Case Study: Michael Grant

“If they just help me buy two houses more than what I would buy on my own, they’d pay for themselves.” These were the words of an ambitious Michael Grant as he stood at the cross roads of his old life and his new one that laid just in sight. But, before those words could turn into actions, he had to talk to Mrs. Grant. She decided if this was going to happen, it was going to be his assignment and his alone. So, an excited Michael took the money his wife gave him to invest and he became a member of Lifestyles Unlimited®. What was the turnout of Mrs. Grant’s generosity and Mr. Grant’s hard work you might ask? Let’s just say they made good on their investment.


  1. Jonathan says:

    How can I do that? I live outside of US.
    I’ve become a lifestyles member already but I can’t find good local mentors.
    I found one, but she has problems with her spouse.
    I found another one, but he’s involved in illegal drugs business.
    I found the third one, but he’s focused on sharing the word of God first, before anything else.

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