Is This A Good Time to Invest in Real Estate?

There is a lot of talk still in the news today about the ailing housing market and the continuing rise of foreclosures both here in Texas and across the country. Unemployment is up, the housing market is down, the future is uncertain, we’re mired in a global recession; the news continues to get worse. So … read more

DFW Home Prices Decline the Least of Any City on S&P Index

Despite significantly lower values compared to 2007’s peak, Dallas News considers why this year Dallas-Fort Worth has seen the lowest home price declines of any city. Using the Case-Shiller index, analysts are able to track the recent shift in home prices to higher levels, admitting that the upswing may be attributable to the first time … read more

Fannie Offers Hand to Investors

From an article by Harry Terris: “Fannie Mae is replacing a forbearance program for troubled borrowers with one that will make the breaks available to property investors and owners of second homes. In a forbearance, the government-sponsored enterprise reduces the monthly payment on a mortgage for up to six months. The current program only provides … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for October 28, 2009

Home Prices Continue to Rise Despite dissenting views on the future of the nation’s economy, home prices have risen for the third consecutive month. Yahoo News analyzes how these new trends could jump start the path to recovery, providing security for homeowner’s and the confidence to start spending. However, writer J.W. Elphinstone leaves room for … read more

70 Leasing and Management Tips For Single-Family Investment Property

Leasing residential real estate is like any other business. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If done correctly, it can be easy and profitable. If done incorrectly, it can be your worst nightmare. Listed below are the answers to some commonly asked questions when getting started in the leasing … read more

Texas Cities Dominate List of Top 10 Economies

It gave me chills to read that BusinessWeek put 5 Texas cities it it’s Top 10 Strongest Economies in America. The article citied a steady real estate market that never got “too hot or too cold”. used research from the Brookings Institutions new MetroMonitor to rank the nations top 40 strongest economies. Texas dominated … read more

Who’s Your Favorite Real Estate Investing Guru?

Lifestyles advocates choosing a mentor or a team of experts who you admire and keep you on track. Whether it’s Steven Covey’s Seven Habits or Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” mentality, who’s words of wisdom inspire and motivate you? Last Week Our Question Was: What is Your Preferred Method of Financing Investment Property? 38% chose a … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for October 21, 2009

Moving to Commercial Properties The REIClub offers valuable information to ease your transition from single to multi-family investment. With tips about thinking big, taking your time, and finding good financing, this article is a great way to kick off multi-family investing- first by abandoning old single family thought processes. Loan Modification Programs While Market Watch … read more

The Experts Show with Chris X has Moved to Noon!

Don’t forget, the Experts Show with Chris X has moved to Noon, Weekdays on CNN 650-AM. Click on the radio tab to watch, listen & chat with the experts live.

No Excuses! – Why Doing the Little Things Makes a Huge Difference

Let’s say your goal is to retire yourself in five years and earn $8,000 per month in passive income… …Can you go from no passive income to $8,000/month overnight? Crazy, right? But do you believe you could generate $1,000 /month within one year? I believe you can and you should believe it as well. The … read more