Case Study: Robert

Since joining, Robert’s been a part of 26 different real estate transactions, and now he owns 16 multifamily apartment complexes. He and his operations team carry with them 14 city, state and national apartment awards. Real estate is a team sport, and as such, Robert is certainly one of the masters at it.

(January 16, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Early Retirement For Professionals” – Featuring LU Member Tim

After three major hits from the stock market, 2 separate financial planners and a career in trial law with no end in sight, you would think that the words “early retirement” would not be in Tim’s vocabulary. But, with real estate, they very much are. See how the Lifestyles Unlimited model gets at the heart of the retirement crisis facing many high-income professionals.

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(January 15, 2018) Real Estate Investment Syndications – Featuring Special Guest Gene Trowbridge

Ever wondered how it’s possible for a group of investors to combine their capital to purchase large scale apartment complexes? Well, here to explain the usage of syndications and securities in real estate investing, with special insights from Del Walmsley, is Professional Real Estate Investor & Syndication Lawyer, Gene Trowbridge.

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(January 12, 2018) The Number One Reason Entrepreneurs Fail

“Life is a team sport,” says Del Walmsley in the opening minutes of today’s podcast. On this show, he stresses the importance of relying on others, or at the very least, appreciating the work that others do on your behalf. The reason being is that you are only as good as those who you work with. Forget this and you are putting the pillars of your business in peril.

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(January 10, 2018) A Real Estate Investor Analysis of Tax Reform

Del clears up much of the misleading analysis of commercial/rental real estate in the latest tax reform bill. As part of this coverage, he surveys those hardest hit, such as states with high state/local tax burdens and expensive real estate, and personal home owners. To guide this discussion, Del closely examines an article focusing on 2018 national real estate predictions by New York Listing Broker, Louise Phillips Forbes.

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(January 09, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Why A Real Estate Investing Education Makes All The Difference” – Featuring LU Members Luai & Oula

Both volatility in the server industry (Luai’s field at the time) and a significant drop in neighborhood home prices got Luai and Oula thinking “what if” about real estate investing. So, they invested in two local homes on their own. But, something was missing. They joined Lifestyles Unlimited to learn more, and in the process, replaced two-thirds of Luai’s income.

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(January 08, 2018) Shaking Off The Middle Class Mindset

If for no other purpose, today’s show exists to deliver one message. If all you see in life are debts to be eliminated, your job, and “safe,” conventional opportunities, than you’ll spend it never knowing the life that could have been.

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Case Study: Sunit & Vishakha

This video tells the story of Sunit and Vishakha’s first single family rental home. Not even a week into membership, they came across a rental property most would dream about.

(January 05, 2018) Getting The “Big Rocks” Right

On this show, Del revisits an important analogy regarding how to plan your life effectively. As part of this, he examines the field of private practice dentistry and the process of protecting credit to drive his life-planning point home.

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(January 04, 2018) A Banner Year For Central Texas Members – Featuring LU Multifamily Mentor Kim McLean

Hats are off for our Central Texas team with 20 multifamily properties closed by CTX members in the year of 2017. To recap this tremendous year is one of our CTX Multifamily Mentors, Kim McLean, CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley, and four of those 20 multifamily member/owners from this banner year in Lifestyles Unlimited investing.

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