Case Study: Elizabeth & Jeff

Here you’ll find Elizabeth and Jeff looking back on their first multifamily project, a deep value add deal that speaks volumes about one’s ability to translate a strong entrepreneurial background into any type of real estate investment, as long as there is the right team in place.

Case Study: William & Gunel

Find out how William and Gunel went from investigating how to start a single family portfolio to becoming leaders in their submarket for their multifamily debut, a 108 unit lead investment project!

Case Study: Zach & Xue

The oil and gas industry has taken this couple clear across the country in search of advancing their lives, but with just one stop in Houston, they found something that could support them no matter where they are. Witness the exciting transition of Zach and Xue’s life from modern day nomads to pioneers of financial freedom.

Case Study: Jamie

Jamie and her wife got the wake up call they needed with Lifestyles Unlimited. In LU, they saw a path to retire themselves and to live the life they had always dreamed of. Not to mention, Jamie realized real estate investing is a breeze with the right tools in place.

Case Study: Paul & Gwen

When Paul heard the idea of retiring on passive streams of real estate income, let’s just say he had to let the thought simmer for a bit…but soon he and Gwen peeked their heads through our doors to see what the Lifestyles Unlimited® investment model was really capable of, and they’ve never looked back!

Case Study: Amy

Join us in this brief video as we follow the paradigm shift that redefined Amy’s life.

Case Study: Steve & Tanna

Steve and Tanna’s story shows you just how fast you can move from learning to investing in the Lifestyles Unlimited® program while laughing and enjoying yourself all along the way.

Case Study: Keith

Keith is rocking it in his single family investments! At the time of this video, he was just a year in and you would not believe his level of accomplishment! Also, check out where he hopes his investor roadmap leads him one day soon.

Case Study: Eric

Eric’s story has come full circle from his first Case Study in the audience to his first on the stage! Get a glimpse of what he likes most about his investing, the keen move he made on his presentation deal and his perspective about getting started in rental real estate.

Case Study: Corey

Corey saw the signs to get involved in real estate investing in his college years, but didn’t get started until a while later, and as he says, “made every mistake possible.” Now, however, he stands as one of the few people to have entirely blown away our CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, on Case Study night!