Case Study: Buffy

Buffy and her husband Kevin went from a situation where retirement wasn’t adding up at all, to one of the most picturesque retirement goals we’ve heard of yet. This is the power of financial freedom.

Case Study: Carlos & Amy

Carlos and Amy are one of many couples looking to add additional revenue streams to their lives, and you’ll never guess how they came upon Lifestyles Unlimited to do just that.

Case Study: David

David and Cindy joined as David’s birthday present. We’ll leave it to David to tell you just how much this gift has given back during their membership. Enjoy!

Case Study: Clifton & Beverly

Former business owners, Clifton and Beverly, set out to utilize real estate in exactly the way our model intended – the multimillion dollar business that retires you and runs itself. Well, they hit that mark perfectly with their first independently owned multifamily apartment complex. Get to know this lovely couple and see the incredible returns they’ve gotten seven months into ownership.

Case Study: Robert

Since joining, Robert’s been a part of 26 different real estate transactions, and now he owns 16 multifamily apartment complexes. He and his operations team carry with them 14 city, state and national apartment awards. Real estate is a team sport, and as such, Robert is certainly one of the masters at it.

Case Study: Sunit & Vishakha

This video tells the story of Sunit and Vishakha’s first single family rental home. Not even a week into membership, they came across a rental property most would dream about.

Case Study: Anjellea

Find out what Anjellea loves about investing, how she did on one of her single family homes and how she feels about membership overall!

Case Study: Brandon

Brandon harnessed Lifestyles Unlimited membership to buy way beyond his back yard for this presentation deal, and his cash-out-of-pocket will shock you! Overall, Brandon tells a story of gaining strength in real estate investing faster than he ever imagined possible.

Case Study: Wade

Here is a member who started with the vision just to get real estate investing right, but who got way more than that! Fun fact, Wade is a good friend of Single Family Mentor, Jillian Garland, and he is one of the main reasons she joined Lifestyles Unlimited.

Case Study: Terry & Susan

Terry and Susan are winners of two apartment association awards on both the Bryan/College Station stage and the Austin stage. They are two of the earliest Lifestyles Unlimited members to invest in the Austin, TX market. Learn their story today!