(January 19, 2019) It’s Not the Hours You Put In, It’s What You Put In The Hours

Two of the biggest retirement problems in the country have the same solution. Michael Soulek discusses why broken retirement plans, like the 401k and the IRA, and not saving enough for retirement in general, can be overcome with income-producing rental properties. Simply putting in the hours is no longer going to cut it. Finally, we discuss different real estate investments, such as “value plays” and “yield plays,” and what they can achieve for you.

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(January 18, 2019) Choices Are Made, Results Are Achieved

Citing results from a survey on GoBankingRates.com, Michael shares statistics, covering different age groups, showing savings shortfalls, including the 6 most prominent reasons savings goals aren’t met. Driving the point home further, we discover financial planners are completely missing the financial behavior/necessities of retirees. Then, Michael gives his listeners 5 tips to move towards a better retirement choice.

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(January 17, 2019) When You Change, Everything Will Change For You

The core topic of today’s show is the power of life-improvements over time for massive change, and nowhere else is the need for life-improvement more necessary than in the context of a 401k or IRA. Host, Michael Soulek talks about how just 2 single family rental homes have the power to obliterate these outdated retirement plans. In so doing, we’ll take an in-depth look at the six ways real estate investing makes money and the major downsides of the 401k in particular.

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(January 12, 2019) Fast Track to Early Retirement

Have you ever wondered if there was a fast track to retirement? With single family and multifamily real estate investing, there is. Host, Michael Soulek explains how you are the key to this process.

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(January 11, 2019) Benchmarking To Build Your Real Estate Investments – Featuring LU Mentor, Curtis Haines

Del Walmsley and Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, talk about different ways to benchmark real estate investments to grow wealth, and more importantly, net-worth more effectively. Additionally, they talk about their personal motivations for staying sharp in investing and in investment education/mentorship. In the process, they also touch on the harsh realities of retirement today, using a balance sheet to grow financially, and guiding your family to operate as a home office.

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(January 11, 2019) Create A Single Family Real Estate Income Machine For Life

Here, Host, Michael Soulek will walk you through much of what is necessary to start your own single family portfolio using the Lifestyles Unlimited investment model. Follow along as he talks about what stands in the way of many who want to start this form of investing, how much money it typically takes to start, and how life-changing it can be. Finally, we end with some great frequently asked questions to the show.

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(January 10, 2019) Shave 25 Years Off Your 30-Year Retirement Plan With Single Family Real Estate

Today, Host, Michael Soulek will show you how to use single family real estate to more than double the money made in your 401k matches and how to beat the odds of the “95% of people who are not able to effectively retire by age 65.” And, he’ll show you how to do it 2 to 5 years.

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(January 05, 2019) Coming Full Circle With Lifestyles Unlimited – Featuring LU Member, Jason

Jason is a long-time listener to the Lifestyles Unlimited podcasts whose first learning experience was member-interview shows like the one he’s participating in today! Learn how he came full circle from listener to member, having now fully explored Lifestyles Unlimited’s entire investment model. Leading this discussion is his friend and Host, Michael Soulek.

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(January 04, 2019) Follow Andrew To Success – Featuring Host, Michael Soulek

Wonder what Lifestyles Unlimited Founder/CEO, Del Walmsley, and Famous American Industrialist, Andrew Carnegie have in common? There’s more than meets the eye as to why Del Walmsley chose real estate as his vehicle for financial freedom! Host, Michael Soulek explains this and more on today’s Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show.

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(January 03, 2019) Truth, or Dare to Be Successful

As Host, Michael Soulek explains on this show, much of the truth behind today’s retirement vehicles is grim, so if you want to get better results out of the next five years of your life, you’ll have to dare to do something different than the last five. Every Lifestyles Unlimited member makes this choice to be successful. Now, Michael will walk you through how.

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