Don’t be a Real Estate Flake

Don’t pull these three common real estate investing faux pas Mark’s ad on Angie’s List got my attention right away! To tell this story properly, I need to backtrack a few weeks to my search for a painter to give the main floor of my rental property a fresh coat of paint. As a real … read more

Three “Must-Haves” for Marketing Property Online

Tips for crafting an effectively ad that demands reader attention I’ve marketed my rental properties online for the past 8-years. My advertisements have featured a variety of property-related needs—to find buyers, sellers, and tenants for my rental properties. However, over time, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crafting an effectively … read more

Business Card Tips for Real Estate Investors

Five ways to improve your first impression with business contacts As a real estate investor, or any business owner, your business card can say a lot about your professionalism. Firstly, a business card is often makes the first impression on colleagues and potential clients. A poorly designed business card can negatively impact your personal brand—as … read more

Lynn Andris: Dallas Case Study Night

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3 “Must-Have” Tips for Real Estate Investment Ads Online

Incorporate the wow factor to grab the attention of your target audience When you first start out in the real estate investing business, you might not know everything there is to know about creating effective online advertisements for your rental or resale properties. It takes time and research to understand when the best time is … read more

10 Reasons Why you Must Work for Yourself

Home-based real estate investors make their schedules work for them—not the other way around 1. Make your work schedule work for you – Working for someone else means one thing: your time at work is NOT your own. You have to meet deadlines and do things that don’t contribute to your ultimate success, but the … read more

Building Wealth Through Real estate Investing Begins With One House

Wealth building through real estate investments begins with one house at a time. Often, when you hear people talk about real estate investing they are talking big numbers. You hear about the millions to be made in the market, especially now when everything is on sale. You hear stories about the people who own 50 … read more

Take Control of Your Financial Destiny Through Real Estate Investing

I began my multi-family investing career in 2002 and never before have I experienced the heavenly buying climate for real estate that currently exists today. Based on my personal research and experience, and that of many others who have been in the market for over 40 years, now is the best time since the late … read more

Your 401(k) Will Fail You

In recent weeks we have seen article after article on the fact that the 401(k) plan has failed the American people. This is one of the greatest examples of how having the wrong map (plan) can devastate your life no matter how smart you are or how hard you work. You see, millions of Americans … read more