuned as Del hits the mail bag to address radio show questions and a very powerful listener story.

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