(August 12, 2018) 401ks, IRAs, & A More Effective Map For Retirement

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow masterfully leads a major discussion drawing into question two of the biggest pillars of traditional retirement in America: the 401k & IRA. Here, she systematically shows how these investment strategies have become out of step with the average person, and in other ways, completely out of control. “You have to begin with a ‘retirement-lifestyle plan’,” says Lynn opening the show, who later explains how real estate investing, and more importantly passive income, is often way more in keeping with our “retirement-lifestyle plan.”

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(August 12, 2018) What It Means To Be Financially Free, Now & In Your Future

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow explains how important it is to understand the difference between financial freedom and traditional retirement or having a well-paying job. Financial freedom, she continues, is about having a “lifestyle plan” that can support you throughout any length of retirement. Bringing this point closer to home, she highlights an article from the New York Times detailing alarming bankruptcy rates of Baby Boomers retiring today.

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(August 11, 2018) Financial Freedom- A Major Building Block For A Balanced Life

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow explains the importance of obtaining financial freedom in order to have a balanced life.

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(August 10, 2018) Educated Out of Success

Today, we’ll discuss how the U.S. educational system and our overall culture changed in the era of the Industrial Revolution to favor specialized skillsets over critical thinking, a paradigm shift that Del argues stifled the intuitive, resilient thinking necessary for individual large-scale financial success. Follow Del as he uses many examples, including his own life experiences, to drive this point home.

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(August 09, 2018) Investing In Real Estate Out of Town/Out of State – Featuring LU Mentor, Scott Van Nostrand

This podcast follows the trajectory of Lifestyles Unlimited Multifamily Mentor, Scott Van Nostrand, from the development of his local Houston portfolio to his expansion beyond the state of Texas. Here, he and Lifestyles Unlimited CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, use their entrepreneurial/real estate investing experience to hone in on what it takes, and what people should consider, when investing out-of-town, and more importantly, out of state. This is a small snapshot of how our members have expanded across the nation.

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(August 08, 2018) Explore The Mind of Del Walmsley

Uncover what makes Del tick as he agrees or disagrees with 16 of 20 life lessons from Success Magazine’s “20 Life Lessons I Wish I knew 10 Years Ago.”

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(August 07, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “The Best Deal In Town” – Featuring LU Member & Ambassador, Susan

If for no other reason, you should listen to this story to hear the absolute joy radiating from Susan as she talks about her rockstar 24-unit apartment in Illinois. For this reason and more, this rising Lifestyles Unlimited Member is the perfect fit as an Ambassador to the Chicago area. Learn why! Then, meet her and the team in Chicago for a free one-day workshop September 15th!

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(August 06, 2018) Where To Keep Your Returns Between Deals & The 6 Reasons Real Estate Outperforms Other Investments

If you’re making the kind of money through real estate investing that can retire you in five years or less, then odds are you’re also looking for a place to park your liquid cash so it can wait for that next incredible deal in order to jump on it fast. Del’s got you covered. Then, for those looking to start investing right, Del discusses the six reasons why your money will find no better investment vehicle than real estate.

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Case Study: Claus & Kirsten

To Claus’ surprise, his colleague said he’d be retiring soon. That did not compute. At the root of this bold retirement plan was Lifestyles Unlimited. No hesitation, Claus and Kirsten registered for a monthly Case Study the next day. Now, they own multiple apartment complexes, including this triple threat of a deal, with an impressive annual cash flow, a soaring capital gain, and an immense cash-out refinance. Seriously, there is nothing not to like about this deal!

(August 03, 2018) Financial Freedom For America – Featuring National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham

Today, we hear success stories of Lifestyles Unlimited members around the country with special insights provided by National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham, and CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley.

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