(April 30, 2018) “Chunking” – A Simple Way To Build Wealth & Become Financially Free

If retirement is not defined by age, but instead by covering your bills, then the goal is not to retire when you turn 65. It’s to retire as soon as passive streams of income cover all of your bills. Executive Vice President and Radio Host, Lynn Murrow, shares more about this revolutionary process and how to break it down into bite-sized “chunks.”

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(January 26, 2018) The Investment Snowball – Featuring LU EVP Lynn Murrow

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow provides listeners with a special introduction to the Lifestyles Unlimited model of investing, complete with steps for saving towards your first income-producing property (getting the investment snowball working for you)! Also, learn the five reasons we choose real estate over any other investment vehicle, and stay tuned to the end for Lynn’s top three tips for starting your real estate investing business.

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(January 25, 2018) How to Get Your ASSets to Work – Becoming The CEO of Your Family Office – Featuring EVP Lynn Murrow & LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Lifestyles Unlimited Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, joins Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, to discuss the concept of the “family office” and much more. Discover your current financial position, learn how to change it with income-producing assets, find the know-how to track that change as you go, figure out the tools to compound your financial growth, and do it all tax free. It’s all right here, your map to financial freedom.

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Chunking – A Simple Way to Build Wealth and Become Financially Free

My Mentor Del Walmsley, Founder and CEO of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc. (a 28-year-old real estate education and mentoring company), teaches a simple way to build wealth and pay all your month bills with the cash flow from single family and multifamily real estate investments. He calls it chunking…