P.O.O.R. or R.I.C.H. – The Choice is Yours

A Realtor/mentor here at Lifestyles Realty, Bill Edwards, brought two acronyms to my attention today. I love them and wanted to share them with you along with some thoughts about why they ring true for me as both an individual and a mentor.

Real Estate Investing in 2011 | Why Real Estate Predictions Don’t Matter

Now is the time to invest in real estate. Now remember, I’m not a speculator. I am not trying to predict the future nor do I invest on the “buy low, sell high” method. I buy for cash flow and get the appreciation as the icing on the cake. Right now prices are so low … read more

Keeping Delinquency in Check

More and more in these hard economic times we are seeing landlords “work with” their tenants on their rental payments to avoid eviction or a skip and to keep their occupancy percentage up, and expenses down. This makes perfect sense to the “average Joe” due to the fact that there is no way to figure … read more

Financial Freedom Myths

By Lynn Andris Freedom Heading into the 4th of July weekend it seems appropriate to talk about freedom. Americans have a heritage of pursuing freedom, and that pursuit still requires a great deal of myth busting. If American colonists were willing to accept the status quo and the idea that the British form of government … read more

2013 November Houston Case Study Invitation

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What Does it Take to be a Successful Real Estate Investor?

By Alfonso Munoz, Mentor in the Houston Office In preparing this article, I asked that question to five different real estate investors, and as fully expected I got five different answers. Ironically enough none of those five answers had anything to do with real estate. On the surface, that may seem peculiar to the new … read more

Steve Wynn on CNBC

Below are two interviews with Steve Wynn given to CNBC. His view of current US economic policy is more critical and specific than most conservative radio talk show hosts. The first cite is a video of an interview with Becky Quick in October of 2009. The second interview is with Jane Wells of CNBC near … read more

A Real World Example of How Simple Things can Affect the Lives of Others

Several weeks ago, a client asked me to come out to their property to help them with some leasing tips for their staff. Long story short, upon my arrival, there was a little more that needed my attention than just leasing. The property was in need of a little TLC and ‘beautification’. I walked every … read more

Play the Game that Changed Real Estate Investing

Cash Flow Game Night May 27th, 2010 6:30 pm – 9:00pm 2700 NE Loop 410 Suite#600 San Antonio, TX. 78217 Come out and network with over 800 members in the Central Texas Area. Enjoy playing Cash Flow – Games/Instructions will be provided This is also a cocktail event, so drinks and snacks will be provided. … read more

FIRE! The Case for Investing in Real Estate Now

By Jeff Smith, Realtor with Lifestyles Realty The Fire Alarm As I write this it is 8:30 on Saturday night. The kids are tucked in bed and there is finally enough stillness in the house to reflect on the day. Today started out like most other Saturdays. As the regular host of the Saturday edition … read more