Testimonial James Doherty

Do you have a 60-8 hour work week? Are you looking for a way out? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? James Doherty had all of those things, just like you! He was looking for a way out all the doldrums and he found it! Buying twelve houses has put James in … read more

2014 October DFW Case Study Invitation

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2014 October CTX Case Study Invitation

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The Lifestyles Difference

Our founder, Del Walmsley, has been saying the same thing since 2006. Watch the video to hear his timeless message.

Testimonial: Shelly Hunt-Nichols

Shelly Hunt-Nichols presents her apartment complex JACINTO PALMS. It is one of her oldest acquisitions and it is a work horse of a property! It is constantly providing income and providing between 12 and 15 percent return for all those who invested EVERY YEAR. Shelly is even planning on returning $240,000 this year! This property … read more

October 2014 Case Study Invitation – Streaming

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October 2014 Case Study Invitation

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Tips for setting up regular household maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure When major appliances break in your rental homes, it can wreak havoc on your finances. While you’re not the ones using these appliances, they are still your responsibility. Worse, the appliances you’re responsible for are often the most expensive to replace: furnace, hot water heater, … read more

Alex & Jeri Lynn Calvo

Alex and Jeri Lynn Calvo are the quintessential husband and wife team. Both Alex and Jeri Lynn work for their living, raise three young children, and invest in real estate! Where do they find the time? Through perseverance and team work the Calvos have jumped into the real estate investing arena. They actually presented TWO … read more

Testimonial: Dilip Advani

A Houston member of Lifestyles Unlimited® for over three years now, Dilip Advani heard about us on our radio shows and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Owner of 4 single family houses and a seasoned passive investor in the multifamily arena, Dilip did find out what the “fuss” is all about … read more