(July 14, 2019) What Hard Money Loans Do for the Real Estate Investor

No tool better serves the single family real estate investor than the hard money loan. Why? Because, when using a vetted hard money lender, investors can close fast and typically with far less money out of pocket. But, that’s not all! Follow along as Andy Webb tells you everything you need to know about the hard money loan, as well as an example of how he himself used one.

(June 30, 2019) Learn Single Family Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing isn’t rocket science. It shouldn’t be overwhelming, but if it is, you’ll want to listen to this show because Andy Webb is walking listeners through the process of buying, renovating, refinancing, and eventually selling a rental house.

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(June 29, 2019) All About Air Conditioning

It’s summer and it’s hot out there folks! Good landlords know how important it is to keep the air conditioners in their rental homes in working order. Andy Webb talks with Joey from Rely On Air Techniques, a Lifestyles Unlimited vendor, about all things related to air conditioning.

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(June 23, 2019) An Interview with Jeff, the Hands-Off Real Estate Investor

Andy Webb interviews Jeff, a mortgage broker, realtor, and Lifestyles Unlimited member. Jeff and his wife have invested in single family houses locally in the DFW area and down in Houston. Listen as Jeff talks about the team he has assembled that allows him to buy houses sight unseen.

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(June 22, 2019) The Three T’s of Real Estate: Tenants, Taxes, & Toilets

Here is a scenario with which you may be familiar. You have decided to invest in real estate and have discussed this new interest with your friends, family, and financial planner. Suddenly, the real estate naysayers come out of the woodwork! Andy Webb is here to tell you to ignore the naysayers and explains why there is no need to fear the dreaded T’s of real estate: tenants, taxes, and toilets!

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(June 16, 2019) 10 Ways Real Estate Investing Can Enrich Your Life

Andy Webb covers ten topics related to real estate investing, including but not limited to estate planning, college planning, legacy building, understanding your return on net worth, involving your children in the business, and giving back to your community.

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(June 15, 2019) The Retirement Gap

In the United States, men are expected to outlive their retirement savings by 8.3 years, and it’s worse for women at 10.9 years. What does that mean? It means some people will run out of money before they die. You do not want to be one of those people. Andy Webb explains how investing in real estate alleviates the retirement gap.

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(June 09, 2019) Fear Setting

Dale Carnegie famously said that fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. Overcoming fear isn’t easy, though. On today’s show, Andy Webb discusses Fear Setting, a powerful tool for overcoming fear developed by Tim Ferriss. Listen as Andy walks you through a Fear Setting exercise and provides examples of Fear Setting in relation to real estate investing.

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(June 08, 2019) Success Requires Commitment

You can be prepared for whatever life throws your way if you build passive streams of income from real estate investments. But, what do you need to succeed as a real estate investor? It takes effort, time, education, and most importantly, commitment. And Webb explains why your goal is just a daydream without commitment.

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(June 01, 2019) Plan for Unexpected Events

If you experienced a prolonged illness, physical disability, or emotional breakdown, would you be able to devote your full attention to recovery? The stress of having to think about and deal with finances during a difficult situation, whether that situation is expected or unexpected, could actually delay your recovery. Andy Webb discusses how passive income from real estate investments can relieve financial stress when both expected and unexpected events occur.

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