Case Study: Adrian & Monica

Adrian & Monica (Portrait Take 2)

Check out how Adrian and Monica are doing with their first property, and see what they’ve learned in the process. Then, get a glimpse of their plans for the oh-so-near future and what they love most about real estate investment!

Case Study: Brian & Meredith S.

Brian & Meredith Sifford (Portrait)

“We sat down with the mentors and the brokers, and we took action,” says Brian with his arm around Meredith, his wife and fellow team member. Forget the world of complicated investments that divide your attention and your returns. Instead, sit down to hear a short story about how this passion in real estate turned into pure profit with the bond of teamwork at its core.

Case Study: Greg & Nicole S.

Greg & Nicole Scott (Portrait Updated)

This out-of-state couple might as well be investing as DFW locals when it comes to the breadth of their success in the area. Greg and Nicole’s story truly shows that something can be out of sight and out of mind, while at the same time being a wonderful investment!

Case Study: The Parker Family


Coming from a finance background, Greg Parker set out to create his own family legacy – not by climbing the corporate ladder we might add, but by finding a different financial solution: investing in real estate! See how Greg and his outstanding nineteen-year-old son, Taylor Parker, attained the knowledge for such a feat.

Case Study: Jaime, Michelle & Gracie L.

The Lewis Family (Thumbnail)

As you will see in this video, the Lewis family knows how to spend some quality time together. But, with mom and dad working full time, the question increasingly becomes where is that time going to come from? Meet a family with their sights set on one thing – using real estate investing to share more laughs, more smiles and more memories.

Case Study: Frank K. & Cathy H.

Frank Kalkattawi (Thumbnail)

Frank and Kathy started with aspirations to flip properties due to their interest in a show called “Flip or Flop” on HGTV. But, upon meeting us, they soon found out that we don’t wholesale properties or flop for that matter. All the better. They started on the single family path and now they have a special thing they wouldn’t have had on HGTV – cash flow!!!

Case Study: Chuk E.

Chuk Ejim Thumbnail

Chuk’s story exemplifies the best way to approach Lifestyles Unlimited, and that is to be honest with yourself. Chuk knew he wanted more time to himself and he knew he wanted to keep more of what he made. But, he wasn’t going to move forward until our program made sense to him. Check out the process he took to understanding and ultimately utilizing the Lifestyles Unlimited investment model.

Case Study: Rui V.

Rui Vaz Thumbnail

Rui had every reason to be thankful for his job, but he also had every reason to fear it. Now, he is part of a growing wave of Americans who are no longer betting on their occupation to be there when they most need it…and with good reason. Catch a glimpse of the life he’s living now. Dare we say it is a tad bit more independent?

Case Study: Brandon C.

Brandon Cherry Thumbnail

Brandon is a military veteran who wants to create a business in real estate, to be a lead investor, and to start his own property management company. But, wait! There’s a plot twist! He’s still in college! How long will he have to wait to get started with his plans!? Pay no attention to that. This sharp student is earning his degree and building a legacy at the same time…no big.

Case Study: Michael G.

Michael Grant Thumbnail

It was Michael who was first to come through our doors, but it was his wife Jenny who had the final say in pulling the trigger. Now, she keeps a close eye on the financials and he is the boots on the ground. Check out how this dynamic duo has done since joining!