Case Study: Cuong & Diana Li

With few bumps down the road, Cuong and Diana where able to successfully rehab their 6th distressed single family property and turn their investment into positive cash flow! They where able to make it into a livable, clean environment for their tenants to call it their home. Cuong and Diana enjoy hunting properties that require a bit amount of rehab because they are not afraid of the challenge. Since they joined Lifestyles Unlimited® and gained all the knowledge they needed for their first property, they have been profiting ever since. Take the first step and join Lifestyles Unlimited®. Let us guide you on your journey to financial freedom!


  1. Just ran into your site by accident…. Just downloaded starter kit. Your goal setting PDF is well articulated. Hit me like a lightning rod! I particulary liked your antidotes on fitness as it relates to ones overall success. It also being the foundation of your company logo in the form of health I am on this path and it’s uncanny how this parrellels my thinking and mind set. It’s great to know that there is help out there for investors like me that are taking it to the next level. Thanks for the inspiration. Im exectuting and closing in on my third duplex.

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