Case Study: Chris J.

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What started with a viewing of a Youtube video on a tour in Afghanistan has blossomed into a full blown real estate renting extravaganza for Chris J. This video highlights the powerful connection between our mentors and members here at Lifestyles Unlimited and heralds the amazing success of a military veteran! Watch as Chris tells you his story and explains his new move into multi family investing.

Case Study: Devin E.

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Devin latched onto the mentorship offered at Lifestyles Unlimited from the very beginning. Check out how his coaching has paid off since joining and be sure to pay special attention to the end of the video where he explains how he achieved success in our program.

Case Study: Luai A.

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Before joining Lifestyles Unlimited, Luai had already begun investing in real estate himself. But, the magnitude of his investment strategy was not realized until finding Lifestyles Unlimited. In this video, Luai will tell you about the tools he gained upon becoming a member and how they’ve change his plan since joining.

Case Study: Jim C.

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At the time that Jim came through our doors, two of his life paths were converging into one another. According to Jim, he had seen the life of landlords time and time again back in his college days and thought “man, I could do this!” But, up util this point, he had done nothing to solidify this lifestyle. That’s where we came in. With a Lifestyles Unlimited team in place, Jim is now experiencing the best of both worlds!

Case Study: Ajay S.

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Ajay is an honest, straight-forward guy who is looking to give his children the best education possible, which is why he recently started his membership with Lifestyles Unlimited. But, it is easy to tell when watching this video that Ajay is in this for a little something else as well. Dare we say that this family man is getting in touch with his entrepreneurial side? Find out right here!

Case Study: David N.

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David is a business owner who was looking for a different kind of entrepreneurial venture when he walked through our doors. No longer did he want a business that needed to be entirely run/overseen by him alone. So, he joined Lifestyles Unlimited to build his team and to gain all of the reward with none of the headaches. See how he’s done so far!

Case Study: Roberto T.

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Roberto was determined to find a way to work less to gain more money and more time with his family, and after looking through many investment strategies, he finally found one that could start his “journey” in just the way he intended. With Lifestyles Unlimited came a program that could increase his wealth and passivity in tandem, and that was all Roberto needed to see. Fast forward to today and he is doing just that! Be sure to check in on him with this video to see how he is moving through the program to achieve this very goal!

Robert Hammond’s 36th Property of 74: Video Case Study

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Real estate investor and Lifestyles Unlimited member Robert Hammond bought an amazing 74 houses in less than two years! He bought 10 houses on his own, and bought the rest through partnerships. He takes us on a tour of his 36th property: a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home in Houston. All in … read more