Understanding Single-Family Home Property Values

I recently attended a party with some of my wife’s new friends with whom I had never previously met. Almost every time this happens … no each and every time this happens at any social gathering, the wives disappear to a separate room to have what I’m told is “real conversation” as opposed to the … read more

Pay Yourself First: The Equity Goose and The Cashflow Golden Egg

I find it interesting that wisdom is often clearly laid out before everyone in a book or a lecture, and few truly understand it. It’s just as Napoleon Hill wrote in “Think and Grow Rich” when he hinted that one needs to re-read the book several times; and even then, the wisdom can only be … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for March 3, 2010

“Obama Looks to Stop All Foreclosures Without Government Review” The Real Estate Bloggers report on the Obama Home Affordable Modification Program’s efforts to examine all potential foreclosures. The bloggers maintain that government intervention is “not the answer” and that the markets must self correct before consumer confidence can be restored. The proposal, which has not … read more

Banks? We Don’t Need no Stinking Banks – Unconventional Financing Fundamentals

By Karen Davis and Jeff Smith, Mentors in the Houston Office There are many reasons (erroneous we believe) why people don’t want to get involved in real estate investing. However, if you do want to get involved, there is no reason why you can’t. Most people who hesitate to get started are afraid at some … read more

The Indymac Boys Got a Sweetheart Deal by the FDIC

The Indymac Boys Got a Sweetheart Deal by the FDIC. Del wants everyone to watch this unbelievable video about what kind of deal the Indymac boys got from the FDIC. He will be mentioning it on today’s radio show, so be sure to watch it and tune in or catch the podcast on the radio … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for February 10, 2010

“Building Your Real Estate Investment Team” Lifestyles Unlimited® strongly advocates building a team of experts, a concept that is expanded upon in this article from Rentables. They list seven essential members of your team and provide criteria for their selection- including that they be successful themselves and “care about your goals.” This article is one … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for February 3, 2010

“Foreclosure Plague: 2009’s Worst Hit Cities” “Sand states” Nevada, Florida, California, and Arizona, were rated the hot spots for 2009’s foreclosure explosion. At five times the national average, 12% of Las Vegas homes filed for foreclosure at least once last year. Despite a 21% increase in yearly foreclosures, “20 cities recorded declines in foreclosure filings … read more

"Experts See Rebound Brewing in Region’s Home Sales After Low 2009"

Shonda Novak of The Statesman reports on the recent upswing of single family home sales in central Texas (up 6% from 2009.) This year, largely due to the introduction and recent expansion of the home buyer tax credit, many experts see signs of “improvement in sales volume and stability in home prices.” After experiencing the … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for January 27, 2010

“Falling Home Values, The Worst May Be Over” The Real Estate Economy Watch reports on the continued decline of home prices, but retains hope for the future in that prices are expected to level off later this year. The article documents this trend’s impact on the housing industry, such as the development of discouraged home … read more

Foreclosures: How Texas Compares

On a 2009 Realty Trac list of highest foreclosure rate by state, Texas ranked 29. Nevada headed the list, followed by Arizona, Florida, and California. Altough not a front runner, Texas’s rate “is still up from previous years…18% from 2007,” says Nancy Sarnoff of the Prime Property Blog at the Houston Chronicle. Although legislative delays … read more